The Babouche is a traditional slipper found throughout the Arab-Muslim world including Morocco and Marrakech. Usually made from leather and found in a variety of colours, the Babouche comes in various styles ranging from thick soled slippers, often worn by local Marrakchis both in the Medina and in the new town, and more thin soled slippers, designed for indoor wear. Both styles are available for sale throughout Marrakech from the Souks to the Artisane ensemble; however, although the Babouche is a very comfortable shoe and would make a great souvenir or gift, we suggest that maybe you choose sturdier footwear whilst walking around the Medina.

Although the Babouche can be found across the city, whilst following the ‘Leather’ Medina walk we found that there was a particular street in the Souks in which the slippers were especially prevalent. We found a row of shops selling the slippers alongside other leather footwear including flipflops and sandles. Indeed, there is a strange pattern in Marrakech where similar shops, often selling the same products, seem to congregate in the same area: take the juice stands the in the Jemaa el-Fna for example. For us, the congregation of similar shops in Marrakech is a bit of a mystery; but it does seem to provide the perfect metaphor for a society driven by communal living over individual profit, friendship over individual success.

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