There has never been a better time for Marrakech holidays.  There are currently scheduled flights from all four London airports transporting you in just three hours to the most exotic and foreign destination you can viably reach for a weekend break.

There are fantastic hotels and villas in Marrakech, as there are all over the world, but the accommodation that is unique to the Red City are the restored merchants houses in the old town known as Riads.

Sympathetically converted into wonderful little boutique hotels you will never have experienced such relaxed and attentive service, in our Marrakech Riads nothing is too much trouble. Make your reservation today!

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Guests from Norway are most welcome in our Marrakech Riads. Even visiting polar bears from

the archipeligo of svalbad! With outstanding offers on direct flights from Oslo with Norwegian how better to escape the arctic winter? Our English speaking staff will take great care of you and lend a Marrakech pay as you go mobile so that you can stay in touch as you are out and about in the Red City. Make your reservation today!

Low cost airline Jet4you operate scheduled flights between a fantastic six French cities and Marrakech Menara airport. If you are traveling from Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Marseilles or

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or Lyon check out the Jet4you alternative. We can arrange to have you met on arrival and whisked away to one of our luxury Marrakech Riads in time for dinner on the roof terrace!

There is a long tradition of decorating Berber furniture

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with painted patterns. In respect of islamic the patterns are geometric shapes that do not depict living things. This delightful litte table sits in the Essaouira Suite at Riad Cinnamon. The decor in our Marrakech Riads is carefully selected to be reflect local tradition.

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Backshish is Moroccan slang for the small courtesy payments (not major bribes) that help  ease every day life in Morocco.  The wittily named Backshish Cafe is a newly opened eatery conveniently located at the top of Riad Zitoun street very near to our Riad Dar Habiba.

Just a few steps from the main square – take the street between Cafe France and the Restaurant Marrakchi this little cafe is well worth the detour.  On offer are a good selection of Moroccan standard dishes at reasonable prices. Service is fast and friendly.

Central Marrakech has seen a big increase in recent years inexpensive cafe restaurants, this is deservedly one of the most popular. We also like the Henna Cafe which is run by an ”association culturelle’ which we helped to found with a charitable mission to give back to the local community.

The Musee de l’art de vivre brings alive some of the social history of Morocco, at the time of writing a fantastic selections of Kaftans is on display with explanations placing them in their historical and cultural context and showing how they are made.

There is also a super little cafe, very pleasant for afternoon tea with small moroccan cakes.

This small private museum is located of the main Dior Sabonne street near to the Chrob Chauf fountain, just two minutes walk from Riad Cinnamon. There are excellent signs marking the way through the surrounding streeets.

The Central area of the Marrakech Medina around the Ben Yussef Mosque is the ‘museum quarter’ with a great collection of museums and historic attractions.

The oldest building in Marrakech, the Almoravid Kouba is open to the public and features  sone of the most remarkable architectural decoration in the whole of the islamic world.

The largest and most important museum in town is the Musee de Marrakech (Marrakech Museum) which houses a permanent collection of art as well as cultural artefacts including ancient carpets and Berber wedding jewellery.

Adjacent is the Ben Yussef Maddrassa an extraordinary and atmospheric building which was an active Koranic School until relatively recently. In our view this is the most interesting of all the historic monuments in Marrakech.

Then, in the same street, there is the Dar Bellarj foundation which is currently showcasing ‘perfumes of morocco’.

A couple of minutes to the North is the outstanding ‘Maison de la Photographie‘ which disays a collection of historic collection of photos giving a window into the history and traditions of he Berber tribes.  There is also a video room with rare footage.

The most recent addition is the ‘Musee de l’art de vivre’ which brings alive some of he social history of Morocco, at the time of writing a fantastic of Kaftans is on display with explanations placing them in their historical and cultural context.

Our Riad Cinnamon is located right in the heart of the Museum District. The best of Marrakech is literally on your doorstep!

A fun place for breakfast, lunch or just a quick coffee. The Cafe Charlot is more widely known among British expats as ‘The Charlie Chaplin Cafe’. Located on a prominent street corner in central Guiliez.

Fast friendly service and a menu that includes moroccan standards like tagines and cous cous as well as sandwiches and a full range of cafe beverages.

You will not be disappointed by Cafe Charlot!

Stay in our Marrakech Riads and our staff are always on hand to make your stay more comfortable

The Elite is a landmark Cafe on the Avenue Mohamed V in the new town of Guiliez not far from Marrakech Plaza.

A pleasant and dependable Cafe serving a basic breakfast and lunchtime standards like sandwiches and ice creams, the service is particularly good. You will enjoy the air conditioned interior in summer and the South facing exterior seating in the coolest winter months.

If you are visiting Marrakech, don’t stay in a hotel in the new town, experience the ancient old town at first hand and stay in a unique Marrakech Riad.

The famous Marrakech Jemma al Fnaa is always teaming with life.

This group is typical of the informal groupings of musicians from nearby berber villages who assemble to perform each evening.

This tune reflects the typical style of the Rif valley region in the North of Morocco

Stay in one of our Marrakech Riads and enjoy an oasis of calm just minutes from the hubub of the square.

Our Marrakech Riads offer a perfect holiday, whether for couples, families or larger groups.

Check out the romantic Koutobia Suite at Dar Habiba, a really traditional riad which even has its own Hammam.

The Casablanca suite at Riad Cinnamon is the perfect family room.

Magical Riad Papillon has five rooms all of which can be twin beds. The Riad had hosted fantastic group holidays from Hen weekends to family thanksgiving vacations.

Don’t delay, make contact today!


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Club and restaurant Level Five now operates from the premises previously occupied by fashion bar Dsens.

Off the tourists trail and as yet undiscovered by the expat community, this is a stylish modern venue conceived by Moroccans for Moroccans, and there is no better place in Marrakech to find confident young North Africa at play.


Le Tanjia is a long established restaurant just five minutes from Dar Habiba, South of the  main square in the direction of the Jewish quarter, the Mellah.

It is named after a classic Moroccan Lamb dish the Tanjia but the real signature dish is another slow cooked Marrakechi Lamb speciality ‘Mechoui’ where the whole lamb is cooked (traditionally undergound) for many hours.

On most evening there are belly dancers to add to the fun. Service can sometimes be a little slow but that leaves all the more time to enjoy the wonderful interior or the stunning views from the West facing roof terrace- a perfect place from which to watch the sun go down.

Tip for cooler evenings, the roof terrace is much more enclosed and consequently warmer than that of the nearby ‘Kosy bar’ which is another excellent Marrakech eatery.

Stay with us in one of our traditional Riads in Marrakech and experience an ancient way of living in many ways untouched for centuries.

The wittily named Fnaque Berbere, or Berber bookshop is a Marrakech institution which has recently had a facelift.

This great little bookshop used to be a ramshackle kiosk on a prominent corner of the Rue Mouassine which runs up from the Jemma al Fna Square North toward the Central Medina. During 2011 it was demolished and completely rebuilt with a smart new exterior.  Inside is the same fantastic collection of books illustrating all that is best about Moroccan interiors and design.

Stay in one of our Marrakech Riads and our wonderful staff will help you to make the most of your stay in the old town Medina.

This weaver is making traditional scarves on a traditional berber loom. this could be a mediaeval scene, it is fantastic to see such crafts alive and thriving in Modern day Marrakech

The beauty of staying in a Riad in Marrakech is that centuries of living history are right on your doorstep.


Prepared fresh each morning Svenj sometimes written  Sfenj or Svenge is a Moroccan donut or Beignet.  A delicious everyday food enjoyed by rich and poor alike it is often eaten with sweet mint tea for breakfast.

Marrakech Svenj specialist Mohammed has been cooking this traditional dish for 23 years. Below is his ‘secret recipe’ and method:


warm water:   about a pint

flour   :   2 lb and 4 ozs

salt     : a good pinch

Yeast  : bread yeast 5 ozs OR beer yeast 1 oz


Mix the flour, salt,yeast and water. Knead well adding enough water to give the mixture a slightly more solid consistency then that used for making fritters. Put aside for several hours to rise.  Heat the oil and when the dough has risen well take a piece and squeeze a quantity about the size of the egg through between the thumb and forfinger of the right hand.which  must first be oiled. Pierce in the centre and turn round rapidly with the fingers of the left hand and thumb and  forefinger of the right throw this disc into boiling oil.

The donut will swell and turn brown. Turn when one side is cooked.  The traditional tool for this is an iron hook.

Finally make a string of hot donuts by threading them on strips of palm leaves. Fast food to go!

The under appreciated Brasserie de Flore is situated in the Place du 16 Novembre, Boulevard Mohammed V, right in the heart of the Marrakech New town of Guiliez.

The terrace in front of the Cafe is hugely popular with coffee drinking locals as a place to see, and be seen. Inside is one of Marrakech’s best kept secrets, a fantastic Parisian style Brasserie serving excellent food at reasonable prices. An ideal place to go if you are ready for a change from the Moroccan staples of cous cous and Tagine. Great service from English speaking staff. Licensed for the sale of beer and wine.

An absolute gem, it surely can’t be long before it is buzzing!

Marrakech is a fantastic place to celebrate a birthday. Kindly give our Riad staff a days notice and we will always be pleased to offer guests a complimentary birthday cake.  These are normally simple and delicious sponges baked in the Riad kitchen.

You will never have felt so at home in a hotel as in our Marrakech Riads: Riad Cinnamon, Riad Papillon and Dar Habiba. Why not celebrate with a fabulous dinner on the Riad roof terrace.

Our new Marrakech Riad Travel Guide App is now available to download for Android.

Handy information for visitor the Red City in the palm of your hand as you explore.

More than 3,000 visitors to Marrakech have already enjoyed using our Marrakech Riad Travel Guide iphone App.

There has never been a better time to visit Marrakech and stay in one of our wonderful boutique hotels.

The FIA World Touring Car Championship Race of Morocco was first run in 2009, the only WTCC race in Africa.

The 2012 race takes place in Marrakech from 13 to 15 April under the patronage of his majesty the King.

There are fantastic hotels and villas all over the world, the luxury accommodation that is unique to Marrakech are the fantastic Riads in the old town Medina. Reserve accommodation with us and experience the ancient city, only a short cab ride from the race track.



The most fashionable bar in Marrakech in the Spring of 2012 is the aptly names Djellabar (a pun on the traditional moroccan djellaba robes worn to keep the locals warm in winter and cool in summer). Located in the Hivernage district on the Rue Abou Hanifa the premises have been cleverly converted from an ornate 1940′s wedding hall. You will love the cheeky celebrity portraits complete with Fez hats! The owner Claude Challe is often to be seen front of house bringing his own style of hospitality. There is usually a live DJ and music includes compilations from Challe’s own Budha Bar label. The food is fantastic, a fusion of Moroccan and asian cuisine but this is a night venue, early and mid evening diners will sometimes find it very quiet. A ‘Marock ‘n roll’ night at djellabar is a great Marrakech experience. Stay in our Marrakech Riads and our staff will be pleased to

help you reserve a table.

We are delighted when our guests offer to write for this website, Below is an article by recent guest at Riad Cinnamon, Deniz Turk. We look forward to welcoming Deniz back soon!

Adventure in the Red City

Jackson Bentley: “What attracts you personally to the desert?”
T.E Lawrence: “It’s clean.”

After watching the sweeping epic, Lawrence Of Arabia in 2009 at the young age of 19 I had always wanted to travel toward Africa to experience the country the people and the culture for myself. Luckily I had the opportunity to be able to fly over to North Africa to Marrakesh courtesy of my hosts at the Riad Cinnamon, to get an insight into the country personally. From the instant I arrived in Marrakesh I truly felt as if I had landed in a scene from a “David Lean” film. From the expanding views of the Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains and the famous Red city itself on route to touchdown, to getting off the plane and feeling the windy desert heat on your skin. After the relatively short business of paperwork at the airport, including filling out a form explaining how long you will be a guest of the country and the purpose of your visit. (“I have recently seen Lawrence of Arabia.” not being an acceptable answer.) Once outside Marrakesh airport i was promptly met by the friendly driver, who introduced himself to me as Rachid, he quickly proceeded to take it upon himself to be my personal guide and historian for my first venture into North Africa and my stay at the incredible Riad Cinnamon. Whilst on the eventful journey Rachid (in better English than my Arabic) informed me that the dates of the walls surrounding the road leading into the Old City were from the 9th Century. The drive through the incredibly noisy streets into the Old City was an experience in itself from seeing three young men loaded onto a small moped with the rear passenger carrying a chicken under each arm to seeing an elderly man on a bicycle with a large television strapped to his back I had arrived in the Medina of Marrakesh, If you have never had the experience of going to Marrakesh and the Old City in particular personally, the only way to put an image of the stunning place in your head is to think of a scene from the Bible. Then add a load of whizzing motorbikes. No sooner had I arrived at my final destination at The Riad Cinnamon, I was met at the door by the bright smile of Abduh. My first sight upon entering Riad Cinnamon was that of the amazing courtyard filled with the natural sunlight of the African summer afternoon, and the small pool used to cool down when the mornings and the evenings got a little too hot (The afternoons being left to explore!). I was soon shown to the room that I would be staying in (The Fez suite, a large room with a grand view of the central courtyard, a luxurious en-suite and all the amenities one could ask for, including the amazingly personal and friendly staff who were there to supply me with everything I needed and drown me in the traditional brew of Morroco the hot sweet mint tea (Ber-Ber Whisky to the locals.) Soon after dragging myself away from my room and attentive hosts I met a mother and daughter from Melbourne who were also staying at Riad Cinnamon. They were more than happy to take me into the Jamaa El Fna for my first night in the famous square!The Worlds’ Biggest Restaurant.

Although I had not experienced the Jamaa El Fna (Translated roughly to “Assembly Of the Dead” as during the 15th century it was used to hold public executions.) in daytime myself, I knew that it was dramatically different in the evening. The evening being left solely to the business of food, drink and entertainment. Huge billows of steam come off the food stands lit by the lights of the mobile restaurants partially hiding the view of the distant new city where the night clubs of Marrakesh are hidden for the revelers amongst us. Although there are other places to eat within cafes and restaurants with balconies, which offer stunning views of the rush of the square. I personally enjoyed eating al fresco in what was described to me as the “worlds largest restaurant” this is the place where the average Marrakshi ate to have a meal out, and if they don’t know where the good food is in there country who does? The choice of food on offer is staggering, from seafood caught fresh from Essaouira to chips to whole roasted lamb (Free range, naturally.) and all of it delicious!

I decided to head over to the number 24 (Names of the food stalls being in numbers because a lot of the stalls look very much alike and it would only confuse people if every place had a Arabic title or an English one for that matter.) on the recommendation of Ali, a friendly man I had met earlier through my ramblings through the square. I managed to pick up one of Ali’s favorite (soon to become one of my favorites also.) dishes, half a freshly baked roll stuffed inside with a boiled egg, fried potatoes and goats cheese on top seasoned with a little salt. Although quite simple it was truly delicious and at a price of around 80 pence unbeaten for value! After eating my fill I left on the search of another recommendation to find the spiced tea vender to finish off my evening meal in the square in true Arabic style. Once I arrived back at Riad Cinnamon with a full belly and the helpful directions of the locals I decided to sit on the amazing roof terrace of the Riad which offered me comfortable seating and amazing views of the Ben Youssef Mosque and Atlas Mountains in the distance. As I relaxed in the cool Morrocan evening breeze I thought about my day ahead and what people back home would be doing whilst I was on a roof terrace enjoying views of the atlas mountains and the stunning Arabic architecture. It is amazing how a little 3000 miles away from home can relax and take away your troubles! George Bush, Sex, Snakes and Monkeys.I had woken up from a deep slumber in what should be lauded as possibly the most comfortable bed in Africa, (and I have slept in many beds.) to have a quick shower and to go downstairs to bask in the heat of the courtyard. Once I had arrived downstairs I was greeted by the sight and smell of a breakfast that was prepared for me by one the female staff members who are always on hand, Jamille had made for me a steaming pot of sweet mint tea, with some fresh bread rolls with fig jam, butter,local honey and orange marmalade, she had also prepared a deliciously refreshing fruit salad for my awaiting adventures of the day. After tearing myself away from the homely comforts of the Riad I decided to venture once again into the Souks. After negotiating my way through the narrow dusty paths of the city (once again with the directions given to me by the locals whom strangely always seem to know where you want to go.) I came face to face with the daytime side of the famous square. Arriving for the first time the square for me was a mind boggling experience and a feast for all the senses, motorbikes rushing to attend to business, traditionally dressed water salesman selling water from leather pouches to thirsty travelers, dancers, market traders, tribesman arriving in from the Sahara desert to sell antiques, musicians and a whole host of other interesting things which would fill up another article; as with all things it is best to see for yourself! My first order of business for the day was to get a glass of orange juice from one of the many stalls around the square, made from freshly grown and squeezed oranges it is an insanely tasty treat for a hot day and glasses can purchased from any of these stalls for around 5 dirhams a glass, a real recommendation to anyone visiting the city.Anyone who looks like a tourist in the Jem Al Fna can expect one of the snake charmers, (what I thought to be a fiction of Loony Toons cartoons turned an amazing reality) to take you to one side and wrap a snake around your neck for a photo opportunity, and of course a photo cannot capture these peoples colourful personalities and the blessings they will be sure to give you, “Good luck, Good business, Good sex, Good life.” Thank you Marrakesh.

The same can be said for the monkey handlers, letting a wondering tourist have a monkey climb on your shoulders for a photo opportunity, truly a unique experience! Where else in the world can you have blessed snakes and monkeys climb your shoulders?

I soon wondered back into the souks to see what the fortunes of the day ahead would bring my way. I bought myself a lot attention from all the stall holders who I passed by wanting me to personally go in and inspect the goods on offer, I firmly declined most offers as I only wanted to explore my new surroundings further without making any purchases straight away, a handy tip in this situation would be to know that ALL Morrocan businessmen are also Oscar worthy actors able to act anger and feign shock in a moments notice depending on prices you offer in the definite haggling war that will ensue when you are to purchase anything. It is worth to note that haggling is a part of Morrocon and Arabic culture spanning back centuries and a expected and accepted part of buying anything in the Old City the act of shock or anger at small prices offered in the haggle are not meant to offend but a traditional part of the process! I found the market in the daytime to be an amazing and surreal experience and I have never then and up until now experienced anything like it in the world. Some of the surreal events unfolding around me being when a teenage boy in the efforts of selling me some “Dolce&Banana” jeans told me that it was better quality than Primark, and proceeded to tell me that his goods are much better than anything found in “Pri-marni”! incredible, or when I went into one shop after another in the search of a good pipe for a friend and got shown the same photo-shopped picture of George W. Bush shaking hands with the shop owners. All four of them having photo-shopped themselves in to a photo with George Bush, to show me how important the rugs and pipes they were selling are! Long Live Morroco! Onwards Home. With great sadness the time had come for me to finally head back to the U.K. had dawned upon me, my time in the amazingly welcoming and friendly country of Morroco, a paradise for peace, culture, entertainment and photography, will not be forgotten and the things that i have seen and experienced within the city were most definatly unique once in a lifetime opportunities. There is much to see and do in Morroco a lot of which can never be written down into one article. The only real way to see the beautiful “Red City” is to hop onto a plane and experience the place,the people and the culture for yourself. I am indebted to my hosts at the Riad Cinnamon for having me and for the customs of Morroco for allowing me to bumble around the city for a week. I urge anybody who is thinking of heading for a holiday to visit this truly wonderful and unique part of the world for themselves, and staying at the heart of the Medina in the luxurious and peaceful oasis of the Riad Cinnamon wont hurt either!

If you enjoyed Deniz’s article you might want to check out ‘Portrait of a Man and two Women’ a short story by Anita Flowers.

The arabic word Rais usually means ships captain, the berber language has borrowed this word to describe the leader of a group, like this one, that play with the traditional Ribab instrument. Recorded live in the Jemma al Fnaa square Marrakech at the time of the Marrakech Film festival 2011, note the giant outdoor screen in the background.

There a many beautiful hotels and Apartments in Marrakech, as there are all over the world. The really unique opportunity when visiting the Red City is to experience a traditional Riad courtyard home.

Morocco has been selected to host the prestigious FIFA World Club Cup in both 2013 and 2014.  The competition features the Champions from all six continents, the 2011 winners were FC Barcelona.

The 2013 tournament will be held between the 11th and 21st December. The fantastic new ‘Stade de Marrakech’ football stadium is a world class venue which will feature prominently in the tournament.

Marrakech is a perfect base for supporters coming to Morocco to follow the tournament. It is the ideal entry point to Morocco, easily accessible from Europe with an abundance of inexpensive flights. The Red City is located in the Centre of Morocco with excellent internal transport links.

Best of all you can experience the local culture at first hand by staying in one of our authentic Riad Hotels in the heart of the mediaeval old town.

Sunday March 25, 2012 sees the welcome return after a winter break of Ryanairs direct flight from East Midlands Airport to Marrakech.

Marrakech Riad can arrange transfers direct to Riad Papillon, Riad Cinnamon or Dar Habiba and a superb dinner for your arrival evening!

With Ryanair’s famously low fares and our special offers, for those lucky enough to live within reach of East Midlands Airport a  luxury break to Marrakech has never been more affordable! Reserve your accommodation today!

Download our free iPhone App now available in iTunes.  Marrakech Tourist information and an introduction to our Riad hotels.

Coming soon for android.

Mostafa Elbahja is the self appointed NUMBER ONE Babbouch (snails) vendor in the Jemma al Fnaa square, in this film he explains in comical fashion the health benefits of eating his snails marinaded in spices like the cinnamon, ginger, cumin, rosemary and aniseed. Orange juice sellers provide the backdrop as Mostafa tells us how his snails are good for everything from diabetes to back pain!

The magical square is full of personality, and personalities! Reserve accommodation today to experience it at first hand.

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