The Rabha Kedima is a square located just to the North of the Jemaa al Fnaa in Marrakech, Morocco. Today it is one of the most lively and atmospheric parts of the old town with colourful stall selling carpets, basket ware, hand woven and knitted garments, herbs and culinary spices as well as traditional herbal medications.

Historically slaves were sold in the Rabha Kedima with regular auctions which continued right into the early part of the 20th century.

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Medina living is a very special experience with centuries old homes woven together in an intricate tapestry. In the Medina of Marrakech there is a huge variety of accommodation from modest houses to palaces, from the street it is almost impossible to guess what is behind each door.

A stay in a Riad in the Medina offers an opportunity to sample a very special atmosphere. Guests at our Marrakech Riads are particularly spoiled both by their comfortable surroundings and our fantastic staff.

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Welcome visitorA butterfly is a rare sight in the urban setting of the old town of Marrakech.  So imagine our delight at the arrival of this welcome guest at Riad Papillon.

It was cunningly photographed by our eagle eyed guardian Abdelatif as it inspected the newly opened Riad. As the Moroccans say ‘Baraka’, what a wonderful omen!

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