There are an amazing variety of goods for sale in the Marrakech Souks, take your time to browse and you will find glazed pottery to fit any colour scheme!

Our Riads in the Medina provide the perfect base for your holiday or short break in Magical Marrakech. Make contact today.

Travelling from Spain to Morocco has never been so inexpensive or so easy. One of the latest new options is the regular flight between Seville and Marrakech by budget airline Ryanair.

Operated on Mondays and Fridays the scheduled flight time is just over an hour and fares can be incredibly low.

If you are considering where to stay in Marrakech, take a look at our Riad Boutique hotels, located in the heart of the old town, you will be guaranteed a warm moroccan welcome.

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Much of what is now the Kingdom of Morocco (‘Maroc’) was a French protectorate from 1912 to 1956. The French influence remains very strong and it was the French who started the current wave of gentrification in the Red City. Tradional Marrakech Riads lend themselves beautifully to conversion to boutique hotels like our new Riad Cinnamon,

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