Club and restaurant Level Five now operates from the premises previously occupied by fashion bar Dsens.

Off the tourists trail and as yet undiscovered by the expat community, this is a stylish modern venue conceived by Moroccans for Moroccans, and there is no better place in Marrakech to find confident young North Africa at play.


Charly’s Cabana is solid an dependable establishment located in the Marrakech new town of Guiliez at the Junction between Avenue Mohammed V and Boulevard Zerktouni.   Ask a taxi driver to take you to the the Renaissance hotel which is just opposite.

The main dining area is an internal garden courtyard with a water feature. The menu includes a variety of steaks and grills as well as Moroccan standards like tagine and cous cous. Not the most adventurous dining in Marrakech but decent fare and good service for a fair price. Charly’s deservedly has a loyal following among both locals and expats.

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