Some would argue that Chicken Tagine is the Moroccan National dish (though others would say cous cous!).  It is certainly a Moroccan classic. If you want to experience the REAL Morocco stay in our Riad Marrakech Luxury Accommodation.

What better way to sample the delights of this ancient culture and share a warm moroccan welcome. Make your reservation today!

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Fresh vegetables are a staple food in Marrakech.  It is common to see farmers selling produce in the narrow streets of the medina, there are also specialist greengrocers like this one on the Rue Mouassine on the way to the Jemma al Fnaa Square from our Marrakech Riads.

There is nothing to compare to a Riad boutique hotel to experience the charm of old Marrakech and the genuine warmth of a Moroccan welcome. Reserve accommodation today and you can order a delicious meal to be waiting for you on arrival.