The Medina Mosque overlooking the Marrakech central square at dusk

Overshadowing the central square of Marrakech is the stunning sight of the Medina, or Argana Mosque. Hugging the North-Western reaches of the Jemaa el-Fnaa aside of Souk Jdid, the Argana Mosque has no Qur’anic school and exists solely as a space of prayer, acting as a key religious location for local Marrakshi, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. As the sun sets over the red city and the smoke from the Jemaa el-Fnaa food markets forms a sultry haze over the square, the sight of the Argana Mosque can still always be seen as it’s highest reaches soar over the movement below. The luxury Hotel Riad Dar Habiba is but a few minutes walk from the thriving centre of activity that is Jemaa el-Fnaa, explore the magic of Marrakech for yourself today. Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map » Explore the Jemaa

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el Fnaa Map

Although there are a myriad of restaurants, cafes and food stalls to choose from in Marrakech, your visit won’t be complete without eating out in the central square of Jemaa El Fnaa at least once. As soon as you approach the food stands don’t be surprised to see waiters competing with one another to get your attention. Those who work at the food stalls speak a host of European languages and once they’ve figured out your nationality they’ll call out TV catchphrases and news headlines from your country in an effort to put a smile on your face and entice you onto their stall. Whenever I take a five minute stroll down to the square, it usually doesn’t take long before I’m being seated by one of the salesmen, ready to try something new. Also, much like the vendors who sell orange juice, the food stalls are numbered so that once you discover your favorite location you know where to return to.

Part of what makes eating in the square of Jemaa El Fnaa different from other districts of the city is that you are directly in the heart of it all. As you sit down and choose from couscous dishes, tajines and salads you can expect to encounter salesmen weaving in and out of the stalls selling everything from traditional Moroccan confectioneries to local artwork. Eating in the very centre of Marrakech will also only set you back on average about 50 Dirhams (£3.87) making it one of the most affordable locations in the city. So when it comes to soaking up the essence of Marrakech, it’s hard to suggest somewhere that surpasses Jemaa El Fnaa. All the food on offer is cooked before your eye’s and the atmosphere within the square becomes electric as soon as the sun starts to set. Although I know the number of my favorite open air stall, I couldn’t tell you what it is! As the best and indeed only way to experience Marrakech is just to completely immerse yourself and try something new!