Mohamed Sidi Ben Slimane al-Jazouli is not only considered as one of the seven patronsS  of Marrakech, but he is also recognised for his holiness throughout the Islamic world. As an Islamic scholar and Imam, Sidi Ben Slimane al-Jazouli, often known as “Imam al-Jazuli”,  is best known for compiling the Dala’il al-Khayrat, an extremely popular Muslim prayer book.

Although there are many saints in Marrakech, the most notable are the Seven Saints of Marrakech and it is possible to trace their influence around the city. Not only is there the seven saints Monument, dedicated to all the saints, but Mohamed Sidi Ben Slimane al-Jazouli also has a district named after him in his honor. Incidentally, outside the College Mohammed V (pictured above) in the Ben Slimane al-Jazouli neighborhood is primary pick up and drop off points for Riad Cinnamon and Raid Star, both situated in close proximity in the heart of the Medina. Perhaps the Sidi Ben Slimane will also be your gateway into Marrakech and the beginning of your exploration of this wonderful city.

The Ben Slimane al-Jazouli is also the start point of our ‘Clay and Iron’ Medina walk, a curated tour traces the historic, cultural and current importance of the clay and iron industry across Marrakech’s old town alongside our collected local knowledge and unique observations. If you would like to find out more about the free MarrakechRiad app, the ‘Iron and Clay’ walk or any of our other Medina walks then our Riad staff would be happy to help.