Harira is a rich soup based on a red meat stock made with lentils and seasonal fresh vegetables. It is often eaten as part of the Ftour the ‘breakfast’ at the end of the days fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

A stay in one of our traditional riads offers the opportunity to experience the ancient culture of the Medina of Marrakech at first hand.  Our welcoming staff will be pleased to prepare Harira soup for you at any time of the year. Reserve accommodation today!

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White Harira is a traditional Morccan dish mainly served at breakfast. It contains milk and ground wheat seasoned with a little salt.  Delicious with dates it can also be served with sugary cakes.

White Harira is not to be confused with the wholesome Harira soup which is often the first thing Moroccans eat at the end of a days fasting during Ramadan.

Guests at Marrakech Riad Papillon and Marrakech Riad Cinnamon can enjoy freshly prepared warm White Harira as part of our substantial breakfast.

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