Number 110 Jemaa El Fna

Dotted around the Medina in Marrakech is what at first glance looks merely like rundown household 70s tiled kitchens but be mistaken as they hold the source of a simple street food that feeds a large selection of the Marrakech population.

A large bowl of cooked potato’s and a separate dish of eggs make the basis of this wonderfully simple but delicious traditional meal. For 5 Dirhams (0.35p) you receive a sandwich that melts in your mouth. Freshly baked bread, delivered on motorbikes with enormous attached wicker baskets on their rear, populates these stalls several times throughout the day. These are filled in front of you with recently cooked hot potato and your choice of free range of warehouse eggs, with the addition of cream cheese if requested. Topped off with a helpful drizzling of beautiful fragrant olive oil and cumin, this is a Moroccan street food treat at its most basic level.

Visit number 110 (pictured) in the Jemaa El Fna mobile restaurant market for a more vibrant sit down culinary experience among the countless hungry locals. Although costing slightly more, 8 Dirhams/ 0.60p, this is the best place to feast on these Moroccan sandwich delicacies. You will not be disappointed.

Only a 10 minute walk from Riad Cinnamon, the iconic Jemaa El Fna square is easily accessed from here and sits hand in hand with the beautifully prepared cuisine available at this memorable Riad.

Tranquil Essouira

Stepping back into the turn of the 60s and 70s, inspiring musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones to write some of their most iconic records, is what awaits those visiting the picturesque, humble and historic city of Essouira.

For a long time populated heavily by ‘take is at it comes’ hippies, this small costal bohemian mecca still possesses the highly English literate local population who were ‘there’ 40 years ago and as a result, able to speak the language so proficiently and psychedelically.

Standing at one end of the medina on the main street, you can see through to the opposite end making this medina easily navigable, however it is complete with the country wide narrow and winding derbs filled with Essouira specific Aladdin’s cave uniquities.

We buy our freshly caught Atlantic fish straight from the side of the incoming boats on the harbour then take the 30 second stroll to two bystading makeshift cafes, complete with barbeue, built into the harbor wall (pictured). We hand over our plastic bag filled with 30 dirhams of still wet sardines and take a seat amongst the large beached blue boats and basking cats. The crisped steaming fish arrives a few minutes later with a small plate of spicy tomato’s and a pot of warming absinth tea, all for 20 dirhams, then after saying grace (‘bizmilee’) we taste the wonderous delights of life in lazy Essouira.

Evening in Essouira is a hive of quality international restaurants, night market food shoppers and impromptu jams raining out from countless music envious shops. Commence your evening with a roof top drink aloft the classy blue and white Tarros Terrace or try the restaurant Elizir for a delightful culinary expeience among the very tasteful flea market décor and forever obliging waiting staff.

For a day trip from Marrakech Essouira is the perfect all year round stop (although sometimes a little windy in the winter months) and is so much more than the world acclaimed Gnawa music festival this year in its 16th appearance. Your Marrakech-riad will be able to help you with travel arrangements.

Moroccan Prayer Beads

Commonly clutched in the weathered hands of the older population of Morocco, the Tasbih (pictured) is the highly significant beaded prayer string of the Muslim population. According to the Prophet, these enable all that follow the Islamic religion to pray, give thanks to Allah and acquire a heavenly place in the after life equally, regardless of wealth or status.

Consisting of 99 equally sized beads plus one extra larger bead (‘tassel’) that connects the loop together, followers of the religion, while in prayer, pass the beads through their fingers repeating the mantra Subhan’Allah (Glory be to Allah), Alhamduillah (Praise be to Allah) and Allahuakbar (Allah is the Greatest) 33 times and a further Allahuakbar on the final 100th  slightly larger connecting bead which concludes the prayer.

Found all around the Marrakshi medina’s shops and riads from the boutique souks to the makeshift salesmen selling their wonderfully diverse possessions on the side of the road, the Tasbih is typically made of inexpensive wood or different stones allows all Muslims access to this right of passage. Some however are lavishly carved from ivory, pearls and tortoiseshell with associated spiraling costs, but more seen in the wealthier Gulf countries.

Physically present less so these days however, the Tasbih is being replaced by the 3 digits on each right handed finger of the increasingly westernised Moroccan youth, which are used instead to keep count of these 100 holy utterances. The respect and understanding of the ritual however, as with the majority of Islamic practices, is still highly regarded and truly cherished by all that follow the religion.

Passionately informed from the worldly managers of the riads of Marrakech-riad, The Tasbih pictured, although not having the correct number of beads, spells out the word Allah in classical Arabic, which always seems to bring a moment of tranquility and energy for those who encounter this name.

Steeped in culture, tradition and generous personalities, Marrakech offers visitors a deep learning and wonderfully welcoming experience shared by the beautifully tranquil and relaxing riads of this great city.

The museum of the phone is an amusing little place, not much publicised to international visitors. It houses an interesting collection of phones demonstrating the progression of telecoms over the 20th century. There are certainly one or two surprises there for youngsters who will enjoy seeing what was considered modern ‘ back in the day’.

The museum is conveniently located near to the landmark Koutoubia Mosque in the aptly named ‘cyber park’, a very pleasant green space which is well used by the Marrakech public. This whole central Marrakech area is readily accessible from our Marrakech Riads. If you are considering a stay in Marrakech, don’t stay in an impersonal hotel, come and experience a Riad in Marrakech, the accommodation that is unique to this part of the world.

This classic song really captures the Magic of the Red City.

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Riad Tizgui, riad zitoune el kadime, 19 derb jedid

Villa 55, Douar Makina, Bab Atlas, la Palmeraie

Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa, Km 8 Route D_Amezmiz,

Equity Point Marrakech Hostel, 80 Derb El Hammam, Mouassine

Villa El Arsa, 18 Derb El Arsa, Kennaria

Riad Jahan, 44 Derb Lalla Chacha , Douar Groaua,  Medina

Les Jardins d’Issil, Route de l’Ourika, km 13

Riad Auggy, 129, Derb Snane, Mouassine, Médina

Riad Taghazout, No39 derb Kabada, Prince Avenue, Medina

Faouzi Hotel, 67 Sidi Bouloukate

Dar Messi – The Golf House, 3 minutes from golf at d_Amelkis, Royal Golf et Al Maaden courses

Dellarosa Apart Hotel, 5 Avenue Moulay El Hassan

Riad Al Jana, 6 Derb Sidi Moustapha – Zaouia Hdar

Riad Abad, 11 Derb Zaari – Kennaria

Hotel Riad Marrakech Rouge, Riad Zitoune Jdid, Derb Zenka Dika, No. 40

Riad Massin, 48 Derb Sidi Mohammed El Haj , Bab Doukala

Es Saadi Villas,rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Nour Al Janoub, Quartier touristique de Mouassine Medina 19, Derb Abib Allah

Riad Massine II, 107 Derb Essnane,  Mouassine, Medina

Le Tresor De La Palmeraie, 22 Rue Seroua, Dar Tounsi

Riad Karim, No 26 Derb Sarij Gnaoua

Riad Louaya, 24 Derb El Halfaoui – Dar El Bacha

Riad Teranga, Taoula 56, Sidi BenSlimane

Quaryati, Douar Tounsi, Sidi Abdallah Ghiat

Riad Hermes, 58 Derb Snane,  Mouassine

Riad Amanouz, 4, derb Chentouf , Riad Laarousse

Le Mas de l’Ourika, route de l’Ourika km 25

Riad Mon Reve, 56, Derb Elhammam, Assouel

Riad Habib, 14, Derb Aabid Allah,  Mouassine, Médina

Villa Loanaelle

Riad Les Clefs Du Sud, Zaouia El Abbasi 49 Diour Jdad

Riad les 2 Portes, Dabachi, Derb Moulay Abdelkader 105

La Casa Del Sol, No 03 Derb Tijani, Mouassine

Mabrouk Riad & Spa, Rue Bani Marine,  à côté de cinema mabrouka

Dar Dounia, 1 Derb Lalla Azzouna kaat Bennahid

Riad Smara, 2 Derb Ferrane Arset Houta

Riad Utopia Suites & Spa, 280 Derb Sidi Bouamar, Riad l arousse

Riad Medina Azahara, Derb Dabachi Derb jemaa 22

Riad Zitoune, 91 Derb Jdid. Riad Zitoune Laqdim

Villa Shayanne, 4 Lotissement Bouazzaoui, Route Ouarzazate

Riad Amani, 50 Derb Roda, Riad Lâarouss

La Palmeraie, Les Jardins de la Palmeraie BP 1488

Villa Warhol, Riad Essalam Palmeraie Road of Casablanca

Villa Margot, Route de l’Ourika, km 10, Commune de Tassoulant

Villa Guest & Spa, Quartier Targa, Douar Sidi Daou, Propriete Koalal

Villa Aalma, Residence Jnan Zeitoun, Route de Ouarzazate – km 13,5

Riad Sirr, 32 Derb Lalla Bent Lamri Quartier Assouel

Residence Amina, 3 Rue Ibn Oudari, Hivernage

Berber Cultural Center, Boulaoune , Imi n Tanout

Marrakesh Garden, Avenue Abdelkrim El Khettabi

Dar Zitouna, 26 Derb Ihihan, Sidi Ben Sliman

Villa Dar Sofia, no.15 Lot Sofia, Riad Targa

Riad la Fibule, 15 Rue Ansi, Lotissement Talojt

Villa Riad Agdar, Route de Ouarzazate, Marrakech

Villa Dar Mya Palmiers, Douar Al Makina, Palmeraie Nord

Palais Jena & Spa, Route de l’Ourika Km 8, Tasseltant

Residence Marrakech Palm Club, Avenue Yacoub El Mansour

Riad Delphine, 26 Derb el Baroud, Hart Soura

Riad Timila, 135 Derb Jdid, Derb Dabachi

Riad Souad, 19 Derb Abdelwasaa, Ben Salah

Riad Laksour, Bab Ksour, Marrakech

Manzil la Tortue, Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Pachavana, 172 Derb Lambsober

La Setifa Maison d’hotes, golf amelkis grappe 3 lot 164

Riad Zohar, 128 derb snan

Riad Dalia, 40 derb Tizegarine, Rue Dar El Bacha

Slimania Flat Apart, 11, Residence Slimania, Rue Al Mostaqbal- Lot Ali ou Hmad

Hotel Roux, Avenue Mouahidine, immeuble Roux

Riad Azalia, Riad Zitoune Kdim Derb Jamaa No 66

Heart of the Medina Backpackers Hostel, 46 – 47 Derb Ben Aissa, Dabachi

Riad Ain Marrakech, no 23, Derb Jdid, Quartier Sidi Mimoun

Riad Qodwa, Km 15 route 2012 Sidi Abdallah Ghiat

Atlas Golf Resort, Km 5, route de Fes

Dar Widen, Km 18, Route de Fes

Domaine Rosaroum, Sidi Yahia – La Palmeraie

El Bahja Apart Hotel, Circuit de la Palmeraie, BP : 7145 Sidi Abbad II

Harem, Bab Atlas

La Ferme, Route d_Amizmiz – km39, Km 14 Commune Oulad Hassoun

Le Grand Pavillon, Circuit de la Palmeraie BP 1488

Riad Dar Dahlane, 32 derb Guessaba el Khebir

Riad Villa Taknaray, Ourika Valley, 7km from Marrakech Town

Sheherazade, sidi mimoune, N°121,derb sidi m’barek sidi mimoune

Villa Etoilee, Km 12, Route de Souilha

Villas Bougainvilliers, Route de Ouarzazate

Villas Jacaranda, 1 rue Mahjoub Rmiza

Facilities are rapidly improving at the newly refurbished Marrakech Menara airport. Recently opened is a convenient Bureau de Change in the baggage collection area. This facility is especially useful since Moroccan currency cannot be purchased outside of the country.

It can take a little while for hold luggage to come through in Marrakech so this is the perfect opportunity to pick up your Moroccan Dirhams.

Marrakech Riad offer a convenient collection service from the airport. We can whisk you away to one of our luxury boutique hotels were you will be enjoying a welcoming mint tea in less than half an hour from leaving the airport. Reserve accommodation today!

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Ryanair now fly from Alicante to Marrakech, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The flight time is less than one hour and like most Ryanair routes there are some fantastic bargains to be had booking ahead.

The Medina of Marrakech is only a fifteen minute taxi ride from the airport. We can organise airport collection and magic you away to one of our wonderful Riad hotels. Reserve Accommodation today! The perfect base from which to explore the Marrakech Medina.

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Budget airline Easyjet fly between Manchester to Marrakech on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We can arrange transfers for you from Marrakech Menara airport to our luxurious Marrakech Riads. Just 30 minutes after you are met you could be relaxing by the dipping pool in Riad Papillon or enjoying the stunning view from the roof terrace at Riad Cinnamon.

With Easyjets low fares and our special offers there has never been a better time for a break from Manchester to Magical Marrakech. Reserve Accommodation today!

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Marrakech is the perfect holiday location! Only three hours flight from Europe. Marrakech ofers unlimited shopping in the famous souks! the incomparable Jemaa al fnaa square! historic monuments and museums! the chic new town of Guiliez!

Stay in a traditonal Marrakech Riad and experience the old town medina first hand.