If you stroll through the winding streets nearby Rue Riad Zitoun el Kdim and the Riad Dar Habiba, you may be lucky enough to spot Hamza.

Hamza is a street cleaner by his daily trade, however he also has a burning passion for the dance moves inspired by Charlie Chaplin!

He’s somewhat of a celebrity among the locals in this sleepy residential area and I was lucky enough to get this one-off show!

Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map

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Perched on the southern corner of Jemaa al-Fnaa, just off Rue Riad Zitoun Kdim you will find Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier.

Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier is one of two café-restaurants that due to their larger than average size have a distinct prominence within the central square of the red city. No matter where you are standing in Jemaa al-Fnaa, you will usually be able to see the decorated signs of Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier or the Hotel Restaurant Café du France (the second of the two establishments) through the jostling crowds of the square.

Grand Balcon Sign

At Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier you will discover a selection of traditional Moroccan refreshments. During the day this venue is ideal for enjoying a glass of mint tea, which at 20 Dirhams (£1.49) isn’t the cheapest that’s on offer within the confines of Jemaa al-Fnaa. However the unique ambiance of this grand café-restaurant with it’s towering, high ceilings and original Moroccan design makes it more than worthwhile.

It is perhaps in the night that the Le Grand Balcon du Café Glacier shows its most magnificent colours. If you traverse through the downstairs foyer of Le Grand Balcon and climb to the establishments roof you will discover a long, stretching terrace that is bustling with tourists and locals alike, taking photos of the food stalls being set up and generally absorbing the splendour of the square.

Grand Balcon View

As the Marrakshi sun begins to set this is the ideal time to try a bottle of Hawai soft drink, at 15 Dirhams (£1.12) it again isn’t the cheapest drink you will find in the square. Yet atop the roof terrace there is nothing quite as refreshing as enjoying a bottle of it and observing newcomers to the red city watch in wonderment as the musicians, magicians and acrobats pour out into the ancient space of Jemaa al-Fnaa to perform for the passers by.

Le Grand Balcon leaves its doors open right through the late evening and is but walking distance from the luxury Riad Habiba. 


Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map

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Conveniently located just opposite the open air food stalls of Jemaa al-Fnaa is ‘Snack la place’, a cosy restaurant that you will discover to be humming with tourists and locals alike, night and day.

Snack la place’s menu offers a delicious variety of flavoursome Moroccan dishes at very affordable prices. Try your taste buds by ordering a bowl of locally sourced Marakshi olives for 5 Dirham’s (£0.39), these make the perfect partner alongside a traditional meal of couscous and chicken will set you back 25 Dirhams (£1.93).

Snack la place salads

Snack la Place location in the very heart of Jemaa al-Fnaa makes it the ideal space to sit and observe the thriving open air food markets that come alive in the centre of Marrakech as the sun sets over the city. If you’re not yet feeling adventurous enough to throw yourself at the the food stalls, enjoy some light refreshments at Snack la Place and scout out one of the many open air stalls to try at a later date.

Snack la place view

For those who haven’t tried the Moroccan dish, Tanjia, Snack La Place is an ideal restaurant to do so. Tanjia is a delicacy that’s specific to the red city of Marrakech, where pieces of lamb or chicken are marinaded in Moroccan spices and slowly cooked in an oval shaped pot. This process is often carried out over several hours above the scorching flames used to heat local Hammam’s  and it awards this dish a remarkably flavoursome  taste.

At Snack la Place this dish can be tried in average portions and at fantastic value, 25 Dirham’s (£1.93). After a five minute walk from the Riad Dar Habiba you will find yourself in the thick of Jemaa al-Fnaa, which acts as the beating heart of the red city of Marrakech and the central hub for anything from Moroccan cuisine to street performances.

Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map

» Explore the Jemaa el Fnaa Map

Although there are a myriad of restaurants, cafes and food stalls to choose from in Marrakech, your visit won’t be complete without eating out in the central square of Jemaa El Fnaa at least once. As soon as you approach the food stands don’t be surprised to see waiters competing with one another to get your attention. Those who work at the food stalls speak a host of European languages and once they’ve figured out your nationality they’ll call out TV catchphrases and news headlines from your country in an effort to put a smile on your face and entice you onto their stall. Whenever I take a five minute stroll down to the square, it usually doesn’t take long before I’m being seated by one of the salesmen, ready to try something new. Also, much like the vendors who sell orange juice, the food stalls are numbered so that once you discover your favorite location you know where to return to.

Part of what makes eating in the square of Jemaa El Fnaa different from other districts of the city is that you are directly in the heart of it all. As you sit down and choose from couscous dishes, tajines and salads you can expect to encounter salesmen weaving in and out of the stalls selling everything from traditional Moroccan confectioneries to local artwork. Eating in the very centre of Marrakech will also only set you back on average about 50 Dirhams (£3.87) making it one of the most affordable locations in the city. So when it comes to soaking up the essence of Marrakech, it’s hard to suggest somewhere that surpasses Jemaa El Fnaa. All the food on offer is cooked before your eye’s and the atmosphere within the square becomes electric as soon as the sun starts to set. Although I know the number of my favorite open air stall, I couldn’t tell you what it is! As the best and indeed only way to experience Marrakech is just to completely immerse yourself and try something new!  

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Riad de L’Orangeraie, 61 rue Sidi Yamani, Medina

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Riad Magellan, 62 derb el Hammam, Mouassine

Riad Chergui, 53-54 Derb El Halfaoui,  Médina

Casa Taos, Route de Souihla, Km 8

Terra Mia Marrakech, Km 12 Route de Fes

Riad Safa, 64 Derb Lalla Azzouna, Kaat Benahid

Dar Habiba, Rue Riad Zituon LkDim, Derb Jdid No. 18

Riad les Inseparables, 2, Derb bounouala, zaouia abassia

Riad Jona, Riad zitoune el kedim, 34, Derb jdid

Riad Ain Dabachi, 151 Derb Jdid Dabachi, Medina

Riad El Zohar, 56 Derb El Hammam

Dar Lalla F’dila, 17 Derb allilich, Kaat ben nahid

Riad Bamaga, 86  Derb Sidi Bouamar, Riad Lâarouss

Riad Clementine, Derb Sidi Messaoud 38, Bab Doukkala

Riad Dar Zaman, 29 Derb Boualilou, Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Djebel, 190 Derb Skaya, Issebtiynne

Dar Vedra, 3, Derb Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa, Bab Doukkala

Riad Zahr, Derb El Baroudi, Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Boussa, 192 Derb Jdid, Dabachi, Medina

Riad Malika, 29 Arsat Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Khabia, Houmate Berrima, Derb Chtoka

Riad Dixneuf La Ksour, Derb Sania No. 16 | Bab Ksour

Dar Taliwint, 26, rue de La Bahia, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad Dar-K, Derb Boucetta lekbir No23

Villas Fawakay, 8km Route de Fez

Riad Samarkand, 41, Derb Sidi Lahcen, Bab Doukkala

Dar Hanane, 9 Derb Lalla Azzouna

Riad 72, 72 Arset Awzel, Bab Doukkala, Medina

Maison Mnabha, 32 – 33 Derb Mnabha, Kasbah

Riad Alaka, 35 Derb Alaka

Riad Honey Sarl, Derb el Khalifa Boutouil 88, Bab Ayelal

Riad Dar Alfarah, 58, derb Touareg, Ksibat N’Hass, Kasbah – Médina

Riad Akka, 65, derb Lahbib Magni, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad Princesse Jamila, 19 Derb Zenka Dayka

Riad Saba, 2 derb Cherkaoui,Douar Graoua

Riad Jaglia, Kaat Benahid, 33 rue Tachanbacht

Riad Sable Chaud, 135 Derb Ejdid, Bab Doukkala

Dar Ma Ward, 5, Derb El Khettara, Kaa Al Machra

Riad Alegria, 62 Derb Touareg

Riad Aubrac, 29 Derb Ben Allal, Ben Salah

Riad Libitibito, 6 Derb Ouaihah Sidi Abdelaziz

Riad Zayane, 36, derb Ennakhla, Bab Doukkala

Riad Shemsi, 194 Derb Chtouka, Medina-Kasbah

Riyad El Mezouar, 28, derb el Hammam, Issebtinne

Riad Almoulouk, Dabachi, derb My Abdelkader 51

Riad Anabel, 8 Derb Jdid

Dar Malak, 20 derb Assabane, Riad Laarouss

Riad Les Ammonites, Derb el Cadi 51, Azbezt

Riad Alboraq, 49, Derb Taht Sour Lakbir, Zaouia Al Abbassia

Riad Davia, Derb Aarab No 43 Boutouil

Riad Ker Saada, 28 derb el Arsa, Quartier Kennaria

Riad Dar Dallah,107, Derb El Cadi, Azbest, Médina

Riad Dar Saad, Rue Dar el Bacha 3 derb Ben Chekroune

Riad Dar Lea, Place Riad Laarouss Sidi Bouamar, Derb El Mezgour 41

Ryad Dar Ganou, 3, derb Fahl Ezzafriti,Laksour – Médina

Riad Abracadabra, Derb Jamaa, 125, Medina

Riad Dar More, 44 derb Jdid, Riad Zitoun Lakdim

Riad Baboune, Bab Aylen 271, Derd Lamrabet

Riad Carina, 76 Rue Berrima, Derb Touareg

Riad Bel Haj, 60 Derb Moulay Abdellah Ben Hssaine, Ksour

Dar Kantzaro, Route de Fes

Riad et Dar Maison Do, 1 et 21 derb Hajjama, Ben Salah Médina

Riad Marrabahia, 6 rue Bahia

Riad Eden, 25, Derb Jdid, Riad Zitoune Lakdim

Peacock Pavilions, Kilometer 13, Route de Ourzazate

Riad Itrane, 105, Derb Jamaa Derb Dabachi

Ryad Noura, 142, Derb El Faran, Sidi Ahmed Soussi

Riad Balkisse, 4 Derb Charij, Médina

Riad Misria, 17 derb Anboub, Quartier Baroudyine Medina

Riad El Faris, 14, derb Charki, Zaouia Abbassia

Riad Albizzia, Derb Sbaiya 7

Riad Dar Thania, 64 derb Jdid, Quartier Douar Graoua

Riad Amiris, 47 Derb Sidi Boulfdail, Angle Rue Kennaria

Dar Tchaikana, 25 Derb El Ferane, Azbest, Medina

Riad Darna, 2 Derb Boucetta Sirgh Kaat Benahid

Riad Altair, 21 derb Zaouia

Dar Mo’da, 182 rue el Moussine

Riad de l’Orientale, 8 Derb Ahmar, Quartier Laksour Medina

Riad Olema & Spa, 31-32, Derb Sidi Ahmed ou Moussa, Bab Doukkala

Riad Kechmara, 31 Derb Jdid Laksour, Medina

Jnane Allia,  Ain Neffad Oulad Hassoun Rouer de Fes

Riad Chi-Chi, Derb el Anboub 12, El Baroudiyines

Boutanga, Km 11.5 route d’Asni – Moulay Brahim

Riad Dalla Santa, 2 derb Maaden, Sidi Abdelaziz, Médina

La Villa Bleue, 97 Bd Moulay Abdellah

Dar Justo, 35 Derb Chorfa, Lakbir Mouassine, La Medina

Riad 107, 107 derb Jdid Douar Graoua, Medina

Riad La Maison Nomade, Sidi Benslimane, Kaa Sour, Derb Sidi Ahmed, El Barje No. 94

Riad Tarabel, 8, Derb Sraghna, Dar El Bacha

Riad Shalimar, Derb El Hammam – Bab Aylan

Dar Jaguar, 7-8 Derb El Mesfioui, Rahba Kedima

Riad El Wiam, 24 – 25 Derb Gnaoua Ben Saleh, Medina

Riad tm nights, 35 Derb ihihane, bab taghzout

Riad les Hibiscus, Derb Sidi Ben Aissa No17, Dabachi

Riad Lapis-Lazuli, 90, Zaouia Al Abbassia, Sidi Ghanem Toualt – Médina

Riad Les 5 Soeurs, 250, Derb Kadi, Bab Aïlen

Riad Jawad, Route de l’Ourika, Oasis Hassan ll, Douar Zemrane

Riad Ajmal, 75 Arset Aouzal

Riad Kerdouss, 81, Arzet Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Lena, 8, Derb El Hammam, Riad Laarouss

Riad Ayadina, 35 Zaouia El Abassia, Kaa El Machraa

Riad Awa, 6 Derb el hajra kasbah

Tajmakane, 19, lotissement El Menara, Inara, Targa

Al Ksar Riad & Spa, 11 derb Al Aati Allah, Hay Salam – Medina

Dar Nouba, 9 Derb Slima, Hart Soura, Medina

Riad Dar Tyor, 334 derb jdid

Dar Touyir, 132 bis Derb Dekkak Bab Doukkala, Medina

Riad Oumaima, 30 derb Ouayhah, Sidi Abdelaziz

Riad Al Karama, 119, derb Jdid, Quartier Dabachi

Darhani, 32 Derb Ouaihah, Qtr Sidi Abdel Aziz

Riad W, Derb Boutouil – no41, Kennraria Médina

Villa d’Akhdar

Riad Zehar, 79 Derb Habib Allah Mouassine

Riad Alwachma, 21 derb Sebh, Bab Doukkala

Riad Atman, 12 Derb Alaka

Dar Asam, 53 bis derb el cadi azbetz, Quartier Azbezt

Riad Nafis, 53-54 Ouled Ben Sebaa – Sidi Mimoun

Riad Ailen, 170 deb el mejjat

Dar Doukkala, 83 Arset Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Maizie, 95 Derb el Cadi, Azbezt

Riad Alamanda, 15, derb Jdid Dabachi, Medina

Riad Mariana, Derb El Boumba,

Riad Bayti Marrakech,35 Derb Saka, Bab Mellah

Riad Dar Nimbus, 40 Diour Jdad Zaouia, Sidi Bel Abbes

Riad Turquoise, 82 rue Touareg

Riad Dar Sbihi, 25, Derb Taht El-Khochba, Zaouia El-Abbassia

Riad Siwan, Zanka Adika No. 28, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad des Droles, Derb dabachi, Derb Jdid 23, Medina

Riad Cannelle, 10, Derd Sidi Ben Said N10

Riad Azzar, 94, Derb Moulay Abdelkader – Medina

Riad Opera, 1, Derb Bouceta Sghir, Kaât Ben Nahïd – Médina

Riad Zouina, 43, Rue Sidi Yamani – El Mouassine

Riad Sophia, 23 derb el Farrane, Riad Laarouss

Les Cinq Djellabas, Douar al Gribate, Annakhil, BP 12 517

Riad Dar Othmane, 198, Derb Essakaya – Issebtyine- Medina

The Red House, Avenue El Yarmouk, Hivernage

Riad Palmier, 22 Derb Berrima Touareg, Quartier du Mellah

Riad Chamali, 49, Derb Zemrane – Quartier Berrima, Médina

Riad Mandalay, 59 Derb Harbil, Kasbah

Dar Titrit, 7 derb Assabane Riad Laarouss, Medina

El Miria Palais Riad, Ouahat Sidi Brahim, Bellaguide-Palmeraie

Dar Housnia, 2 Derb Lalla Azzouna, Kaat Benahid

Riad Elias, 6 Derb Noursial, Ben Salah

Dar Sholmes, 82 Derb Sidi M’Barek, Quartier Sidi Mimoun

Riad Flam, Riad Zitoune Jdid, 114, Derb Sidi Moussa

Riad Bahia Salam, 61 Avenue Hommane El Fatouaki, Arest Lamaach

Riad Merstane, 13 Derb El Merstane

Riad Sirocco, Km 15. Route de Targa

Riad de Vinci, 155 Ahmed Soussi Derb el Farran

Villa Amira et SPA, 78, rue Sakia El Hamra, Semlalia

Riad Isabel, 98 Derb Jedid, Bab Doukkala

Zaouia 44, 44 Taht Sour Sghir

Riad Cocoon, 10 bis Derb Cherif

Riad Due, Riad Laarousse

Riad Fawakay, 74 Derb El Cadi, Azbezt, Medina

Riad Armelle, 23 Derb l’Hotel, Bab Doukkala

Riad Adriana, 99, Derb Jdid, Bab Doukkala

Riad Kenzo, Riad Laarouss Derb Cinco no 4

Riad Mehdia, 70 Douar Graoua, Medina

Riad Basim, Derb Kbala 92, Kasbah

Dar Baraka Karam, 11 Derb Halfaoui, Bab Doukkala

Riad Al Mamoune, 140 Derb Aarjane

Riad Dar Selen, 8 Derb El Hammam, Bab Ailen

Riad Ma’ab, 23 Derb Chentouf, Riad Laarousse Medina

Riad L’Aziza, Derb Gnaoua, 9,  Quartier Ben Saleh

Riad HadikaMaria, Derb zemrane 37,  Soura

Riad Soumia,38 derb Lhabib el Magni, Riad zitoun jdid

Riad Mesc el Lil, 88 Derb Snane, Mouassine

Villa Dinari, Alpha 41, Lots Bouazaoui, Commune al Ouidane

Riad Anya, Hay Sidi Mimoun, Derb Sidi Mbarek 149

Riad Nadir Home, 8, Derb Bel Bekkar Zaouiat Lahdar

Villa Abalya, Domaine Jnan Zeitoun, Rte de Ouarzazate

Riad Dar Maia, 31 Derb Zouina

Riad Dar Vima, Kaa Sour, 29,  Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Puchka, 24 Derb Haddada, quartier Ben Saleh

Dar Alhambra, 33 Zaquiart Lahdar, Medina

Riad Dar Karma, 51, Derb El Mennabha, Kasbah

Riad Ta’achchaqa, 19 Derb Ouayhah, Sidi Abdelaziz

Riad Sheba, 35 derb Raouia Rmila (5m from BMCI Bank)

Riad Tawargit, 68, Derb Jdid Douar Graoua Bab Ghmat

Riad Couleurs du Sud, 229 Arset Ihiri, Arset Ben Brahim, Bab Doukala

Riad Douceur Mandarine, 10 derb blal riad zitoune jdid

Riad Miliana, 95 Derb Arrab Bab Aylen

Riad d’Airain Marrakech, 8 Derb el Hammam Bab Doukkala