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Where the growth of dates and the celebrated Argan nut thrive in Morocco’s arid climate, it’s only possible for tropical fruits such as coconut and pineapple to grow in the more humid parts of the country. That’s not to say that they won’t be seen in the humming central square of Marrakech, where everything from snail soup to fresh fish can be found.

Hassan is a salesmen who specialises in tropical fruits, and you will be able to find him in the evenings as he slowly moves from one side of Jemaa el-Fnaa to the other selling sliced fruit under the light of a gas lamp.

Hassan’s stall is very popular with the local children of Marrakech, so you’ll always know he’s selling his wares if you see Marrakshi children with segments of pineapple or coconut in their hands!

The central square of Marrakech is but a short walk from any one of our luxury Riad Hotel’s.

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During Ramadan there is a particular Moroccan sweet or cookie that is particularly popular, this dish is called Shebakia and it closely represents a pretzel to the western eye-view however it is disimilar to a pretzel in that it is sweet and is fried as opposed to bake. The dish is relatively easy to bake and is made from a simple combination of flour, margerine, oil, baking powder and water. A paste like dough is made from these ingredients and the resulting pretzelesque shape is then places in oil and fried until light brown and crispy. The pastry is then removed from the oil left to cool and then either sugary lemon syrup or honey is drizzled over the pastries. This means that the pastries are lovely and sticky and sweet when they are consumed.

Shebakia is a common example of street food which is very popular in Marrakech, in that in can be bought essentially in bitesize  chunks and then consumed on the move. Shebakia is also however often bought and then taken home by its purchasers as a dessert dish after a main meal. Eaten in either way Shebakia is a delicious treat which has to be tried during any visit to Marrakech or Morocco in general. Our Riads are situated in the heart of the historic medina of Marrakech where one can find Shebakia at any of the numerous small pastry shops that are scattered all over the medina. So a stay with us means you can not only enjoy plentiful opportunities to try the wonderful Shebakia but plentiful opportunities to explore and marvel at all that Marrakech has to offer as Morocco’s premier tourist destination. Book a room today and you can share in these amazing experiences.

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