If one had to think of a city where it would be easy to find slightly more exotic international cuisine then Marrakech is not perhaps one of the places that immediately springs to mind. However such preconception is misplaced as in recent years there is a new breed of Marrakchi or expat restaurant owners who are bringing new flavours and feels to Marrakech. This particular restaurant is one of a very small number of restaurant that serve sushi and Japanese food in general in Marrakech and it does so with great style, the restaurant itself is strikingly decorated and the style of decoration continues with the food presentation, menus and general ambience. These combine to give the restaurant a wonderful atmosphere and one that is certainly different to the average ambience of a restaurant in Marrakech.


The food itself is delicious and very reasonably prices, it is easily possible for two people to eat for under 300 dirhams, the one downside is that they do not serve alcohol, but in a way this just serves to add to the atmosphere as it contributes to the restaurants clean feel. The restaurant offers a selection of Japanese dishes, ranging from numerous types of shushi and sashimi to teryaki style skewers and tempura. For value for money and general depth of experience a sushi platter is thoroughly recommended as one is able to try a wide variety of sushi at a generally competitive price, the food not only tastes good but is also very aesthetically pleasing, in keeping with the restaurant’s general stylish aura. The restaurant also has an interesting supply of drinks with iced chai tea being particularly good along with the lemon and ginger juice. The position of Ocha sushi on the rue Yugoslavie means it is easily accessible from central Gueliz or by a 15 minute walk/ 3 minute taxi ride from Jemaa el Fna. Our Riads are wonderfully placed in the Medina for easy access to this restaurant and indeed the majority of the finest things that Marrakech has to offer. Book a room now and you can experience all the wonders of Marrakech from a luxurious and wonderfully situated Riad in the heart of the historic Medina.



Just off the centre of the Place du 16 novembre one can find the delightful 16 café, thus named after its location, there they serve up a menagerie of treats to cater to many tastes. If you are just thirsty you can try one of their many drinks which range from the particularly enjoyable café frappé to their interesting selection of cocktails. The Café is ideally situated to sit and people watch as the hustle and bustle of Gueliz new town unfolds in front of you. The food is reasonably prices and all dishes can de requested in half portions meaning that if you’re looking for a chic and friendly place for a light lunch 16 café will be right up your street.

Another particularly interesting and indeed enjoyable feature of the café is the small jets which spray misted water over the patrons who choose to sit outside, obviously this function is only activated during hot weather and as such can be a real god send if the North African heat is proving a bit too much to bear. The food is enjoyable with the sandwiches being particularly enjoyable, though no trip to the café is truly complete without partaking in some of the local pastries of which 16 cafés take are especially enjoyable, not only are they very delicious but they come in an array of interesting colours which certainly brightens up any meal. All in all the cafés competitive pricing, wonderful choice of food and drinks and enjoyable layout making it one of Gueliz’s and indeed Marrakech’s finest spots to have lunch. The Cafés location mean it is only a 15 minute walk from Place Jemaa el Fna making it highly accessible and easy to get to from the Medina and of course Gueliz itself. Our wonderful Riads are situated in the heart of the Medina just north of Jemaa el Fna and the Café can easily be walked to in 15-20 minutes or one of the cities ubiquitous and very cheap taxis can take you there. Either way our Riads provide you with a great base from which to explore the wonders of the Medina and the many interesting and chic locations in Gueliz. Book a room in one of our Riads now and you can experience all Marrakech has to offer whilst staying in relaxing luxury.

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