Located in the north-eastern reaches of Jemaa al-Fnaa you will discover Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra. The Café Restaurant occupies an entire corner of the northern side of Jemaa al-Fnaa, making it easy to find if this is your first visit to the bustling centre of the red city of Marrakech.

Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra’s prime location also makes it an ideal location to relax on the open terraces and observe the daily goings on below in the square.

Within Moroccan culture the ceremony of drinking tea or coffee is a sacred and important aspect of society and you will discover Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra to be no stranger to this tradition. Locally sourced mint leaves comprise the key ingredient to Moroccan mint tea, which is the perfect refreshment for enjoying under the intense rays of the sun.

Alternatively if you are missing the tastes of home, Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra also offer an ample range of European dishes and drinks. Depending on where home you call home, you can enjoy a cup of Earl grey tea for 20 Dirhams (£1.51) or a plate of French crêpes for 25 Dirhams (£1.89).

Les Terrasses de L'Ahambra3

You will still find traditional Moroccan cuisine at Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra. Prices are slightly higher than some of the neighbouring snack bars as the Café Restaurant operates in a more up-market setting. Lamb or chicken tajines are available for 75 Dirhams (£5.66) and a Moroccan salad can be ordered for 55 Dirhams (£4.15).

Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra is but walking distance from the recently opened luxury Riad Star and is one of the many ideal locations in Jemaa al-Fnaa to recharge your batteries before venturing out and seeing what you can discover!

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Although meat dishes are a specialty in Marrakech as well as the whole of Morocco, you will be surprised at the outstanding selection of vegetarian eating experiences available in the city. Whether it’s in the restaurants of the new-town of Guillez or the market stalls of Djemaa El Fnaa, you never need to worry about dining out and there not being vegetarian options.

After falling in love with some of the meat dishes here in the city such as the slow cooked, marinaded lamb Tanjia (a specialty unique to Marrakech) I found it difficult to break away from this pattern of eating! However I knew I had to break out of my comfort zone and discover some of the non-meat dishes that the city has to offer.

After a 2 minute walk from the Riad Dar Habiba towards the central square, I discover the ‘Earth Cafe’, a restaurant specialising in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Inside the Earth Cafe the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, black and white print photo’s of Berber tribesmen decorate the orange walls and the separate vegan and vegetarian menus are painted onto a large mirror in the foyer, making it easy to make a decision.

Earth Cafe inside

Among the choices  available are a variety of salads, filo pastries, veggie burgers and spring roll dishes garnished with everything from coconuts, gingers and fresh herbs to spinach, goats cheese and apple sauce. The selection of healthy, delicious alternatives doesn’t stop at food in the Earth Cafe.  As you dine you can enjoy a typically Moroccan fused fruit drink such as a beetroot, ginger and orange or you could play it safe and get a traditional mint or yogi tea for two.

Whether or not being a vegetarian or vegan is part of your lifestyle, the Earth Cafe has a remarkable selection of healthy and delicious dining options, the staff are welcoming, speaking both French and English and the Cafe is perfectly situated only a 3 minute walk from the cities central square. Also at only 70 Dirhams (£5.49) for a large portioned meal you can walk away from the restaurant knowing you got fantastic value for money. It’s somewhere I look forward to taking friends who are vegetarians and perhaps more so those who aren’t!