The ancient City of Marrakech has been constructed and reconstructed over many centuries, with successive generation often recycling the same building material. We love this (mainly) granite wall in the historic district of Le Ksour tucked away just two minutes from the Jemma al Fnaa square.  Stay in one of our Riad boutique hotels and explore the historic old town medina at your leisure.

The skill of craftsmen practicing ancient trades in Marrakech is quite astonishing. The renovation of our Riad hotels involved dozen of ‘mellem’ or  master craftspeople.  Among the most impressive to watch working was the ‘mellem gubs’ the plasterworker.

The intricate cornices and ceiling pieces were actually cast in the Riad just as they would have been centuries ago.

Our restored Marrakech Riads are the perfect base from which to explore the ancient Medina. Browse the photographs on our site to see the quality of our accommodation blending traditional crafts with modern creature comforts! Reserve accommodation today!

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