In the 11th century Marrakech was the Capital of the Almoravid dynasty and issued its own currency. The square silver coins (to the left on the image above) are from this period.  The round coins to the right are a currency that circulated in Marrakech three centuries later.

All these coins are silver, note how many of them have been clipped to harvest a little of the precious metal, a practice  also seen in mediavel coins in Europe.

Coins such as these are still to be found in the Souks of Marrakech. If you are planning a visit to the Red City stay with us in one of our Riad Boutique hotels and experience the hospitality of the medina at first hand.  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions For information on the Dirham, the modern currency of Morocco and advice on how best to change money .

Facilities are rapidly improving at the newly refurbished Marrakech Menara airport. Recently opened is a convenient Bureau de Change in the baggage collection area. This facility is especially useful since Moroccan currency cannot be purchased outside of the country.

It can take a little while for hold luggage to come through in Marrakech so this is the perfect opportunity to pick up your Moroccan Dirhams.

Marrakech Riad offer a convenient collection service from the airport. We can whisk you away to one of our luxury boutique hotels were you will be enjoying a welcoming mint tea in less than half an hour from leaving the airport. Reserve accommodation today!

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