Due to scruples contained within Islamic texts it is forbidden to depict living creatures such as humans or animals. This has not however stopped the Islamic world from developing its own very distinctive and beautiful forms of art, indeed many of the forms and shapes expressed within the realms of Islamic art certainly have benefited from these cultural directives. One has simply to look at any mosque found anywhere in the world to appreciate the beauty that can be found in Islamic calligraphy and tessellation. Marrakech is one such place where these sights can be found in abundance and great variation, within the Medina. Any number of the great landmarks that are to be found within the Medina can be seen to display such magnificent pieces.


A real Moroccon experience can be greatly enriched by taking in such wonders, which are to be found all over the old town. Luckily this is all within short walking distance of our wonderful Riad Cinnamon

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The hottest restaurant recommendation in Marrakech. Packed with expats but rarely visited by tourists. Reservation is essential Tuesday to Saturday, on Sunday and Monday le Studio is closed.

Established in 2011 in the heart of the up and coming new town of Marrakech, Le Studio is a smart and very stylish restaurant boasting an outstanding menu of French culinary classics with an international twist. The Thai Beef particularly is to be recommended, and indeed it would seem that beef is this restaurants speciality, naturally it being Morocco it was never going to be pork, but without a doubt nearly all the beef dishes in the restaurant are exceptional. That is not to say that the beef averse should not visit this restaurant, there is also a fine selection of other dishes, including very pleasant fish and vegetarian offerings. One can even partake in a very fine foie gras if they are inclined to do so. These fine dishes are naturally complimented by an excellent wine selection bringing together some truly outstanding Moroccan wines which are specially tailored to the menu.

The staff are very friendly and attentive, speaking both French and English and they certainly give a very fine representation of the restaurant as a whole. The manager one Steeve Verbeek is a most accommodating individual and a very pleasant man to encounter whilst having in a meal in his fine restaurant, indeed the feeling of a truly personal service is one which of the things which helps to make a visit to Le Studio such an enjoyable and memorable experience. The décor of the restaurant is also very impressive, sticking naturally to the theme that its name implies the layout is a chic homage to an Hollywood studio, with the furniture and the layout oozing style. Not only this but the restaurant sports a rather interesting retractable roof, allowing for cool eating in during the often rather warm Moroccan nights. All in all if you are looking for an excellent meal in Marrakech in elegant and stylish surroundings then one should look no further than Le Studio. It is situated on avenue Mouley Rachid behind the popular café de poste. A mere 5 minute taxi drive or a 15 minute walk, our Riads are in a prime position to take advantage of this exciting new culinary development. Book our Riads now to avoid disappointment.

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For a window into Islamic culture in the Mahgreb and the religious institutions that greatly influenced its development. One can do a lot worse than to visit the Ben Youssef Madrassa. Originally founded during the 14th Century during the Marinid Period by Sultan Abu al-Hassan, the building was first brought to great prominence by its reconstruction and overhaul from 1564-65 by the Sultan Abdul al- Hassan.
Since that point it was the largest Madrassa in the whole of Morocco, bringing the city great prestige and cultural influence. The Ben Youssef was no ordinary school however, it was more akin to a self contained educational community. With 132 rooms and hundreds of students living and learning within its magnificent walls. This combined with its location in the Medina in the historic old town, just a few minutes walk from the Central square Djemaa el Fna makes it one of Marrakech’s primary cultural destinations. Once you enter the building you immediately see why it is such a famous place in the Islamic world. The architecture and decoration proudly displays many of the facets and aspects of Islamic building and design that has made them so renowned for their beauty and aesthetic appeal. Inside the Madrassa is a myriad of tesselated colours, blues and greens beautifully contrasting with browns and white. The courtyard which is adjacent to the prayer room is truly a beautiful place one in which it is very difficult to not have a feeling of great tranquillity even in the famed Moroccan heat. One can also not fail to notice the intricate inscriptions which abound all over the complex. It is not merely the incredible shaped which these inscriptions take but the incredible detail which the inscriptions take, one can scarcely fail to be amazed by the delicacy and fantastical patterns in the form of the writing . It is however not merely your average tourists who have come to appreciate the wonders of this place but indeed it has become a favoured place to visit for passing royals as in recent years the Madrassa has been visited both by the King and Queen of the Netherlands and the Queen of Spain, surely a ringing endorsement from European royalty.  All these things coupled with the Madrassa’s prime location and relative ease of access make it a must for any culture or history buffs visiting Marrakech.

Opening Times: Every day from 9h30 to 18pm
Entrance fee: 50 dh for the Adult and 30 dh for children
You can purchase a joint ticket to visit both the Medersa and the Musee De Marrakech

Our Riad Cinnamon  is located an easy 5 minutes stroll away meaning that a stay with us leaves you fully capable of taking full advantages of such a fantastic base in the heart of Marrakech’s historical and cultural heart and one the undoubted advantages of staying in such a fantastic location. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the markets, soak in the vibrant culture of the surrounding museums and historic sites, then retreat to the luxury of  Riad Cinnamon before once more plunging back into the immersive experience that is Marrakech old town. Make a booking today.

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The oldest building in Marrakech is the Kouba Baroudiyine, the washrooms from the original Mosque built by, and named after Ben Yussef the second King of the Almoravid dynasty. Sadly this is the only remaining example of the highly decorated architecture of this period. It features some fantastic details which are echoed in later islamic buildings.

The Kouba was completed in the year 1117 and the foundations have an inscription which is believed to be the oldest inscription in cursive script in the whole of North Africa.  It reads ‘I was created for science and prayer, by the prince of the believers, descendant of the prophet, Abdallah, most glorious of all Caliphs. Pray for him when you enter the door, so that you may fulfill your highest hopes.’

To the east of the Koubba are a series of vaulted chambers which were reservoirs for the washroom was supplied by water from the Atlas mountains channelled through the remarkable Almoravid system of canals and underground channels that also fed the public fountains of Marrakech and made possible the remarkable growth of the walled city in this period.

Opening Times: Every day from 9h to 13h and from 14h30 to 18h
Entrance fee: 10 dh

Our Riad Cinnamon is located just a few hundred yards from the Kouba. The great thing about staying in such a central location is you can enjoy the monuments and museums, retreat to the privacy of the Riad, then go out again to the hustle and bustle of the souks!  Reserve accommodation today!

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The donkey and cart is a common sight in the medina of Marrakech where the streets are too narrow for truck and vans. These docile and dependable creatures, known as ‘brill’ in arabic are essential to everyday life.

A Riad hotel in the Medina is the perfect base from which to explore and experience this ancient way of life at first hand.

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We adore Marrakech, the old town has beautiful Boutique hotels, a host of restaurants and so many stylish shops that it is sometimes easy to forget that Morocco is a developing country. When packing for Marrakech it is important to choose the right footwear for walking in the Medina. Lovers of stillettos and espadrilles be warned! Leave these shoes out of your suitcase and instead pack sturdy walking boots or shoes and the most comfortable sandals you own.

The only people I see in Marrakech who are wearing stillettos (and there are some) are usually Italian women who are part of a coach trip where presumably no one was kind enough to warn them of the dangers of stillettos in the medina. Dont get me wrong-I love stillettos and still (on occasion) sport a pair when going to a posh do at home. But they are completely and totally unsuitable and in fact outright dangerous for walking within the old town Medina.

The derbs (streets) are mostly earth or cobbles and even where earth paths have been ‘upgraded’ they are still grossly uneven. The likelihood of stumbling is pretty high for anyone wearing flat shoes on these uneven roads so for someone wearing stillettos it is an inevitability.

Those on their first trip to Marrakech have no idea how much walking is involved when exploring the medina-those of us who are hardened bargain seekers and shoppers can walk miles from one souk to another for hours on end-if you are wearing high heels then expect to get blisters after the first hour and Im afraid you are unlikely to find a taxi to take you back home to your hotel so you will have to hobble all the way home to nurse your sore tootsies and buy some plasters and cushioned pads for your mistreated feet!

The other issue for open toed high heels is that when it rains in Marrakech it really does rain-big tennis ball sized drops of rain that quickly turn the earth to mud so any elegant toes in high heels very quickly become rather unattractively spattered with black grit and grey water up to the knees. You are highly likely to slip in this kind of weather too.

Finally another reason to put on your mums ecco shoes or your mountain boots is that donkey carts and motor bikes seem to have right of way in the medina over pedestrians so you might need to be quite nifty on your feet to get out of the way of that teenager carring grandma on the back of his honda!

If you must bring that pair of killer heels then save them for the nightlife-a night out at Pasha or a stroll along the Mohammed V in Guilez or clubbing in the Palmerie or Hivernage. Or if you are staying at a Riad and taking dinner on the terrace where the only walking that will be required will be from your room up the stairs to the terrace.

When I travel toMarrakech I put fashion to one side and focus on comfort. I always pack a sturdy pair of walking shoes or even boots with ankles (in spite of the hot weather) and I bring several pairs of thick walking socks. I also bring a pair of low padded sandles for short walks and for evenings out when I know I will take a taxi part of the way. And I have a rather mumsy pair of ecco shoes (which I love) so that I can alternate between shoes so that my feet dont get blisters or become achy.

In our riads-PapillonCinnamon and Dar Habiba we provide washable slippers for our guests to use whilst they are with us so that they can give their feet a good rest!


You can contact Lucie through Marrakech Riad Reservations.


Travel from London to your luxury Riad in Marrakech, Morocco could not be easier. There are now flights from all four London airports, Heathrow (BMI) Luton (Ryanair) Gatwick (BA, Easyjet, Thomson) and Stansted (Ryanair).

If you have time and really want to ENJOY your journey don’t overlook the option of traveling by train. Take the Eurostar to Paris and the TGV across France.  You then have a variety of options for the short ferry crossing to the port town of Tangier, gateway to North Africa: Algeciras to Tangier, Barcelona to Tangier, Sete (South of France) to Tangier.

For onward travel to Marrakech why not take the famous Marrakech Express, the overnight sleeper from Tangier. OR take time to visit the one of the Imperial Cities, Fez, Meknes or Rabat en route.

The excellent independent blog for train travel, Seat 61, is regularly updated with travel information and pricing including the London to Marrakech route.

We look forward to meeting you at the stunning new Marrakech railway station and whisking you away to one of our luxury boutique hotels in time for dinner! A traditional Riad is the perfect place for your Marrakech stay.

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Fresh vegetables are a staple food in Marrakech.  It is common to see farmers selling produce in the narrow streets of the medina, there are also specialist greengrocers like this one on the Rue Mouassine on the way to the Jemma al Fnaa Square from our Marrakech Riads.

There is nothing to compare to a Riad boutique hotel to experience the charm of old Marrakech and the genuine warmth of a Moroccan welcome. Reserve accommodation today and you can order a delicious meal to be waiting for you on arrival.

Our staff folding bicycle is a familiar site in central medina.
Stay in a historic Riad to experience the old town of Marraekch at first hand.

We are very proud of new table and chairs at Marrakech Riad Cinnamon. Made to measure by craftsmen in the Sidi Boukshish district of the Souks they feature distinctive local ‘Maichault’ metalwork as well as leather from the Marrakech tanneries.

Perfect for your arrival meal or just to chill out and enjoy the ambiance of the courtyard at this distinctive Marrakech Riad. There is no better place to stay when you visit exotic Marrakech, make your reservation today!

There are an amazing variety of goods for sale in the Marrakech Souks, take your time to browse and you will find glazed pottery to fit any colour scheme!

Our Riads in the Medina provide the perfect base for your holiday or short break in Magical Marrakech. Make contact today.

Salam Eileikum and welcome to Marrakech Riad, Boutique hotel accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech is an exciting & relatively safe city, common sense is the new visitors biggest asset. Above all we would suggest that you do not over plan your stay, allow plenty of time for exploring at your own pace. The central location of our Riads means you can retreat to the calm of the Riad from time to time and enjoy a complimentary mint tea on the patio or roof terrace.

  • Remember sun screen, sun hat, sun glasses, comfortable shoes, Riad Papillon or Riad Cinnamon Dar Habiba, or Riad Star address (your Riad Guardian can supply a location map).
  • In the summer it is an excellent idea to take water out with you but it is polite to be discrete about drinking during the holy month of Ramadan when the locals are fasting
  • Confidence is the key! If your body language is positive you are much less likely to attract unwanted attention.
  • The Old town of Marrakech, particularly the area South of the Riad through the Souks to the square is regularly patrolled by plain clothes tourist police known as the ‘brigade touristique’
  • The  narrow streets of the Medina may seem chaotic but there is some ‘method to the madness’.  Pedestrians generally keep to the right (unless they are seeking shade) leaving  wheeled vehicles to whiz down the middle. Walking slowly down the middle of the road while reading a map is therefore generally a bad idea!
  • Make sure you have some cash with you-including small change for taxi fares, drinks, guides & tips.
  • ‘Hard Currency’ (Euros, Sterling or US$) can be a positive bargaining point if you are buying larger items. Credit cards are not widely used.
  • A local pay as you go mobile phone is usually available for you to use during your stay. You can buy calling cards from kiosks throughout the medina. Please remember to return it ready for the next guests at the end of your stay!
  • Marrakech is a City where your choice of accommodation can make the difference between an outstanding stay and a disappointing one. At Marrakech Riad our English speaking staff provide a Warm Moroccan Welcome and will do their very best to make you fell at home in the Medina. Contact us to make your reservation!

“Brazil, Morocco,  London to Ibiza,  Straight to LA, New York,  Vegas to Africa” from the lyrics of Jennifer Lopez worldwide hit “on the floor” which is currently topping the charts across Europe and North Africa.

Marrakech is one of hottest destinations in Morocco and in Africa. Get involved, check out our boutique Riad hotels in the fashionable old town Medina.

One of the top addresses for Vegan Food in Marrakech is the outstanding Earth Cafe located two minutes south of the main square. Vegan dishes are always on the menu and Earth Cafe is famous for its freshly squeezed juices.

The traditional Berber diet includes many pulses and beans. Staple dishes are cereal based with a variety of local breads and crepes as well as cous cous.

Stay in one of our Marrakech Riads and our dedicated staff will be pleased to prepare Vegan breakfasts for you and other meals as you require them.

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This is novel, the debut single form MARRAKESH an alternative Rock band from Kiev Ukraine, actually they are quite good!

Search our Guide to Marrakech for tourist information.  Check out the excellent accommodation at our Marrakech Riads.

This classic song really captures the Magic of the Red City.

Make an Express reservation at one of our Riad hotels! There is no better way to enjoy the old town Medina.

Our Riads are perfect for your romantic break in Marrakech, Morocco.

Browse the romantic and intimate rooms, then reserve your favourite.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Small or ‘petit’ taxis in Marrakech can take up to three passengers. Painted a distinctive yellow they are a common sight on the streets of the Red City. We are happy to help visitors to Marrakech with travel advice whether or not they  are guests in our luxury Marrakech Riads. For five or ten minute journeys aound the old town or to nearby Guiliez the drivers often do not put on the meter, there is no need to worry about this. It is polite to give 15 or 20 dirhams (the meter would probably go to less than 10) if the driver demands more walk away with confidence you have been fair with him. For longer journeys ask them to put the meter on and round up to the nearest 10 dirhams.

The wood wholesaler is a very important figure in Marrakech.  There are several specialist ‘wood men’ located near to the City walls supplying wood which will be burned in traditional Hammans and bakeries as well as Riads and pivate homes. Wood is sold by weight, measured on the scale by the entrance, and usually delivered by donkey and cart.

Our Marrakech Riads both have open fires, come stay with us and enjoy the traditional way of life in the Marrakech old town.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Located South of the main square on Zitoun Street this recently opened western style Cafe offers inexpensive lunches and daytime snacks in a pleasant and welcoming environment. We particularly enjoy their soups and fruit juices.

 A Riad hotel in the old town is the perfect base from which to explore Marrakech.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Good quality dried Lavender is is freely available from the Marrakech spice sellers, most offer several varieties of Lavender sold by weight at modest prices. A Riad hotel is the perfect base from which to explore the old town of Marrakech, make your reservation today!

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

The Prickly pears for sale in the street markets of Marrakech are ten times sweeter in the winter, and ten times more expensive!

Our boutique hotels in the heart of the ancient city are the perfect base from which to go out and enjoy Marrakech. Reserve accommodation today!

Kanyama, 22 rue moulay Ali, gueliz

l’Annexe, 14 Rue Moulay Ali, Gueliz

Earth Cafe, N 2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina

Gastro mk at maison mk, 14 Derb Lafkih Sbaai, Quartier Ksour

Riad Kniza Restaurant, 34 Derb L’Hotel, Bab Doukala Medina

Souk Kafe, 11 Derb Souk Jeldid, Sidi Abdelaziz -Medina

Ristorante Italiano Casanova, 221, av. yacoub el mansour

Al fassia, 55 Boulevard Zerktouni, Guéliz

Mama Ti Lee, 13 derb El Arsa, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Un dejeuner a Marrakech, 2,4 Place Douar Graoua

Patisserie des Princes, 32 rue Bab Agnaou

Azar, Rue de Yougoslavie

La Trattoria De Giancarlo, 179 El Beqal Gueliz

La Tosca Marrakech, badr, Guéliz

Pastaz by Catanzaro, 27 rue Imam Chafai, Kawkab Centre – Guéliz

Le Restaurant du Riad Monceau, 7/8 derb Chaabane, Riad Zitoun Lakdim

Stylia, 4, rue R’mila Bab Ksour

Chez Yassine, Rue Fatima

Le Touggana, Route de l’Ourika, BP 6211 Syba

Katsura, Rue Oum Errabia

Dar Zellij, No1 Kaa Sour, Sidi Ben Slimane, Medina

Metro 80, 77, avenue Hassan II, Guéliz

Le Foundouk,55, Souk Hal Fassi

La Cour des Lions, rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Dar Yacout, 79 rue Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Bab Doukkala, Medina

Le Blokk, Sircuit de la palmeraie

Riad des Mers, Derb Sidi Messaoud

Kechmara, 3 rue De La Liberte, Guéliz

Les jardins de la medina, 21 rue derb chtouka

Dar Ennassim Fabrice VULIN, Circuit de la palmeraie, Palmeraie Golf Palace

Crystal (pacha), mohamed boulevard

Patisserie Al Jawdal, Rue Dabachi 16-18

Comptoir Darna, Av Echouhada, Hivernage

La Terrasse des Epices, 15 Souk Charifia Sidi Abdellaziz

La Boheme, 2, place Jemaa El Fna

Dar Mimoun, 1 Derb Ben Amrane, access through Zitoun el Kdim

Cantanzaro, 42 rue Tarik Ibn Ziyad, Ville Nouvelle

Kosybar, 47, Place des Ferblantiers

La Sultana Hotel Restaurant, 403 rue de la Kasbah

Dar Mima, 9, derb Zaouia el Kadiria

Lost in Marrakech (Laundry Cafe), 156 Darb Snane, Medina

Chez Larbi, KM 46 Agbalou, Rte de L’Ourika

La Maison Arabe, 1 Derb Assehbe

Ksar Es Saoussan, Rue des Ksour, 3 Derb El Messaoudyenne

Cafe Jardin Majorelle Marrakech, Avenue Yacoub El Mansour

Chez pascal

Al Rimal, 43 Derb Fhal Ezzafriti

La Cuisine de Mona, Residence Mamoune 5 n 115B

Riad Al Kadar, 132 , Derb Jamaa, Arset Belbaraka

Le TOBSIL, 22 Derb Abdellah Ben Hessaien

Cafe Arabe, 184, rue Mouassine, Medina

Restaurant Oscar Progres, 20, rue Bani Marine

Le flouka auberge et restaurant du lac, Barrage

Le Bis – Jardin des Arts, 6-7 rue Sakia El Hamra, Semlalia – Guéliz

Riad El Fenn Restaurant


Cafe Des Epices, 75 Rahba Lakdima, Place Rahba Qedima

Le 6, Avenue Mohamed VI, Residence Hivernage

Daer Cherifa, 8 derb Cherfa Lakbir, Moussine, Medina

Les jardins du Gueliz, Rue Oued Makhzine, Guéliz

Comptoir de marrakesh, Avenue Echouada

Chegrouni, Place Djemaa Al Fnaa

Lotus Privilege, Fhal Zefriti, Quartier Ksour

Le Grand Cafe de la Poste, Corner of bd. El Mansour Eddahbi and av. Imam Malik | (behind the main Guéliz post office), Ville Nouvelle

La Villa, Angle Avenue Jnane El Harti et rue Qsar El Kebir

Dar Fez, 8 Derb Boussouni

Villa Rosa, 64 avenue Hassan II Gueliz

Narwama, hay zefriti, rue koutoubia 30

Bo & Zin, Douar Lahna, Route de l’Ourika (3.5 kms.)

Ksar El Hamra, 28 Riad Zitoune Lakdim, Sabt Ben Daouad

Restaurant El Bahia, 1 rue Riad Zitoun El Jedid

Le coin cool, mohamed el begal 71 gueliz

Les Jardins de Bala, 26 Rue de la Koutoubia, Hotel Les Jardins de La Koutoubia

Kaowa, 34 rue Yves St Laurent

Dar Belkabir, 12, souk des roseaux, jamaa el fna

Dar Essalam, 170, Riad Zitoune El Kedim

Jazz’o, Angle av Yacoub El Mansour, Coordonnées Adresse : Angle av Yacoub El Mansour, centre américain, Gueliz

Chez Achraf, Cafe Ben Youssef, 20, av. El Hanaa M_hamid , Ighli 1

Cafe Berbere – Chez Brahim, Jamaa El Fna Rue Derb Dabachi, N’38 Fondek El Messioui N’26

La Bagatelle

La Mamounia, Avenue Bab Jdid

Cafe Restaurant Argana, Jaleema El Fna 1

Jad Mahal, Fontaine de la Mamounia

Dar Marjana, 15 Derb Sidi Ali Tair

Al Baraka, 1, Djemaa el Fna

La Maison de Marrakech, 44-46-47 derb Zaari

Le Souab, 33, Bab Ksiba, Kasbah

Daressalam,170 Riad Zitoune El Kedim

Villa Flore, 4 Derb Azzouz

Rotisserie de la Paix

Restaurant Gastronomique Es Saadi, Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

VILLA TIVOLI, Route de Casablanca

Nid’cigogne, 60 Place des Tombeaux Saadiens,  Kasbah

Dar Donab Le Restaurant, 53 Dar El Basha-Bab Doukkala

Patisserie Elite, Av. Mhd. V.

Cafe restaurant Tiznit, Place Jemaa El Fna Kassabine No28

Le Marrakchi, 52, rue des Banques

Dar Moha, rue dar el Bacha 81, Medina

Saadiens Restaurant, 105 Rue Derb Chtouka, Quartier De La Kasba

Ultimo Bacio, Angle rue Tarik Ibn Ziad & Moulay Ali

Le Tanjia, 14, Derb J’did – Hay Essalam (Mellah), Medina

Le Saint Germain, Boulevard Hassan 2

Riad Tzarra Restaurant, 22 Derb Lalla Azzouna

Portofino, 279 av. Mohammed V, Medina

Aqua Pazza, 89 Angle Bld Zerktouniet Mohamed V – Gueliz, in the Hotel Renaissance

Casa Lalla, 16 Derb Jemaa, Riad Zitoune Lakdim

La Piscine, Boulvard Mohammed 6, Palais Soltan

avenue mohammed V, Gueliz

Bert’s marrakech, avenue mohammed V, Gueliz

Ksar Char-Bagh, Palmeraie de Marrakech

Le Moulin Berbere, 24 l’Ourika

Bari’s Pizza, Rue Bab Agnaou, Medina

International Restaurant at Amanjena, Route de Ouarzazate

Queen Atlantic, Coordonnees Adresse : Marrakech Plazza – Place du 16 Novembre

Le Relais de Paris, Hotel Les Jardins de La Koutoubia, 26 Rue de la Koutoubia

Restaurant Mabrouka, Rue Bab Agnaou

Riad 72, 72 Arset Awzel, Bab Doukkala

Ryad Jana, 149 Toualat Kennaria, Kasbah

Fouquet’s Marrakech, Rue Djebel Alakhdar, Bab Doukkala

Cafe 16, Place du 16 Novembre

Da-Miranda, 66, Bd Mansour Eddahbi Gueliz

La Creperie de Marrakech, 14 Petit Marche de Gueliz, Route de Targa

Puerto Banus, Rue Ibn Hanbal, (opposite the Surète Nationale and tennis club), Ville Nouvelle

Marra-Book Cafe, 53 derb Kabada, av. des Princes

Le Jacaranda, 32 boulevard Zerktouni

Alizia, Rue Ahmed Chouhada Chawki, Off Avenue Echouhada, Hivernage

Aqua, 68 Place De Jamaa El Fna Medina

Palais Soleiman, Bd 11 Janvier, Kaa el Machraa

Caruso, Avenue Mohamed VI

Nikki Beach, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Route de Casablanca

Riad Mabouka Marrakech

Epicurien, Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

LA CASA Restaurant Lounge, Avenue du President Kennedy , Hivernage, Hôtel El Andalous Marrakech

Al Fassia Aguedal, 9bis route de l’Ourika

Hivernage Hotel & Spa, Angle Ave Echouhada et Rue des Temples, Quartier Hivernage

Dar El Baroud,275, Avenue Mohamed V, Derb Saïdalia

Bert’s, 45 Residences Les Remparts, Avenue Mohammed V, Guéliz

Delhi palace, Avenue de la menara mohd.6, hotel royale mirage

Caravanserai, 264 Ouled Ben Rahmoune

Red Fort Indian and Bangladeshi Restaurant, Avenue Yaacoub El Marini, Residence Andalus 4 Gueliz

Yellow Sub,82 Avenue Hassan II

Chez El Bahia, Riad Zitoune El Kdim, 206

Pizza Pazza,Youssef Ben Av Tachfine

Le Dragon d’Or, 10 bis, Bd Zerktouni, Gueliz

Le Sud, 13 Rue Capitaine Arrigui Gueliz

Restaurant Beyrouth, 9 rue Loubnane, Guéliz, Ville Nouvelle

Palais Chahramane, 6 rue Sidi Bouchouka, Medina


Autour de la Piscine – Es Saadi, rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Chez Jacqueline, 63 Av Mohamed V

L’Abyssin, Palais Rhoul

Stork, Rue de La Kasbah, North end near the mosque

La Plage Rouge, Route De L’Ourika

Dar yakut, 79, Derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Bab Doukkala

Lotus Club, Rue Ahmed Chawki, Hivernage

Riad Dar Tim Tam, 42, 44, rue Rahba Lakdima

Saafran & Cannelle, 40 Avenida Hassan II

Cafe de France, Place Jemaa El Fna

Riad Omar,22, rue Bab Agnaou

Le Pavillon, 47 derb Zaouia Mosquee

Bombay Marrakech, 7 Rue Ibn Zaidoun

L’Avenue, Angle route de Targa & rue du Capitaine Arigui, Gueliz

Le Charly’s Cabana, 39,Bd Zerktouni, Gueliz

Restaurant Diaffa, 1 Rue Jbel Lakhdar

Le Pacha, Zone Hoteliare De I’ Aguedak

Mezza Luna, Place Du Petit Marche, Route De Targa

Kasbah La Rotonda, Derb Lamnahba

Cafe Restaurant l’Etoile, 49 rue Bab Agnaou, Place Jemaa el Fna, Medina

Palais Gharnata, 5 Derb el Arsa Riad Zitoun Jdid

Lodge k, Route de Fez km. 5, Dar Tounsi

Chez Ali, Route de Casablanca

Bab Restaurant, rue mohamed el beqqal

Le Jana, Boulevard Mohammed VI

Bougainvillea Cafe, 33 rue Mouassine Medina, Place Jemaa El Fna

Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra, Place Jemaa el-Fna

Les Premices, Place Jemaa el Fna

Jnane Tamsna, Douar Abiad

Jemaa el Fna, Jemaa-el-Fna

Pizza Hut, 6, Boulevard Mohamed V

Le Grand Balcon Cafe Glacier, Jemaa El Fna

L After Stone, rue oum errabii

El Waha, 1, riad Zitoun el Kedim

Niagara Pub,31-32, Centre Commercial Ennakhil

Kasar el Hamra, 28 Sabt Ben Daoud

Hotel Essaouira, Place Jemaa El Fna

Dar nejjarine, 35 derb sehrije riad el moukha

Menzah dada, arset almaach

Eveil Des Sens, 32, rue Benatya Gueliz

Stalls in the Square, Jemaa El Fna,Medina

Milagros Restaurant, West Palmarie

Studio Misr, 16, Angle Av. Yaacoub El Mansour

La Villa des Orangers, 6 rue Sidi Mimoun

Restaurant Demeures D’orient, 10,Arset Ben Nasser,Riad Laarous, Medina

Moroccan Dinner Show – Es Saadi,R ue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Lagon & Jardin, rue Ibrahim El Mazini

Restaurant Al Bahja, Rue Bani Marine, (between the Bank al Maghrib and the post office on the south side of Jemaa el Fna), Medina

Bistro La Saveur, 12 rue Loubnane, Guéliz, Ville Nouvelle

Adamo, 44 rue Tarik ben Ziad, Ville Nouvelle

Cafe du Livre, 44 rue Tarik ben Ziad, Off to one side of the entrance to Hotel Toulousain, Ville Nouvelle

Les Delices Malouins, 68 rue de la Liberte, Guéliz, Ville Nouvelle

Stall #20, Chez Ben Driss, Place Jamaa el Fanaa

Les Jardins Darabes

Les Jardins d’Ines Restaurant, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Boite Postale 1488

Restaurant Nuima, Rue Azbest No. 30

Rolls-Club, It lamure, 6 angle rue draa et rue lt lamure guelize

Restaurant Place des Ferblantiers, 14 Place des Ferblantiers

Dar Ambre, La Palmeraie, BP 12322

Le Jacaranda, 32 Bd Mohamed Kerktouni

le Code Barre Marrakech, Camp Ghoul route de Targa

Aicha, Place Djemaa El Fna

Le Marocain, Avenue Bab Jdid

Sarout Darna, Km 9 route de L’Ourika

Le Narjis, es jardins de la palmeraie BP 1488

Les Cepages, 9, rue Ibn Zaidoun

L’Amandier, Angle Av Echouhada, Rue de Paris Hivernage

L’Orangerie, Rue Harroun Errachid,Quartier de l hivernage

Casa Nostra, Hotel le Caspien, 12 rue Loubnane, Gueliz

Pavillion, Derb Zaouia Bab Doukkala Mosquee

Dar Doukkala, 83, Arset Aouzal Bab Doukkala

Le Sepharade, Loubnanem, Marrakech

KM 9, Route de l’Ourika

El Saadi, Ru Ibrahim el mazni

La Plagie Rouge, Route De Lourika km 10

Le Pavilliom, Overt 7

L AMANDIER, Angle Av Echouhada

LE RENDEZ-VOUS, Avenue Mohammed VI

Kim Son, Toumert, Marrakech

Le Jade, 16, rue Lieutenant Lamure

L ITALIEN, Avenue Bab Jdid

La Porte Du Monde, Toualat Kennaria No 69

Dada Marrakech, La Radeema

Ocha-shushi, 41 rue Yougoslavie GUELIZ

Rose Bar, Zone Aguedal, Pacha Marrakech

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The Kingdom of  Morocco will host the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations Football tournament in the face of strong competition from recent world cup hosts South Africa who will host the 2017 competition. Morocco last hosted the tournament in 1988.

Marrakech will be an important host City with the newly opened ‘Stade de Marrakech’ the first stadium in Morocco to feature corporate hospitality on a par with the top European stadia.

A Marrakech Riad is always a perfect base for any stay in Marrakech.

Come and visit us on stand E44 at the Adventure Travel Live show 28, 29, 30 January 2011.

Our Marrakech Riads offer fantastic value. Reserve accommodation at the show or online!

We have had the pleasure of welcoming many guests from Norway. In the best Marrakech tradition those who arrive as guests usually leave as friends.

Marrakech Riad are grateful to our friend Bjorn Loeden, a gifted photographer, for kindly allowing us to show a selection of his images of the Red City, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Bjorn and his delightful wife Sunni based themselves with us at Riad Papillon for a month in the winter of 2010. What better way to escape the harsh Norwegian winter.

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Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Svenge is a widely available in Marrakech, often served from street food stalls.  Rings of dough deep fried in oil, usually sold tied in bunches of five. Svenge is eaten at breakfast or as a snack throughout the day.

Our Marrakech Riads offer the perfect base from which to explore the Red City. Reserve Accommodation today.

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