This weaver is making traditional scarves on a traditional berber loom. this could be a mediaeval scene, it is fantastic to see such crafts alive and thriving in Modern day Marrakech

The beauty of staying in a Riad in Marrakech is that centuries of living history are right on your doorstep.


Hassan the young wood turner works on a street corner near to the Ben Yussef Mosque in Central Marrakech just a few hundred yards from Riad Cinnmaon. His traditional North African lathe is powered by his right hand while his left hand and feet control his tools, this is in contrast to a European pole lathe which is foot powered.

The busy life of the street does not disturb his concentration as he turns a babies rattle in minutes.  Hassan is always delighted to demonstrate for visitors, and a modest tip is of course welcome! Make your reservation today to experience the ancient medina in an authentic boutique hotel.


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