With it’s vibrant and mystical qualities, the city of Marrakech is often used as backdrop for many films. Occasionally the movies leave a mark on the Red City.  One such example is to be found on the rue Mouassine, very near to the Mouassine fountain in the Central Medina five minutes from Riad Cinnamon and Riad Papillon.

The Souk scenes from the movie sex and the city 2 were filmed here and the street scene was ‘improved’ with an elegant overhead trellis, used to alter the lighting for filming.  After the event, the trellis was left providing extra shade from the Marrakech sun.  On closer inspection it is not made of wood but a fibrous plastic material,  after two years parts are starting to disintegrate and we doubt it will as long as the ancient medina streets around it!

Marrakech is always a fun town for people watching, even more so at the moment! Hollywood is in Marrakech and the heart of the Medina is buzzing with activity for the filming of Sex And the City 2.

A few hundred yards from Riad Papillon burly security guards left us in no doubt that amateur photographers were not welcome near the set. The Paparrazi had more success as reported in some of the European press including the Daily Mail

On friday 20th November several streets to the north of the Jema al Fnaa were being used as sets with the choas created by the resulting diversions only adding to the hustle and bustle of the Medina.

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