Marrakechi craftsmen are experts in working with clay. Traditional cooking posts like tagines are made of this material. We particularly enjoyed visiting the terracota pot wholesaler to buy huge plant pots for Riad Cinnamon.

If you are planning a stay in Marrakech take a look at our fantastic Riad hotels, and make a reservation today!

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So good they named it twice!

Written in Arabic as مراكش foreigners use the French ‘Marrakech’ and English ‘Marrakesh’ interchangeably.

Koutoubia, Marrakesh, MoroccoMarrakech sits at a strategic location on the trade route between sub Saharan Africa and the sea route to Europe. The early name was Marra Kouch, land of the Kouchmen a tribe that originated in Mauritania. The City came to prominence as the capital of the Almoravids an 11th century Berber dynasty. Importantly the Almoravids built an underground irrigation system bring water from the High Atlas to the City and surrounding farm land.

Marrakesh was again the Moroccan capital under the Saadians in the 17th century before falling into relative decline. The city was revived until the French protectorate when the new town district of Guiliez was constructed. During the period of French rule control of Marrakech was effectively delegated to the Pasha El Glaoui.

 After Morocco’s independence in 1956, and particularly in the last quarter of the twentieth century, Marrakech gradually came to prominence as the most important international tourist destination in North Africa.

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Spices in the Souk in MarrakechThe Marrakech Souks are great fun to explore whether on your own or with a guide. For centuries craftsmen and merchants have congregated in specialist souks including areas for metalworkers, leatherworkers, dyers, carpets, spices, traditional medicines and many others.

Metalwork in the Marrakech SouksThere was a time when the persistent attention of hustlers and self appointed guides made it difficult for the faint hearted to explore and enjoy the famous Marrakech Souks. Today the whole area is effectively policed by specialist Tourist Brigade Police and tour guides are licensed. Wander at leisure before returning to the comfort of your Marrakech Riad base.

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Our Marrakech Riad Hotels in the Medina are the perfect base for a Golfing holiday. There are three outstanding 18 hole within 30 minutes of your Ryad in Marrakech. We can help reserve tee times.

The Royal

The Royal was constructed by the famed and feared Pasha who resided at the Pasha Palace at the Dar el Bashah entrance to the medina. The course enjoys perhaps the most outstanding views of all the Marrakech courses benefitting from far sighted planting of trees when it was built in the 1920’s. The Royal course was played by Winston Churchill who was a huge lover of Marrakech.

The Amelkis

Located next to the Royal is The Amelkis. Designed by Cabbel Robinson and opened in 1995 the course is heavily bunkered with large greens and expansive fairways. It cleverly incorporates the irrigation works built by the Almoravide dynasty in the 11th century to support the growth of their capital city of Marrakech.

The Palmaraie

The Palmaraie is built in a private valley around its stunning Moorish style club house, the course covers 190 acres boasting seven lakes and innumerable palm trees. Originally an 18 hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones a new nine will be added in Autumn 2008 to be used for tournaments in conjunction with the more difficult back nine of the original course.

After a fantastic round of golf come back to your Riad, boutique hotel. The perfect base for exploring Marrakesh.

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