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Chez Monsieur Michelin: the home of recycled fashion in Marrakech

Marrakech is a city that is full of interesting sights, there are a lot of fascinating things to do and unique places to explore; but very few places are as interesting, as fascinating or as unique as Chez Monsieur Michelin, … Continue reading

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Hamid’s shop: from recycled glass bottles to perfect souvenirs in Marrakech

In Moroccan society, very little goes to waste: raw scrap materials are re-used and recycled; leftover food is often donated to the poor and if something is broken it is always repaired and fixed. Perhaps these decisions are not always … Continue reading

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Majorelle Blue: the most magical shade of Blue

Although Marrakech is often known as ‘The Red City’ thanks to the pisé-cement Ramparts that surround the old town, once you enter the Medina it becomes clear that Marrakech actually holds a multitude of vibrant and bright colours. One such … Continue reading

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Marrakech Simple Yet Delectable Street Food

Dotted around the Medina in Marrakech is what at first glance looks merely like rundown household 70s tiled kitchens but be mistaken as they hold the source of a simple street food that feeds a large selection of the Marrakech … Continue reading

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