One of the best demonstrators of Essaouira’s heritage are it’s mediaeval ramparts which are a reminder of the port’s heritage but also provide an excellent view on the goings and comings of the harbour itself. In this harbour you can see local fishermen bringing in their daily catch every morning and indeed if your eye follows the fish for long enough you will see that a great number of them go into the local restaurants to be eaten that day. Truly there is almost no better way to enjoy fresh fish in wonderful surroundings than to come to Essaouira and have Lunch or Dinner in one of the sea front restaurants.

The sea itself is very cold due its location on the Atlantic coast and can be quite rough on occasion, but by late afternoon when the sun is high in the sky the temperature of the sea is a much welcome refreshment from the often heavy sun and a good opportunity to cool down. The waves also mean that for any surf enthusiasts there are numerous opportunities to be had in Essaouira. The port is a three hour drive from Marrakech and at our Riads is provided as one of several excursions which we offer to our clients, with us you can be assured that you can travel to Essaouira quickly and in comfort and even be given the opportunity to stop off at an Women’s argan oil collective on the way. Indeed with us we make sure that you not only have the complete Marrakchi experience but the best possible experience all over Morocco. Why not book a room in one of our Riads today? Then you can not only enjoy the wonders and delights of Marrakech itself but can venture out into Morocco as a whole and truly experience all this land has to offer.