It is surprisingly common to keep chickens in the Marrakech Medina, they are fed on scraps and kept mainly for eggs. When I first started visiting Marrakech regularly five years ago there were a particularly fine looking group of Andalusian hens that used to scratch around at the top of the well known Derb Semarine running from the Marrakech Museum to the main square. Unfortunately the shop where they ‘lived’ now sells Western Perfumes and he Andalusians are long gone.

I visited The Tanneries recently to take pictures for the Marrakech Guide on this site and was amused to come accross a chicken, a reminder that the tanners both live and work in the close community there. She even had a chick  which can’t have been more than a few days old.

We feel the best way to discover the Marrakech Medina is to hasten slowly and allow time to appreciate the detail of the tapestry of an extraordinary way of life that has been established there for centuries and in many ways remains unchanged.  Our Marrakech Riads are your perfect oasis of calm from which to explore.

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The famous Marrakech Tanneries are located to the East of the Medina and offer a fascinating opportunity to see an ancient craft alive and well in the twenty first century. The tanners use their skill and judgement to progress animal hides through a succession of processes essentially unchanged from those used by their forbears centuries ago.  Many of the tanneries offer guided tours and there are opportunities to purchase finished leather goods at reasonable prices.

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