The local bakery is a Marrakech institution, traditional homes do not have ovens so bread, cakes and anything else that requires baking are taken to the baker to be cooked in his wood fired oven.

The bread for Marakech Riad Cinnamon is baked at the nearby Ben Yussef bakery. Finished loaves are kept on racks awaiting collection.

A Riad hotel is the perfect base from which to explore Marrakech, it’s traditons and culture.

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In the old town of Marrakech fresh bread is readily available from many local bakeries.  Most commonly seen is the traditional round ‘pain du medina’ Medina bread. Since not all homes have ovens it is a common sight to see cakes or other items prepared at home and taken to the bakery to be cooked in the oven there.

Traditional Wood fired ovens are still in use and the bakery is open 24 hours a day. Medina bread can also be purchased from many small stalls and shops.

The bakery local to Marrakech Riad Papillon is at the top of Derb Tizougarine. If you are lucky you will see the regular flour delivery by mule and cart!

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