Marrakech Riad are proud to support the ‘Be inspired‘ event taking place in London on 8 July 2012.

Five Moroccan charities will benefit including the British Moroccan Society.

We believe it is important to give back where possible to the communities in Morocco which make our visitors so welcome.


Recently opened cafe on located on Riad Larrouss street, one of the main north-south routes through the Marrakech old town.

A series of comfortable salons on various levels but what’s really special about this place is the panoramic roof terrace with 360 degree views around the medina and across to the Ben Youssef Mosque from which the Cafe takes its names.

Basic Moroccan fare, simply presented at reasonable prices. This tidy little restaurant is just a short walk from our Riad Cinnamon.

Marrakech Riad are pleased to announce the launch of the new Riad Cinnamon Gallery Website

This site allows quick and convenient browsing of great images of our elegant Riad Cinnamon.

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Marrakech Riad Cinnamon is especially atmospheric at night when traditional Moroccan lamps cast patterns of light and shadow.

The luxurious Casablanca suite with its subtle decor is always a relaxing retreat. Lie back and admire the shadows on the ceiling.

Make your reservation at luxurious Riad Cinnamon today!

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Guests at Marrakech Riad Cinnamon have enjoyed unlimited mint tea since we opened last year.  We are delighted that we are now able to offer complimentary Cinnamon tea.

Our Marrakech Riads are the perfect base for your Morocco break or holiday. Don’t delay, make your reservation today!

There are five individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

The second  klik2travel Marrakech video features our Riad Cinnamon

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

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The patio at Riad Cinnamon has newly installed canvass awnings to provide extra shade in the courtyard. This simple and stylish design neatly folds back at night allowing cooling air to descend into the Riad.

Our traditional Riads in the Medina offer the perfect base from which to explore Marrakech. All our rooms are fully air conditioned and there are dipping pools for cooling off in the hot summer months. Reserve accommodation today!

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We are very proud of the new sunloungers on the roof terrace at Marrakech Riad Cinnamon.  Stylish Elegant and above all comfortable they are individually handcrafted by Moroccan blacksmiths.

Our Marrakech Riads are the perfect base from which to explore the Medina of Marrakech, and the perfect place to relax! Reserve accommodation today.

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The Baroudiyine district is one of the most historic in the City of Marrakech. it contains the Almoravid Kouba which is the oldest surviving structure in the Medina in as well the Ben Youssef Mosque with its famous Medersa, not to mention the Marrakech Museum.

These world class attractions not withstanding the real charm of the Baroudiyine district lies in the vitality of and diversity of every day life on it’s streets TODAY.  The photo shows leather components laid out to dry by the entrance to the Ben Youssef Mosque in the place Kissaria.

Our Riad Cinnamon is located at 9 Derb El Hajra in the heart of Baroudiyine, what better base from which to explore! Make your reservation today.

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This intricate lamp is hanging in the Essaouira Suite at Riad Cinnamon in Marrakech. It’s fine metalwork is typical of the Fez region in Morocco.  

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A Douiria or ‘little house’ is a separate space within a traditional Riad.  The Douiria was traditionally used as a quiet space by the head of the household. In some cases the Douiria is in separate ownership, for example sometimes Riads are split as they are passed down through the generations.

The Casablanca Suite at Marrakech Riad Cinnamon is a classic Douiria accessed through a discrete staircase from the main patio. Our Marrakech Riads offer a fantastic base to explore the historic Medina a world heritage site. Reserve Accommodation today!


Marrakech Riad is owned by English couple Mike and Lucie Wood who personally supervised the renovation of Riad Papillon and Riad Cinnamon both of which are situated in ideal locations within the Medina of Marrakech Morocco.

Each Riad has five great en suite guest rooms all individually designed and furnished. The cosy and private facilities are ideal for a romantic break, or renting a whole Riad provides a fantastic location for a wedding or special occasion family party.

Our friendly Moroccan staff will immediately make you feel at home. They speak English, French and Arabic and always have time to guide and help you to make the most of the Medina experience. There are plenty of UK plug adaptors and we provide ipod docking stations in each room as well as Wifi accross the hotel.

Contact us today to make your reservation!

Marrakech or Marrakesh? Riad, Riyad, Riyadh or Ryad?

Written in Arabic مراكش foreigners interchangeably use ‘Marrakech‘ from the French and ‘Marrakesh‘ from the English. Riad sometimes written Riyad, Riyadh or Ryad means garden, and describes mediaeval Medina houses that open inward to a garden courtyard. Riad Papillon and Riad Cinnamon are great examples of how these ancient buildings can be given a new lease of life as luxury boutique hotels offering guests an essentially Moroccan experience.

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The renovation of Riad Cinnamon is at last coming to fruition after many many months of planning, designing, redesigning, imagining, repositioning and trying to create our vision. We expect to welcome our first guests for Easter 2010.

Having sucessfully renovated Riad Papillon we felt encouraged to be if anything more bold and adventurous. We know that one of the things that we value most of all about being in Marrakech is the wonderful sense of calm and serenity that one feels as one enters a Riad Boutique Hotel after spending a day at the souks.

I works as a Psychotherapist with people from all walks of life and all ages and I know about the vital need that we all have of a place where we can feel a sense of belonging, peacefulness and contentedness-a sanctuary. This place or feeling that many of us yearn for can be found in many ways. One of the ways we hope to help you find this sense of peacefulness and calm is through the space, light and colours that we have created at Riad Cinnamon.

All the rooms at riad Cinnamon have high ceilings which give an expansivenes that allows  one to breathe and feel that you can expand and spread out literally as well as figuratively. We have designed three of the rooms to have special ‘meditiation spaces’ within them accessed by a slim staircase with treads in wood and risers in smooth tadelakt. It is almost as if you are climbing to a higher place within your self as well as within your room. The meditation space can be used for all sorts of activities-not just meditaion of course- children may stay there and watch a dvd; you may eat breakfast on a low table there or chat with a great vantage point overlooking the rest of the room. Those less spiritually inclined may simply use the staircase as an exercise area to strengthen those thigh muscles!!!

We have chosen to use tadelakt extensively throughout Riad Cinnamon because the material is very sensual and soothing to look at as well as to the touch. The tadelakt material allows one to create surfaces that are slightly rounded and beautifully smooth-no sharp edges from wood and metal here. Somehow the use of this material within the bathrooms and bedrooms enhances the peacefulness and flow of the energy within all spaces.

Our roof terrace is quite amazing-the views are breathtaking especially when the mountains are ‘out’ (sometimes the clouds cover them from full view).  The roof terrace features a Moroccan tent, cosy corners for relaxation, an open air barbeque, two raised viewing platforms and plenty of room for sun loungers.

Love is in the walls!

The workers at Cinnamon are dedicated to their work and one can sense a real feeling of purposefulness, camaraderie and flow as they are creating our lovely rooms. Our building site is quite unlike any other I have ever visited here in Marrakech (and I have visited dozens!). The workmen really take a huge pride in their work. They work in pairs or independently without the need to be closely monitored or persuaded to work-they know their job and they want to do it-and do it well. The workers work silently for the most part the building is like a library apart from the occasional sound of a drill or a bucket landing with a thud on the ground floor as it is lowered by rope.

At lunch times and break times (which are scheduled precisely) all of the craftsmen leave their work and sit together in a circle around a little gas stove. One worker (usually Hassan who is the guardian of the building day and night) prepared the mint tea and tagine with cous cous. They all take a piece of freshly baked bread and by turns scoup up a portion fo the hot meal. It is clear that there is much respect and affection between the workers. They have worked together on our project for nearly two years now.  I like to think that the workers are pouring their love of their craft into the very fibre of this beautiful building and that you will feel that when you come and stay with us!

Choosing fabrics for curtains and sofas

My current task is to choose fabrics, calming colours to coordinate effortlessly with the tadelakt colours on the walls and to find a wonderful person to make them all for me within a reasonable timeframe and budget. You would imagine that this would be a simple task in a country renouned for amazing fabrics and colours and craftspeople. However, my experience so far tells me it will not be so simple. I first have to find someone who can sell me beautiful fabrics that are good quality. Then I have to explain the design of the curtains and sofas with words and pictures (in French) and then I have to negotiate a reasonable price and timescale and quality control. Again this may seem easy but my experience tells me otherwise! about half of the people I ask will not return to give me a quote, a proportion will say they have a fabric and then it will transpire that they do not, a proportion will give an astronomical price, some will not be skilled at sewing neatly and maybe just maybe I will find one who will deliver for us the beautiful, sumptuous curtains in silks and velvets and satins with voiles and sashes  that look just perfect-maybe-we will see!

Lucie, Janaury 2010

Add a comment below or Contact us at Marrakech Riad and make your reservation today!

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The terms Riad (literal meaning garden) and Dar (literal meaning house) are somewhat interchangeable in Marrakech. Riad Papillon formerly the kitchen to the adjacent homeStrictly speaking a Riad is a garden house built around a courtyard or patio.  Some would say that a true riad requires four trees in a formal setting.

The broader term Dar includes even the finest Riads but also dwellings that are more modest  in scale and outlook.

Riad Papillon and Riad Cinnamon have both been sympathetically renovated as luxury boutique hotels.

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The picturesque town of Essaouira is only two hours drive from Marrakech and offers an outstanding day excursion to the coast. Under Portuguese occupation the port was fortified and the town was known as Mogador, the ramparts were used in Orson Welles 1952 film Othello.

Seagull on the beach at EssouiraStill a fishing village Essaouira retains its authenticity and charm.Strong coastal winds known in Moroccan Arabic as the ‘alizee’ are a distinctive feature of the beach which is an outstanding venue for wind surfing and other water sports. 

Boats in the harbout at Essouria, MoroccoJimi Hendrix and other 1960’s rock stars frequented the town which retains a strong musical tradition. Each year at the end of June Essaouira is the venue for the Gnaoua and world music festival. Gnaoua music, a familiar sound in the Jema al Fnaa in Marrakech has its roots in sub Saharan Africa. 

Your Ryad staff will be pleased to help you to organise a visit to Essaouira. Our suggestion would be to take a taxi for the day and return to the ryad in Marrakech after a leisurely meal in the early evening.

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