Other stall holders are charming whether or not you want to buy and put you under no pressure.

* Metalwork comes in all different quality levels so do verify the quality-thickness and material of the item you are buying. Some metals will rust or just look dull after just a few months time and others require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking nice.
* Repeat the agreement several times to make sure all parties agree. If the deal is changed (eg delivery was included and then it becomes a hefty extra) then withdraw your money and start again or move on to another seller.
* If delivery is included ensure before you leave that the cart man (chariot) has been paid a fair amount for the journey otherwise you may be asked to pay again at the other end!
Remember that Marrakech does have a tourist police department and if any tourist is unhappy with the way they have been treated there are serious consequences for the stall holders. Many of these plain clothed police officers wander around the souks to prevent tourists from being hassled so you just need to shout for help and I suspect that several officers would magically appear to offer assistance to you and chastise the stall holder.
Most stall holders are charming, witty and warm so do not let the unscrupulous few taint the experience of shopping in Marrakech. I have filled our riad hotel- Riad Papillon -with all manner of beautiful hand crafted items: from pierced metal lamps that throw magical patterns of light onto the tadelakt walls to tiny glass pots with perfectly fitting silver metal lids with silk thread tassles and beaten metal arched mirrors made to measure.
Over the years I have made friends with many stall holders who will now welcome me and my friends, give gifts to our children, talk philosophy or football (to my husband), invite us into their homes for dinner  and ensure we are 100% happy with our goods. I have even been invited to the wedding of one stall holder’s sister. Unfortunatley I could not make the date although he tried insisting they could change the date just so that we could attend! I cannot imagine that any employee from Tescos or even our local grocers would ever do that!
Hopefully this article will have given you some hints on the process of haggling in Marrakech. However, if you still feel nervous about shopping here or really want some ‘insider tips’ then you should consider booking an accompanied shopping trip. For around £30-50 for half a day you can be taken around the Souks, the metalworkers area or the industrial area  to buy with trusted sellers or to have someone negotiate on your behalf.
Enjoy Marrakech!
please feel free to contact Lucie through our enquiry form.