Marrakech Riad are exceptionally proud to have contributed to keeping alive a number of ancient crafts through the renovation of our traditional Riads into boutique hotels. Delicate plasterwork, Zelige tilework, hand carved woodwork and tadelakt bathrooms are all examples of this.

Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan lime plaster traditionally used in Hamman’s and bathrooms. Originally made from egg-yolks, horsehairs, lime and local earth modern tadelakt is a less exotic mixture but still coloured with natural pigments. Renowned american designer Bill Willis is said to have been the first to take tadelakt out of the bathroom and use it decoratively elsewhere in the home- on fireplaces, walls, floors and even ceilings.

This material is high maintenance but incredibly beautiful and very pleasant to live with. Our Marrakech Riad staff regularly polish the tadelakt in our bathrooms with naturual soap- savon noir.

Tadelakt originated in the Marrakech region but is now to be found extensively in other parts of Morocco.