Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Marrakech. Located inside English owned Riad mk in the L’Ksour district of the Medina.  A fusion of Moroccan and modern french cuisine, five course tasting menu at 650 Dirhams.   Chef Omar visits each table at the end of the evening which is a nice touch.

Fabulous, Italian owned and run and without doubt one of the top restaurants in Marrakech.  Set in a spacious and beautifully designed Riad courtyard, perfect for any special occasion.

Gourmet food and outstanding service are the hallmarks of this restaurant.  Not surprisingly classic Italian dishes feature heavily on the menu, there are also Moroccan favourites and seasonal specials.


Kui zin is a simple and delightful cafe restaurant established in 2013 and currently not licensed for alcohol.  Located near the the Sidi Abdelaiz shrine in the centre of Marakech. The name is a play on words.  TheFrench cuisine meaning kitchen and the Moroccan arabic zin meaning attractive or good.

Chef Kenza produces mainly traditional Moroccan food to a high standard at reasonable prices.  Excellent bread is baked daily on the premises.  The menu is more extensive than most medina cafes extending to pizza lasagna and European style salads.

The staff are friendly and welcoming with the owners, a charming Moroccan couple, normally on the premises.

Taj’in Darna is a cafe/ restaurant located on the Eastern side of Marrakech’s central square. Serving a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes and refreshments it’s cosy rooftop terrace is the ideal space in which to stop and refresh your batteries after a day spent exploring the red city.

Due to the stunning panoramic views of Jemaa al-Fnaa from Taj’in Darna’s terrace you can expect to pay just a few more Dirham’s for a meal here compared with nearby snack bars such Snack Toubkal. A Moroccan chicken tajine is around 45 Dirham’s (£3.44) and a glass of sweet mint tea is 15 Dirham’s (£1.15).

Taj'in Darna sunset

As Taj’in Darna is located in the cities central square it is only a short walking distance from any of our hotel Riad’s. I often went there during the holy month of Ramadan to enjoy a salad with the seclusion that the Cafe’s terrace offers. If you are feeling adventurous, I would recommend that you try the range of Moroccan Pastilla’s that are on offer at the restaurant. Combing both salty and sweat this hand-cooked meat pie is baked and sprinkled with both sugar and cinnamon for a unique, delicious taste.

The ideal time to visit Taj’in Darna is as the sun starts to set across the red city. As you enjoy the rich and flavoursome dishes that Morocco has to offer you can look across the square of Jemaa al-Fnaa and watch it burst into life as musicians, storytellers and performers pour out onto the streets to prepare for the night ahead.

Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map

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Number 110 Jemaa El Fna

Dotted around the Medina in Marrakech is what at first glance looks merely like rundown household 70s tiled kitchens but be mistaken as they hold the source of a simple street food that feeds a large selection of the Marrakech population.

A large bowl of cooked potato’s and a separate dish of eggs make the basis of this wonderfully simple but delicious traditional meal. For 5 Dirhams (0.35p) you receive a sandwich that melts in your mouth. Freshly baked bread, delivered on motorbikes with enormous attached wicker baskets on their rear, populates these stalls several times throughout the day. These are filled in front of you with recently cooked hot potato and your choice of free range of warehouse eggs, with the addition of cream cheese if requested. Topped off with a helpful drizzling of beautiful fragrant olive oil and cumin, this is a Moroccan street food treat at its most basic level.

Visit number 110 (pictured) in the Jemaa El Fna mobile restaurant market for a more vibrant sit down culinary experience among the countless hungry locals. Although costing slightly more, 8 Dirhams/ 0.60p, this is the best place to feast on these Moroccan sandwich delicacies. You will not be disappointed.

Only a 10 minute walk from Riad Cinnamon, the iconic Jemaa El Fna square is easily accessed from here and sits hand in hand with the beautifully prepared cuisine available at this memorable Riad.

Humble yet wonderful house of Fatima

Entering a Marrakshi household on a non descript Wednesday evening is an experience filled with warmth, welcome and sharing.

As the Henna artist and cook of the Henna Café in the north-west of La Medina, Fatima has been a practicing Nquasha (master of an artform) for over 26 years and a producer of local cuisine exquisites.

A small courtyard with scooter, clothes line and a picture of the atlas mountains greets you through a heavy almost un-openable metal door. We walk into the family room bordered by four benches which doubles as the marital bedroom. This is where the feast of people and supply of food will soon congregate.

As is common in Moroccan homes, the large ‘dining room’, again bordered by ornate benches, is separated off by a key reserved only for expensive crockery, unusual ornate items, boxes of henna paste and families all inviting grand sheep slaying gatherings.

Fatima brings us mint tea, as her husband tunes the tv into Russian news for some background noise. Questions pass back and forth discovering everything about each others customs, customs and when we will be married.

Cousins, nephews and friends join slowly as the normal midweek evening meal commences. Moroccan food aficionado, Fatima brings out two large tagine dishes one couscous with a range of different cuts of lamb, the other a beautifully presented potato, egg and tomato tagine. With family eating what looks like a black pudding of slow cooked jiblets and several strings of small intestine, no part of a Muslims precious sheep is snuffed at.

Apres food consists of my girlfriend having her hair cut by Fatima’s niece after a passing comment about not being able to find a female hairdresser in the medina, as I am entrenched in Fatimas’ son’s tour of his personally designed bedroom with over 1000 satellite channels and trouser press.

A completely unintrusive, welcoming and intruiging evening at what is the Moroccan hospitable mentality and something that can be experienced by all once you open your inhibitions and yes vocabulary to such an enchanting and giving population.

With bespoke and truly personal warmth of the managers/ staff  of Marrakech Riads, your stay in the heart of the Medina will be one that is truly cultural and never forgotten.

During Ramadan there is a particular Moroccan sweet or cookie that is particularly popular, this dish is called Shebakia and it closely represents a pretzel to the western eye-view however it is disimilar to a pretzel in that it is sweet and is fried as opposed to bake. The dish is relatively easy to bake and is made from a simple combination of flour, margerine, oil, baking powder and water. A paste like dough is made from these ingredients and the resulting pretzelesque shape is then places in oil and fried until light brown and crispy. The pastry is then removed from the oil left to cool and then either sugary lemon syrup or honey is drizzled over the pastries. This means that the pastries are lovely and sticky and sweet when they are consumed.

Shebakia is a common example of street food which is very popular in Marrakech, in that in can be bought essentially in bitesize  chunks and then consumed on the move. Shebakia is also however often bought and then taken home by its purchasers as a dessert dish after a main meal. Eaten in either way Shebakia is a delicious treat which has to be tried during any visit to Marrakech or Morocco in general. Our Riads are situated in the heart of the historic medina of Marrakech where one can find Shebakia at any of the numerous small pastry shops that are scattered all over the medina. So a stay with us means you can not only enjoy plentiful opportunities to try the wonderful Shebakia but plentiful opportunities to explore and marvel at all that Marrakech has to offer as Morocco’s premier tourist destination. Book a room today and you can share in these amazing experiences.

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For a fresh taste of Marrakech it is hard to find a better example of a simple yet delicious dish as Orange Canelle or Moroccan Orange Salad. This salad is the simple combination of slices of orange placed on a plate with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. This seemingly simple dish is a great addition to any Moroccan meal, it not only being a light and refreshing way to end a meal without feeling too bloated but it also being greatly thirst quenching, which in the ever present Moroccan heat can be a great way to finish a meal. The simple combination of flavours means that almost anyone can do it, but it is the variations between different practitioners of the preparation of Orange Canelle that truly brings it to life.

Cinnamon and Oranges

No two people will prepare it in quite the same way, in many ways representing the vibrancy and variation that it to be found within Marrakech itself. Whichever way it is prepared Orange Canelle is truly an authentic Moroccan experience, that must be tried in the country for the full experience. There is no better place to try this wonderful dish than in Marrakech itself in the Medina for a truly authentic Moroccan experience and there is no better place to stay in the medina than in one of our wonderful Riads. Book today.

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