The first day of Ramadan is anticipated around the 19th of July 2012. This is an extremely important month in the Moslem calendar when practicing Moslems do not eat or drink during the hours of daylight and offer more prayer than usual.

The main tourist attractions in Marrakech remain open during Ramadan with some slight adjustments to opening hours. The famous Souks offering a fantastic variety of merchandise to tourists also remain open and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants which are also open throughout the day catering for non muslims.  After dark the streets are especially lively with a buzz that continues into the small hours.

In our Marrakech Riad hotels we ask that guests respect the time around 7.15 pm when the staff are breaking their fast.  The people of Marrakech are tolerant and welcoming but it is courteous for visitors be sensitive to the importance of Ramadan. We would suggest not  drinking or eating conspicuously in the the street, women should also consider dressing modestly in public avoiding low cut tops and very short skirts. There is plenty of opportunity to sunbathe on the private roof terrace of your Riad Hotel!