guide-saadian-tombsSaadian Tombs, Kasbah
Located South of the Jema al fna in the Royal Kasbah district of Marrakech. The Saadian tombs were sealed in the sixteenth century and left largely undisturbed until 1917. They are now open to the public and are one of the most extraordinary sights in the city having been restored to their original spendour.

More than 150 Saadian princes and members of the Royal household are buried here within two mausoleums and an extensive graveyard courtyard garden. Most of the tombs are covered with ornate zellige tile decoration and their collective visual impact is quite remarkable.

Saadian Tombs, access
saadian-tombsThe access to the tombs is via a tiny passageway to the right Kasbah Mosque, there are quite clear signposts. Entrance is inexpensive at just 10 Dirhams and the site is extremely popular. If you find yourself waiting in line look up to the right and scan the skyline for the nests of Storks, the sacred bird of Marrakech.

Opposite the entrance to the tombs are a number of small local food sellers many of whom moved here from the Jema al fnaa. Serving almost entirely locals these excellent and inexpensive eateries are one of Marrakech best kept secrets.