All around the world Morocco is famous for it’s carpets and many travellers land in Marrakech in search of a quality piece of authentic craftwork. But it is rare to find a carpet seller who sells quality products, at fixed prices, without the tourist-spiel. However, the El Wifak Carpet Cooperative, located in the Ensemble Artisanal in Marrakech’s Medina, is one such place.

Located just a five minute walk from the Koutoubia Mosque and Jemaa el-Fna, the Ensemble Artisanal is the antithesis of the Souks: the atmosphere is relaxed and the prices are fixed, so no haggling!! Whilst looking through the many shops at the Ensemble Artisanal, we stumbled across the El Wifak Carpet Cooperative and were welcomed by Mustapha Alaoui; who happily spent over half an hour with us talking about carpets, the cooperative and his life.


Mustapha told us that he used to work in the government’s department for Artisanal craftwork, checking the quality of carpets and grading them based on various criteria. It quickly became clear that this man had a strong passion for and a large knowledge of traditional Moroccan carpets; a passion and knowledge he was enthusiastic to share. He explained that, the historic isolation of rural communities meant that peoples of different areas developed very individual styles. He continued to explain that El Wifak sold three kinds of carpet: Berber ‘Kilim’ carpets, used for throws, rugs or hung on walls, Tapestry carpets, made from wool and Arabic carpets, also made from wool, which tended to be bigger in size. Where the ‘Kilim’ carpets were made in the Atlas Mountains in Berber villages, both the Tapestry and Arabic carpets are made by the El Wifak Cooperative.


El Wifak, Arabic for sharing equally or a group of people in agreement, consists of around 70 women who make the carpets sold in the shop. (Traditionally, in Morocco, women make carpets and pottery whilst Men make jewelry and metal utensils.) The most important this about the cooperative is that everyone profits from all these sales are shared equally and everyone benefits. So, if you are looking for a quality product from a reputable source, if you are looking for an ethically sourced souvenir, or even if you are just put off by haggling in the Souks then this is the place for you.

The Ensemble Artisanal and the El Wifak Cooperative is located at the start (or the end, depending which way round you walk) of the ‘Needle and Thread’ Medina Walk available for free MarrakechRiad app. If you would like to find out more about the free MarrakechRiad app, the ‘Woodworking’ walk or any of our other Medina walks then our Riad staff would be happy to help.



Whilst walking around Marrakech, it is impossible not to notice how many of the doors, window shutters and wooden tables are carefully adorned with exquisite carvings or intricately painted tessellated patterns. These humble items extend far beyond their functional use: the beautiful designs, that are so unique to the region, represent a certain respect for traditional design and artisanal techniques that is prevalent throughout society.


Where it is easy to find small stalls in the Souks inhabited by skilled workers making beautiful wooden item like small boxes or chess sets, items that are perfect for souvenirs, it is perhaps more difficult to find the workshops that make the larger items like the Riad doors, the carved wooden panelling and so on. Located a short walk form the Jemaa el-Fna square, just metres away from Dar Habiba we found Abdil’s workshop. Abdil, a quiet man of little words, invited us into his space to show us his work: we looked through a series of beautifully painted panels that he uses as samples to demonstrate his work to clients before he showed us a carved doorframe he was currently working on for a Riad renovation. He explained that he mainly works for local businesses, but he has in the past also worked for visitors to Marrakech who wanted to take home a unique item to furnish their house. Perhaps you will need more than the basic hand luggage allowance to take home such an item, but a custom-made piece of artisanal history would maybe be the greatest souvenir of all.

Abdil’s shop is located just off the ‘Woodworking’ Medina Walk on the free MarrakechRiad app; but it is well worth the detour, especially if you are interested in bringing home a special memory of Morocco. If you would like to find out more about the free MarrakechRiad app, the ‘Woodworking’ walk or any of our other Medina walks then our Riad staff would be happy to help.

During your visit to Morocco you will discover Marrakech’s central square (Jemaa al-Fnaa) to be a sensory overload of sight, taste and sound whether you visit at night or at day.

From the stalls selling fresh orange juice to the open air cooking stands that appear once the sun begins to set over the red city, there is always something new to be found in this ancient space.

One stall that you might hear before you see however, are the various CD sellers that are scattered about Jemaa al-Fnaa. As well as selling a variety of local music that’s impossible to buy hard copies of in Europe, come night and day they will be setting the rhythm of the square, filling the air with the sounds of Gnawa and the Arab world.

After working with a team of international journalists and DJ’s on a radio station in Oslo, Norway I’ve become keen to find new and interesting sounds that don’t make it onto the airwaves in the British Isles.

So after approaching one of the stalls I was delighted when the stall owner, whose name was Jalid came over to tell me more about the types of music the stalls collect. Jalid informs me that the stall collects Western sounds as well as Arabic, Berber, Gnawa and traditional Arabic music from artist’s hailing from all over North Africa.

Jalid goes on to tell me that in the 5 years he has been working in Jemaa al-Fnaa he has developed a love for house music. So after a long week’s work Jalid and his friends exchange the timeless traditional characteristics of the Marrakech Medina for the bright lights and modern bustle of the new town of Guiliez, in search of discos and contemporary music.

During your stay in Marrakech, strike up conversation with one of the many music salesmen scattered through the city square, they will be delighted to hear you take an interest in the native sounds of North Africa. They will also be more than happy to recommend an artist for you and a CD from a local musician makes for an eye opening gift for a friend back home.

Finally, don’t be too shy to recommend some music from your own corner of the world to the salesmen themselves! Music is their passion and they will only thank you for it. Jemaa al-Fnaa is the beating heart of the red city of Marrakech and is only a 10 minute walk from the luxury Riad Star.

Marrakech Jemaa al Fnaa Map

» Explore the Jemaa el Fnaa Map

Our Riad hotels offer a first class service. We are delighted that full service airline British Airways are now operating daily flights to Marrakech from London Gatwick as well as five flights a week

from Heathrow on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Marrakech is one of the worlds most exotic destinations, just three hours from London. What a great use for those Avios points!

L’ultimo Bacio is a newly opened Italian restaurant in the Marrakech new town of Guiliez. It has a good claim to be the best Italian in Marrakech (we also like Amaia which has similarly excellent food in simpler surroundings).

A decent and varied Italian menu with good sevice. The fresh pasta is a particular treat.

What is even more exceptional about this place is the distinctive and modern decor with attention paid to every detail, this is probably the best lit restaurant in Marrakech!

Your Marrakech Riad staff will be pleased to help make a reservation.

Our budget Marrakech package allows guests to enjoy the Traditonal Riad Dar Habiba and our famous hospitality for a three night stay at the fabulous price of just £99 per person  (Euros 119). Don’t delay, make contact today!

Included in the Budget Marrakech package:

*  Arrival transfer from Marrakech airport.

*  Three nights sharing the double or twin Berber room at Dar Habiba with en suite facilities.

*  Complimentary orange blossom fragrance toiletries.

*  Room equipped with fine cotton sheets, towels and bathrobes, room safe, ipod dock, hairdryer and of course airconditioning.

*  Fantastic Moroccan breakfasts served at the time of your choice

*  Full use of the Riad facilities including the stunning roof terrace, sitting room with satellite tv,  and traditional Riad Courtyard with dipping pool.

*  Complimentary mint tea throughout your stay.

*  The loan of a local pay as you go phone for the duration of your stay and the support of our Riad staff providing a complete concierge service.

Optional extras:

+  Add a three course arrival dinner for £16 per person. (Euros 19)

+  Add extra nights at £30 per person. (Euros 36)

+  Add an hour long Hammam treatment in the Dar Habiba Hammam at £25 per person (Euros 30).

Not included:

–  Flights to Marrakech.

–  Departure transfer to Marrakech airport.

–  Travel insurance.

Make contact today to reserve your preferred travel dates at the fantastic value rate of £99 (Euros 119) per person.

Our Marrakech Riads offer a perfect holiday, whether for couples, families or larger groups.

Check out the romantic Koutobia Suite at Dar Habiba, a really traditional riad which even has its own Hammam.

The Casablanca suite at Riad Cinnamon is the perfect family room.

Magical Riad Papillon has five rooms all of which can be twin beds. The Riad had hosted fantastic group holidays from Hen weekends to family thanksgiving vacations.

Don’t delay, make contact today!


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We are delighted to have discovered ‘Hanout’ a newly opened ladies designer clothes shop in the Marrakech souks. It is modestly named, literally hanout means ‘the shop’ in Darija Moroccan arabic, but the designer clothing on offer is world class.

Collections include Indian inspired pieces from Anaya in London and other select designer clothes, hand bags and jewelry. Centre stage is the work of Hanout’s owner, Marrakech based designer Meriem Rawlings. Meriem is a Moroccan national who returned to her home country to work after studying at the International School of fashion in Amsterdam and Central St Martins in London.

At the time of writing in December 2011 Meriems’s designs on display at Hanout include a stunning range of beautiful kaftans, tunics, trousers all cut in silk fabrics and hand embroided – along with unique one–off pieces. These have been sold at Selfridges, featured in several magazines such as Sharq and Now, and have been worn on tour and featured in an album photo-shoot by singer / songwriter Natasha Atlas.

Hanout is located in the well known Souk Cherifa under the Terrasse des Espices just a few minutes walk from Riad Papillon and Riad Cinnamon. It is open every day except Tuesday from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. .




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What better way to indulge yourself in scorching Marrakech than a delicious ice cream. Our favourite place for ice cream is located on the Avenue Mohamed V in the new town of Guiliez. Gelati Dino offers authentic Italian ice cream in luxurious air conditioned surroundings. It is one of THE places for affluent cool (no pun intended) young Moroccans to hang out but is relatively undiscovered by tourists.

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We are proud to have funded and helped organise the start up of Henna Cafe a not for profit project ‘giving back’ to the welcoming Marrakech Community.

The Cafe is located not far from Riad Papillon near the Dar El Bashash taxi rank. It serves an inexpensive range of drinks and snacks with a menu including some Moroccan specialities which visitors to Marrakech do not normally get the chance to experience.  Try the ‘Khlear’  lamb sandwich, great value at just 50 dirhams. There are also (subject to availability) traditional cakes baked by local women in their homes, delicious with mint tea!

In addition, Henna Cafe offers two pattern books of traditional Henna tattoos using pure henna with no additives.   Simple designs at 50 or 100 Dirhams are available immediately.   Sophisticated designs at 400 Dirhams plus are by appointment at the Cafe allowing access to some of the top wedding henna artists in Marrakech.

The Henna Cafe Project is not for profit, we hope to be able to fund education and development projects as well as a soup kitchen. There are already free English, German and French language classes running at Henna Cafe with more than 80 people benefitting. Basic literacy classes in arabic are planned to start shortly. Below are some of the first English students pictured as they arrive for a lesson in the ground floor room of the Henna Cafe.

More information and a location map are available on the Henna Cafe website. Requests for reservations in the Henna Salon can be made online.



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The aptly named Sky bar is located on the seventh floor, that is the top floor, of the Renaissance hotel in Guiliez.  Access is from an elevator inside the hotel lobby, the bar is open to non residents.

An ideal spot for a pre dinner drink before visiting one of the excellent restaurants in the new town of Marrakech, or enjoy a meal in the bar.

There are stunning views along the Boulevard Mohammed V toward the medina and the Koutoubia mosque.

If you are planning a stay in Marrakech, stay in style, the staff at our Marrakech Riads will be happy to help with all aspects of your vacation.

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There are few things that are more satisfying whilst out on a swelteringly hot day than a cool and tasty ice cream. If you find yourself in Marrakech on a particularly hot day then that is exactly where Patisserie des Princes steps in. Situated just off the square Jemaa el Fna Patisserie des Princes is the perfect venue for a brief rest on any sightseeing tour of the old medina due to its strategic place near the square and many of the other historic tourist attractions that Marrakech’s medina has to offer. The interior has air conditioning, which when it can reach up to 45 degrees on occasion in marrakech is a real god send. They offer a wide variety of ice cream, which is both delicious and very cheap by European standards, this makes it both a very pleasurable and surprisingly economic place to stop off en route to any tour of the Marrakech medina, or indeed Marrakech as a whole.

However to imply that Patisserie des Princes is merely a place where one can take advantage of air-conditioning and good value ice cream. Inside lies much more than that, there is a veritable menagerie of all things sugary and related to flour, if your sweet tooth feels it needs an introduction to Moroccan sugar based products then a visit to Patisserie des Princes is the perfect initiation.  They sell pretty much every Morocccan pastry you will ever find, along with a good number of European ones, so if you want a pastry then this author would most certainly advise setting off for Patisserie des Princes. Not only is there a wonderful selection of everything sugary in the shop front but there is also a rather pleasant café area, with a rather fine selection of their own produce as well as a hot and cold beverages (they even serve English teas). Overall Patisserie des Princes is well worth a visit and particularly an excellent place to bring kids as they can escape from the heat and indulge in every kids favourite activity (and adults surely?) in the form of eating ice cream. It’s convenient location mean it is convenient to visit as well as enjoyable and with almost every visit to Marrakech encompassing Jemaa el Fna there’s every reason to factor in a visit to Patisserie des Princes as well. Our wonderful Riads are situated in the heart of the Medina and a short 5 minutes walk from the square Jemaa el Fna and in turn Patisserie des Princes. So why not book a room today to ensure your stay is luxurious and that you are always well positioned to explore all the marvels and sights that Marrakech has to offer, in the Medina and beyond.

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The hottest restaurant recommendation in Marrakech. Packed with expats but rarely visited by tourists. Reservation is essential Tuesday to Saturday, on Sunday and Monday le Studio is closed.

Established in 2011 in the heart of the up and coming new town of Marrakech, Le Studio is a smart and very stylish restaurant boasting an outstanding menu of French culinary classics with an international twist. The Thai Beef particularly is to be recommended, and indeed it would seem that beef is this restaurants speciality, naturally it being Morocco it was never going to be pork, but without a doubt nearly all the beef dishes in the restaurant are exceptional. That is not to say that the beef averse should not visit this restaurant, there is also a fine selection of other dishes, including very pleasant fish and vegetarian offerings. One can even partake in a very fine foie gras if they are inclined to do so. These fine dishes are naturally complimented by an excellent wine selection bringing together some truly outstanding Moroccan wines which are specially tailored to the menu.

The staff are very friendly and attentive, speaking both French and English and they certainly give a very fine representation of the restaurant as a whole. The manager one Steeve Verbeek is a most accommodating individual and a very pleasant man to encounter whilst having in a meal in his fine restaurant, indeed the feeling of a truly personal service is one which of the things which helps to make a visit to Le Studio such an enjoyable and memorable experience. The décor of the restaurant is also very impressive, sticking naturally to the theme that its name implies the layout is a chic homage to an Hollywood studio, with the furniture and the layout oozing style. Not only this but the restaurant sports a rather interesting retractable roof, allowing for cool eating in during the often rather warm Moroccan nights. All in all if you are looking for an excellent meal in Marrakech in elegant and stylish surroundings then one should look no further than Le Studio. It is situated on avenue Mouley Rachid behind the popular café de poste. A mere 5 minute taxi drive or a 15 minute walk, our Riads are in a prime position to take advantage of this exciting new culinary development. Book our Riads now to avoid disappointment.

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For a window into Islamic culture in the Mahgreb and the religious institutions that greatly influenced its development. One can do a lot worse than to visit the Ben Youssef Madrassa. Originally founded during the 14th Century during the Marinid Period by Sultan Abu al-Hassan, the building was first brought to great prominence by its reconstruction and overhaul from 1564-65 by the Sultan Abdul al- Hassan.
Since that point it was the largest Madrassa in the whole of Morocco, bringing the city great prestige and cultural influence. The Ben Youssef was no ordinary school however, it was more akin to a self contained educational community. With 132 rooms and hundreds of students living and learning within its magnificent walls. This combined with its location in the Medina in the historic old town, just a few minutes walk from the Central square Djemaa el Fna makes it one of Marrakech’s primary cultural destinations. Once you enter the building you immediately see why it is such a famous place in the Islamic world. The architecture and decoration proudly displays many of the facets and aspects of Islamic building and design that has made them so renowned for their beauty and aesthetic appeal. Inside the Madrassa is a myriad of tesselated colours, blues and greens beautifully contrasting with browns and white. The courtyard which is adjacent to the prayer room is truly a beautiful place one in which it is very difficult to not have a feeling of great tranquillity even in the famed Moroccan heat. One can also not fail to notice the intricate inscriptions which abound all over the complex. It is not merely the incredible shaped which these inscriptions take but the incredible detail which the inscriptions take, one can scarcely fail to be amazed by the delicacy and fantastical patterns in the form of the writing . It is however not merely your average tourists who have come to appreciate the wonders of this place but indeed it has become a favoured place to visit for passing royals as in recent years the Madrassa has been visited both by the King and Queen of the Netherlands and the Queen of Spain, surely a ringing endorsement from European royalty.  All these things coupled with the Madrassa’s prime location and relative ease of access make it a must for any culture or history buffs visiting Marrakech.

Opening Times: Every day from 9h30 to 18pm
Entrance fee: 50 dh for the Adult and 30 dh for children
You can purchase a joint ticket to visit both the Medersa and the Musee De Marrakech

Our Riad Cinnamon  is located an easy 5 minutes stroll away meaning that a stay with us leaves you fully capable of taking full advantages of such a fantastic base in the heart of Marrakech’s historical and cultural heart and one the undoubted advantages of staying in such a fantastic location. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the markets, soak in the vibrant culture of the surrounding museums and historic sites, then retreat to the luxury of  Riad Cinnamon before once more plunging back into the immersive experience that is Marrakech old town. Make a booking today.

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“Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, Straight to LA, New York, Vegas to Africa” from the lyrics of Jennifer Lopez worldwide hit “on the floor” which is currently topping the charts across Europe and North Africa.


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is one of hottest destinations in Morocco and in Africa. Get involved, check out our boutique Riad hotels in the fashionable old town Medina.

Marrakech offers and astonishing variety of options for the discerning visitor.  Our Riad hotels are located in the heart of the old town…….   the new town of Guiliz is just a short distance away

day trips to the atlas mountains or the seaside at essaouira

Staff will help you, warm moroccan welcome and concierge service, our guessts are even offered the loan of a local pay as you go mobile to stay in touch with the Riad  staff

Marrakech By Air,113 Lot Yasmina, Ain Mezouar

Les Ateliers, Douar Touggana – KM7, Tasseltent

Dunes & Desert Exploration, Douar Benrahmoun, N °100 Bloc C

La Maison Arabe Cooking Workshops, 1, Derb Assehbe, Bab Doukkala Marrakech

Les Bains de Marrakech, 2 Derb Sedra, Bab Agnaou, Kasbah Marrakech

Jemaa el Fna, Central square at entrance to market Marrakech

Maison de la Photographie, 46 Rue Ahel Fes, Medina

Spa MK, 14 Derb Sebaai, Maison MK, Medina

Bahia Palace, Beyond Place des Ferblantiers

Medina of Marrakech

L’atelier Faim d’Epices

Majorelle Garden, Safi Boulevard

Les Bains de l’Alhambra, Kasba,Derb Rahala n 9

Le Bain Bleu, 32 Derb Chorfa Lakbir Marrakech 40008

Marrakech Souk, Jemaa el Fna Marrakech

Ali Ben Youssef Medersa, Just off Rue Souk el Khemis

Souk Cuisine, Zniquat Rahba, Derb Tahtah 5

Tawada trekking, Hay ezzaitoun 3, N° 105 guéliz

Easy Spa, derb Sidi Lhassen ou Ali Marrakech 41000

Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret, Avenue Mohammed V

Golf Assoufid

Museum of Moroccan Arts (Dar Si Said), Derb El Bahia – Riad Zitoun el-Jedid Marrakech

Maison Tiskiwin, 8 Rue de la Bahia Marrakech

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Kanyama, 22 rue moulay Ali, gueliz

l’Annexe, 14 Rue Moulay Ali, Gueliz

Earth Cafe, N 2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina

Gastro mk at maison mk, 14 Derb Lafkih Sbaai, Quartier Ksour

Riad Kniza Restaurant, 34 Derb L’Hotel, Bab Doukala Medina

Souk Kafe, 11 Derb Souk Jeldid, Sidi Abdelaziz -Medina

Ristorante Italiano Casanova, 221, av. yacoub el mansour

Al fassia, 55 Boulevard Zerktouni, Guéliz

Mama Ti Lee, 13 derb El Arsa, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Un dejeuner a Marrakech, 2,4 Place Douar Graoua

Patisserie des Princes, 32 rue Bab Agnaou

Azar, Rue de Yougoslavie

La Trattoria De Giancarlo, 179 El Beqal Gueliz

La Tosca Marrakech, badr, Guéliz

Pastaz by Catanzaro, 27 rue Imam Chafai, Kawkab Centre – Guéliz

Le Restaurant du Riad Monceau, 7/8 derb Chaabane, Riad Zitoun Lakdim

Stylia, 4, rue R’mila Bab Ksour

Chez Yassine, Rue Fatima

Le Touggana, Route de l’Ourika, BP 6211 Syba

Katsura, Rue Oum Errabia

Dar Zellij, No1 Kaa Sour, Sidi Ben Slimane, Medina

Metro 80, 77, avenue Hassan II, Guéliz

Le Foundouk,55, Souk Hal Fassi

La Cour des Lions, rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Dar Yacout, 79 rue Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Bab Doukkala, Medina

Le Blokk, Sircuit de la palmeraie

Riad des Mers, Derb Sidi Messaoud

Kechmara, 3 rue De La Liberte, Guéliz

Les jardins de la medina, 21 rue derb chtouka

Dar Ennassim Fabrice VULIN, Circuit de la palmeraie, Palmeraie Golf Palace

Crystal (pacha), mohamed boulevard

Patisserie Al Jawdal, Rue Dabachi 16-18

Comptoir Darna, Av Echouhada, Hivernage

La Terrasse des Epices, 15 Souk Charifia Sidi Abdellaziz

La Boheme, 2, place Jemaa El Fna

Dar Mimoun, 1 Derb Ben Amrane, access through Zitoun el Kdim

Cantanzaro, 42 rue Tarik Ibn Ziyad, Ville Nouvelle

Kosybar, 47, Place des Ferblantiers

La Sultana Hotel Restaurant, 403 rue de la Kasbah

Dar Mima, 9, derb Zaouia el Kadiria

Lost in Marrakech (Laundry Cafe), 156 Darb Snane, Medina

Chez Larbi, KM 46 Agbalou, Rte de L’Ourika

La Maison Arabe, 1 Derb Assehbe

Ksar Es Saoussan, Rue des Ksour, 3 Derb El Messaoudyenne

Cafe Jardin Majorelle Marrakech, Avenue Yacoub El Mansour

Chez pascal

Al Rimal, 43 Derb Fhal Ezzafriti

La Cuisine de Mona, Residence Mamoune 5 n 115B

Riad Al Kadar, 132 , Derb Jamaa, Arset Belbaraka

Le TOBSIL, 22 Derb Abdellah Ben Hessaien

Cafe Arabe, 184, rue Mouassine, Medina

Restaurant Oscar Progres, 20, rue Bani Marine

Le flouka auberge et restaurant du lac, Barrage

Le Bis – Jardin des Arts, 6-7 rue Sakia El Hamra, Semlalia – Guéliz

Riad El Fenn Restaurant


Cafe Des Epices, 75 Rahba Lakdima, Place Rahba Qedima

Le 6, Avenue Mohamed VI, Residence Hivernage

Daer Cherifa, 8 derb Cherfa Lakbir, Moussine, Medina

Les jardins du Gueliz, Rue Oued Makhzine, Guéliz

Comptoir de marrakesh, Avenue Echouada

Chegrouni, Place Djemaa Al Fnaa

Lotus Privilege, Fhal Zefriti, Quartier Ksour

Le Grand Cafe de la Poste, Corner of bd. El Mansour Eddahbi and av. Imam Malik | (behind the main Guéliz post office), Ville Nouvelle

La Villa, Angle Avenue Jnane El Harti et rue Qsar El Kebir

Dar Fez, 8 Derb Boussouni

Villa Rosa, 64 avenue Hassan II Gueliz

Narwama, hay zefriti, rue koutoubia 30

Bo & Zin, Douar Lahna, Route de l’Ourika (3.5 kms.)

Ksar El Hamra, 28 Riad Zitoune Lakdim, Sabt Ben Daouad

Restaurant El Bahia, 1 rue Riad Zitoun El Jedid

Le coin cool, mohamed el begal 71 gueliz

Les Jardins de Bala, 26 Rue de la Koutoubia, Hotel Les Jardins de La Koutoubia

Kaowa, 34 rue Yves St Laurent

Dar Belkabir, 12, souk des roseaux, jamaa el fna

Dar Essalam, 170, Riad Zitoune El Kedim

Jazz’o, Angle av Yacoub El Mansour, Coordonnées Adresse : Angle av Yacoub El Mansour, centre américain, Gueliz

Chez Achraf, Cafe Ben Youssef, 20, av. El Hanaa M_hamid , Ighli 1

Cafe Berbere – Chez Brahim, Jamaa El Fna Rue Derb Dabachi, N’38 Fondek El Messioui N’26

La Bagatelle

La Mamounia, Avenue Bab Jdid

Cafe Restaurant Argana, Jaleema El Fna 1

Jad Mahal, Fontaine de la Mamounia

Dar Marjana, 15 Derb Sidi Ali Tair

Al Baraka, 1, Djemaa el Fna

La Maison de Marrakech, 44-46-47 derb Zaari

Le Souab, 33, Bab Ksiba, Kasbah

Daressalam,170 Riad Zitoune El Kedim

Villa Flore, 4 Derb Azzouz

Rotisserie de la Paix

Restaurant Gastronomique Es Saadi, Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

VILLA TIVOLI, Route de Casablanca

Nid’cigogne, 60 Place des Tombeaux Saadiens,  Kasbah

Dar Donab Le Restaurant, 53 Dar El Basha-Bab Doukkala

Patisserie Elite, Av. Mhd. V.

Cafe restaurant Tiznit, Place Jemaa El Fna Kassabine No28

Le Marrakchi, 52, rue des Banques

Dar Moha, rue dar el Bacha 81, Medina

Saadiens Restaurant, 105 Rue Derb Chtouka, Quartier De La Kasba

Ultimo Bacio, Angle rue Tarik Ibn Ziad & Moulay Ali

Le Tanjia, 14, Derb J’did – Hay Essalam (Mellah), Medina

Le Saint Germain, Boulevard Hassan 2

Riad Tzarra Restaurant, 22 Derb Lalla Azzouna

Portofino, 279 av. Mohammed V, Medina

Aqua Pazza, 89 Angle Bld Zerktouniet Mohamed V – Gueliz, in the Hotel Renaissance

Casa Lalla, 16 Derb Jemaa, Riad Zitoune Lakdim

La Piscine, Boulvard Mohammed 6, Palais Soltan

avenue mohammed V, Gueliz

Bert’s marrakech, avenue mohammed V, Gueliz

Ksar Char-Bagh, Palmeraie de Marrakech

Le Moulin Berbere, 24 l’Ourika

Bari’s Pizza, Rue Bab Agnaou, Medina

International Restaurant at Amanjena, Route de Ouarzazate

Queen Atlantic, Coordonnees Adresse : Marrakech Plazza – Place du 16 Novembre

Le Relais de Paris, Hotel Les Jardins de La Koutoubia, 26 Rue de la Koutoubia

Restaurant Mabrouka, Rue Bab Agnaou

Riad 72, 72 Arset Awzel, Bab Doukkala

Ryad Jana, 149 Toualat Kennaria, Kasbah

Fouquet’s Marrakech, Rue Djebel Alakhdar, Bab Doukkala

Cafe 16, Place du 16 Novembre

Da-Miranda, 66, Bd Mansour Eddahbi Gueliz

La Creperie de Marrakech, 14 Petit Marche de Gueliz, Route de Targa

Puerto Banus, Rue Ibn Hanbal, (opposite the Surète Nationale and tennis club), Ville Nouvelle

Marra-Book Cafe, 53 derb Kabada, av. des Princes

Le Jacaranda, 32 boulevard Zerktouni

Alizia, Rue Ahmed Chouhada Chawki, Off Avenue Echouhada, Hivernage

Aqua, 68 Place De Jamaa El Fna Medina

Palais Soleiman, Bd 11 Janvier, Kaa el Machraa

Caruso, Avenue Mohamed VI

Nikki Beach, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Route de Casablanca

Riad Mabouka Marrakech

Epicurien, Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

LA CASA Restaurant Lounge, Avenue du President Kennedy , Hivernage, Hôtel El Andalous Marrakech

Al Fassia Aguedal, 9bis route de l’Ourika

Hivernage Hotel & Spa, Angle Ave Echouhada et Rue des Temples, Quartier Hivernage

Dar El Baroud,275, Avenue Mohamed V, Derb Saïdalia

Bert’s, 45 Residences Les Remparts, Avenue Mohammed V, Guéliz

Delhi palace, Avenue de la menara mohd.6, hotel royale mirage

Caravanserai, 264 Ouled Ben Rahmoune

Red Fort Indian and Bangladeshi Restaurant, Avenue Yaacoub El Marini, Residence Andalus 4 Gueliz

Yellow Sub,82 Avenue Hassan II

Chez El Bahia, Riad Zitoune El Kdim, 206

Pizza Pazza,Youssef Ben Av Tachfine

Le Dragon d’Or, 10 bis, Bd Zerktouni, Gueliz

Le Sud, 13 Rue Capitaine Arrigui Gueliz

Restaurant Beyrouth, 9 rue Loubnane, Guéliz, Ville Nouvelle

Palais Chahramane, 6 rue Sidi Bouchouka, Medina


Autour de la Piscine – Es Saadi, rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Chez Jacqueline, 63 Av Mohamed V

L’Abyssin, Palais Rhoul

Stork, Rue de La Kasbah, North end near the mosque

La Plage Rouge, Route De L’Ourika

Dar yakut, 79, Derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Bab Doukkala

Lotus Club, Rue Ahmed Chawki, Hivernage

Riad Dar Tim Tam, 42, 44, rue Rahba Lakdima

Saafran & Cannelle, 40 Avenida Hassan II

Cafe de France, Place Jemaa El Fna

Riad Omar,22, rue Bab Agnaou

Le Pavillon, 47 derb Zaouia Mosquee

Bombay Marrakech, 7 Rue Ibn Zaidoun

L’Avenue, Angle route de Targa & rue du Capitaine Arigui, Gueliz

Le Charly’s Cabana, 39,Bd Zerktouni, Gueliz

Restaurant Diaffa, 1 Rue Jbel Lakhdar

Le Pacha, Zone Hoteliare De I’ Aguedak

Mezza Luna, Place Du Petit Marche, Route De Targa

Kasbah La Rotonda, Derb Lamnahba

Cafe Restaurant l’Etoile, 49 rue Bab Agnaou, Place Jemaa el Fna, Medina

Palais Gharnata, 5 Derb el Arsa Riad Zitoun Jdid

Lodge k, Route de Fez km. 5, Dar Tounsi

Chez Ali, Route de Casablanca

Bab Restaurant, rue mohamed el beqqal

Le Jana, Boulevard Mohammed VI

Bougainvillea Cafe, 33 rue Mouassine Medina, Place Jemaa El Fna

Les Terrasses de l’Alhambra, Place Jemaa el-Fna

Les Premices, Place Jemaa el Fna

Jnane Tamsna, Douar Abiad

Jemaa el Fna, Jemaa-el-Fna

Pizza Hut, 6, Boulevard Mohamed V

Le Grand Balcon Cafe Glacier, Jemaa El Fna

L After Stone, rue oum errabii

El Waha, 1, riad Zitoun el Kedim

Niagara Pub,31-32, Centre Commercial Ennakhil

Kasar el Hamra, 28 Sabt Ben Daoud

Hotel Essaouira, Place Jemaa El Fna

Dar nejjarine, 35 derb sehrije riad el moukha

Menzah dada, arset almaach

Eveil Des Sens, 32, rue Benatya Gueliz

Stalls in the Square, Jemaa El Fna,Medina

Milagros Restaurant, West Palmarie

Studio Misr, 16, Angle Av. Yaacoub El Mansour

La Villa des Orangers, 6 rue Sidi Mimoun

Restaurant Demeures D’orient, 10,Arset Ben Nasser,Riad Laarous, Medina

Moroccan Dinner Show – Es Saadi,R ue Ibrahim El Mazini, Hivernage

Lagon & Jardin, rue Ibrahim El Mazini

Restaurant Al Bahja, Rue Bani Marine, (between the Bank al Maghrib and the post office on the south side of Jemaa el Fna), Medina

Bistro La Saveur, 12 rue Loubnane, Guéliz, Ville Nouvelle

Adamo, 44 rue Tarik ben Ziad, Ville Nouvelle

Cafe du Livre, 44 rue Tarik ben Ziad, Off to one side of the entrance to Hotel Toulousain, Ville Nouvelle

Les Delices Malouins, 68 rue de la Liberte, Guéliz, Ville Nouvelle

Stall #20, Chez Ben Driss, Place Jamaa el Fanaa

Les Jardins Darabes

Les Jardins d’Ines Restaurant, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Boite Postale 1488

Restaurant Nuima, Rue Azbest No. 30

Rolls-Club, It lamure, 6 angle rue draa et rue lt lamure guelize

Restaurant Place des Ferblantiers, 14 Place des Ferblantiers

Dar Ambre, La Palmeraie, BP 12322

Le Jacaranda, 32 Bd Mohamed Kerktouni

le Code Barre Marrakech, Camp Ghoul route de Targa

Aicha, Place Djemaa El Fna

Le Marocain, Avenue Bab Jdid

Sarout Darna, Km 9 route de L’Ourika

Le Narjis, es jardins de la palmeraie BP 1488

Les Cepages, 9, rue Ibn Zaidoun

L’Amandier, Angle Av Echouhada, Rue de Paris Hivernage

L’Orangerie, Rue Harroun Errachid,Quartier de l hivernage

Casa Nostra, Hotel le Caspien, 12 rue Loubnane, Gueliz

Pavillion, Derb Zaouia Bab Doukkala Mosquee

Dar Doukkala, 83, Arset Aouzal Bab Doukkala

Le Sepharade, Loubnanem, Marrakech

KM 9, Route de l’Ourika

El Saadi, Ru Ibrahim el mazni

La Plagie Rouge, Route De Lourika km 10

Le Pavilliom, Overt 7

L AMANDIER, Angle Av Echouhada

LE RENDEZ-VOUS, Avenue Mohammed VI

Kim Son, Toumert, Marrakech

Le Jade, 16, rue Lieutenant Lamure

L ITALIEN, Avenue Bab Jdid

La Porte Du Monde, Toualat Kennaria No 69

Dada Marrakech, La Radeema

Ocha-shushi, 41 rue Yougoslavie GUELIZ

Rose Bar, Zone Aguedal, Pacha Marrakech

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The old town of Marrakech is an exciting and vibrant place to visit. More and more visitors are choosing to stay in a Riad in the old town rather than a faceless hotel, in fact there are now more bed and breakfast options in the old town of Marrakech than the City of London. So how to choose where to stay?

We believe our Marrakech Riads offer exceptional value for money and one of the warmest welcomes in Marrakech.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Riad Dar Yacouta, Derb dalia 4, quartier ben saleh

Riad Musk, Route d_Ouarzazate – km12, Lotissement Tichka

Darsafia, KM 6 Route d’Amizmiz

Dar Bachus, 303  Arset Ben Brahim, Bab Doukala – Médina

Riad du Petit Prince, 33 Derb Nakhla, Bab Doukala

Riad Al Amine, 83, Derb Abib AllahMouassine, Médina

Dar Jeeling, 7 Derb Boukili, El Kssour

La Ferme des Oliviers, Km14 Commune Oulad Hassoun, Route de Fes

O’Atlas, Km 20, Route de l’Ourika, BP N° 45 Rhmate

Riad Del Arte, 28 Derb Assabane, Riad Larousse

Riad Amour, 109 Derb Jamaa Derb Dabachi

Riad Medea, No18 Derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi

Riad Agdez, 1 Kaa El Houma Riad Zitoun Jdid, Medina

Riad Esprit du Monde, Derb Kbala no138

Riad l’Etoile d’Orient, Derb Dabachi, Derb Moulay Abdelkader no52

Dar Milouda, 78 Derb El Hammam, Mouassine, Medina

Riad Valdi, 9 Derb Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa, Bab Doukkala – Médina

Riad Maison Charlotte, 5 Derb Kabbej, Ben Sallah

Riad massaoud, quartier riad laarouss 89 derb el farrane medina

Hotel Foucauld, Avenue El Mouahidine

Crystal Hotel, Le Pacha Marrakech, Boulevard Mohammed VI , Zone Hotelliere de l’Aguedal

Le Dromadaire Bleu, Quartier Mouassine, 19 Derb Chorfa Lkebir

Riad Tarik, Db Jamaa 118 Derb Dabachi

Riad Adraoui, Riad Zitoun el Kedim derb Zouak 9

Riad Harmonie Kennaria, 13 Darb Kennaria Jdida

Riad Roukaya, Ave Allal El Fassi

Sahara Inn, Route de Casablanca

Riad Jddi, 71  Arset Ihiri rue El Gza bab doukkala

Riad Body and Spirit, 8 Derb Ouaihah

Splendeur d’orient, Douar Amrine

Dar Tarik, No1 Derb Hamar Srir, Kaat Ben Nahid, Medina

Riad Roukaya, Ave Allal El Fassi

Dar la Cle de la Medina, Derb N’Khal no18, Quartier Rehba Lakdima

Riad Yamsara, 35 Derb Tajer Hay Essalam, Marrakesh Médina

Riad L’Orange Bleue, 71 Derb Sidi Lhacen ou Ali, Bab Doukala

Riad La Cigale, Derb Jamaa Dabachi 119

Riad Jddi, 71  Arset Ihiri rue El Gza bab doukkala

Riad Oriente, 150 Derb Djdid

Dar Gloria, 22 Derb Zouina

Adam Park Marrakech Hotel & Spa, Zone Touristique Agdal

Al Kandil, Derb Dabachi Ben Saleh Azbetz Derb El Faran 115

Au Bord de l’Eau, Douar Assgaour km59 route de l’Ourika

Bliss Cameleon, 180 Rue Mouassine

Dar Achaiah Guesthouse, Route de Fes Km 12, M’hammdia

Dar Al Nadwa, Zaouia el Abbassia

Dar Atif Guesthouse, Km 35, towards Oukeimden

Dar Ferdaous, Frouga

Dar Guerris, Palmeral

Dar Imane, Palmeraie

Dar Nejma Jdida, Derb El Qadi 55, Quartier Azbest

Dar Ouali, 20 Derb Ouali Kaat Benahid, Medina

Dar ouirgane, Marigha, Douar marigha ouirgane

Dar Rania, 105, Derb El Cadi, Azbezt

Dar Sidi Yahia, Douar Jennate Arst Bouhassoune, Palmeraie

Dar Tamsna, Route de Fes, Douar Tamsna

Kasbah Shama, Circuit de la Palmeraie

Kosy Garden, Circuit de la Palmeraie

L’Etoile d’Orient, 22 Derb Jamaa

La Maison de Carmen, 26 Derb Merstane,  Bab Taghzout

Le Nid de la Colombe, Sidi Ben Slimane, Derb Boualilou 22

Le Nid des Cigognes, 40 Derb Saka, Mellah

Les Seuils del Atlas, Km 10, Route de l’Ourika (Rte S 513) Tassoultante, Al Haouz

Mektoub, 48 Akiod, Semlalia

Rhad El Maarouf, 2 Derb El Menzeh, Zaouia, Medina

Riad Agdese, Medina

Riad Alama, 6 Derb el arssa, El kennaria, Medina

Riad Alkandil, Ben Saleh Azbezt, Derb El Faran 115

Riad Al Magana, Derb Jamaa 87, Dabachi Marrakech Medina

Riad AOA 1 Lantern, 1 Rue Mahjoub Rmiza

Riad Atlas Guest House, 19 Derb Sidi Boulfdail

Riad Dubai, 41 Derb amezmiz – kasbah, kasbah – marrakech

Riad el Amber, 7 Derb El Farrane, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad El Dar Attika, 15 Derb Tlitli

Riad el Jadide, 11 Derb Bounouala, Zaouia el Abassia

Riad Espagne, 21 Derb lakder riad zitoune lakdime Marrakech

Riad Estelle, Tensift-Al-Haouz

Riad Hamdane, Rue Bab Agnaou Derb Sidi Bouloukate No88

Riad Ida Ou Balou, 127, rue Bab Taghzout, Medina

Riad J’adore, Derb Jdid 105 bis, Deb Dabachi

Riad Jnane Agdal, Jnane Ben Chegra

Riad Joya, 26/27 Derb El Hammam

Riad Km 3000, Riad Laarouss Der Bou Chentouf 47

Riad Kssar El Mellah, Hay Salam, Derb el kheir No 20

Riad l’Harmattan, nr Place Jamaa-el-Fna

Riad La Kahana, Riad Zitoun Kdim, Derb Jdid no 39

Riad Lala Hiba, 120, Derb Dekkak Bab Doukala, Al Adala

Riad Le Patio, 95 Derb el houss berima

Riad Lhouloum, 102 Rue Dar el Bacha, Medina

Riad Majali, 191 Derb Jdid, Derb Dabachi

Riad Moulay Said, 60 Riad Zitoun Kedim

Riad Nouzha, 9 Derb Saleh

Riad Oasis, 86, Arset el Baraka Derb El Makina Bab Aylen

Riad Olea, Place Jemaa el Fna

Riad Ose’fina, 16 derb el Hammam, Bab Ailen

Riad Petit Darkoum, No 12  Derb Kennaria Jdida, derriere “cafe France”

Riad Plein Sud, 56 Der Douba Arest Ihiri-Bab Doukala

Riad Saboune, 28 Derb Chrife Dyoure Saboune

Riad Sofia, Hay Hassani – Bloc 43 N 988

Riad Solandra, Bab Brima Touala, N 109

Riad Souari, 4 derb hbib llah, moissine

Riad Stitou, Targa

Riad Zanzibar, Derb Si Said no 15 & 16 Riad Zetoune Djid, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad Zayane Atlas, 31 Derb Nakous, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Ryad Laarouss, 46 Angle Derb El Gueza Et Derb Jamaa

Topkapi, Rue Al Atlas, Route de Fes – km 4, Palmeraie

Un Riad en Palmeraie, Domaine El Majal, Palmeraie de Marrakech

The Villa by Hivernage, Route de Tamesloht, km 15

Villa Dar Chiba, Douar Abiad – La Palmeraie, BP 975

Villa Helene, 89 boulevard Moulay Rachid, Gueliz

Villa Zuzu, Rte du Consul, Al Ouidane

We never forget that our guests have a choice of places to stay. If you are traveling to Marrakech, why not experience the old town medina first hand in one of our boutique riad hotels?

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:

Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:


Riad el Kenz, derb tolba 268, quartier Riad Laarouss Sidi Bouamar

Hotel Les Jardins de l’Agdal, Avenue Mohamed VI, Quartier de l’Hivernage

Hotel du Tresor, 77 Sidi Boulokat, Riad Zitoun kdim

Riad Mabrouka Marrakech, 56, Derb El Bahia, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad La Terrasse des Oliviers, 79, Derb Derdouba, Bab Doukkala – Médina

Riad el Fenn,   Bab el Ksour, Medina

Riad Amin, 42 Place My Yazid Boutouil Kasbah

Riad Assalam, 13 touareg quartier berima

Riad Zinoun, 31, derb Ben Amrane, Riad Zitoune Kedim

Riad Bab Agnaou, 89, Derb Ettabal

Riad Dar Beldia, Sarl Dar Beldia, Derb Houara N°9, Berrima Medina

Riad Dar Oulhoum, 8 Db Kori Side Ben Sliman

Riad Dar Saba, Quartier Riad Laarouss, Derb Sidi Bouamer No 278

Le Riad Monceau, 7 / 8 derb Chaabane, Riad Zitoun Lakdim

Le Riad Chalymar, Derb Sharij No19

Riyad Lila Wa Leila, 15 Bis Kaat ben Nahid, Medina

Riad et Palais des Princesses, 37, 41 Derb Jamaa

Riad & SPA Esprit du Maroc, 12 a 17 derb Belbekkar, Zaouit lhardar Medina

Riad Dar Ftouma, 10 Derb Tizougarine, Bab Doukkala

Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa, Rue Harroun Errachid, Quartier de l’hivernage

Villa Al Assala Palmeraie, Route de Fes, KM 4, Tamsna

Riad Ifoulki, 11,Derb Mqqadem route Arset loghzail

Bled Al Fassia, Com Oulad Hassoune 19261, Douar, Sidi Mbarek, Si

Riad Basma, Dabachi, Derb Jamaa 22

Riad Lotus Privilege, 22 Fhal Zefriti, Quartier Ksour

Riad Anyssates, 144 Derb El Bomba, Arset Ihiri

Riad Houdou, El Moukef ,54 rue Issebtinne , Derb El Hammam

Riad Al Mansoura,   Hay Essalam Derb Manchoura 11

Rose Sultan, route Ourika km11

Sofitel Marrakech Palais Imperial, Rue Harroun Errachid, Hivernage

Tichka Salam, Semlalia Route de Casablanca BP 894, Triangle d’Or

Riad Maison Belbaraka, Riad Laarouss Derb Asafrou Sidi Bouamer No 242

Riad Lotus Pearl, 22 Fhal Zefriti, Quartier Ksour-Medina

Bab Hotel, Angle bd Mansour Eddahbi

P’tit Habibi, 59, bis Sidi Ghanem, Zaouia Bab Lakhmis

Hotel & Ryads Naoura Barriere, Rue Djebel Alakhdar

Le Palais Rhoul & Spa, Route de Fes, km 6, Dar Tounsi

Les Jardins de La Koutoubia, 26 Rue de la Koutoubia

Riad Adika, 286 Derb Sidi Bouamar, Quartier Riad Laârouss

Riad Bahia, 66, jnan Ben Chegra, Quartier Mellah

Riad Al Badia, 135 Derb Ahl Souss

Le Meridien N’Fis,   Avenue Mohammed VI

Riyad Edward, Derb Marestane 10, Zaouia, Abbassia

Riad la Croix Berbere, 8 Derb Fhal Zefriti Laksour

Suite Novotel Marrakech, Rue Haroun Errachid, Quartier de l’hivernage

Dar Al Hamra, N 4 Derb Zaouia, Rue Rmila

Riad Awinati, La Kasbah, Rue du Mechouar n0 255

Riad Vendome & Spa, 217 Derb El Halfaoui, Dar El Bacha

Kasbah Bab Ourika, Ourika valley

Riad Azenzer, 109 Derb Sebaat Ourijal, Quartier Moukef

Riad el Noujoum, 50, Derb Ben Zina, Kasbah

La Mamounia, Avenue Bab Jdid

Amanjena, Route de Ouarzazate, km 12, Amelkis

Hotel Atlas, Derb Sidi Bouloukat

Riad Hidden, 117, Derb Dabachi

Dar Rhizlane, Avenue Jnane el Harti, Hivernage

Riad Abaka, 21, Derb Roukni, Laksour – Médina

Best Western Tikida Garden, Circuit de la Palmeraie

La Maison des Oliviers, Douer Lgouacem – Tasoultante

Riad Nabila, 3, derb El Farrane , Sidi Ghalem, Zaouia El Abbassia

Domaine des Remparts Hotel & Spa, Km 4 Route de Fes “vers Tallaght”, BP. 2708

Ksar Char-Bagh, Palmeraie de Marrakech

Riad Villa Harmonie, Derb Touareg 23

AnaYela, Derb Zerwl No 28

Riad Bamboo, rue dabachi derb Hejra No 46

Riad Al-Boraq, Zaouia El Abbassia 49, Derb Taht Sour Lakbir

Riad Morgane, 39, derb Sidi Lahcen ou Ali, Bab Doukkala, Médina

Riad Dar Mo Da, 182 Rue El Mouasine

Club Lookea Issil,  Circuit de la Palmeraie, BP 1572, Hay Mohamadi

Kenzi Menara Palace,   Zone de l’Agdal, av Mohamed VI

Eden Andalou, km 9 route d’Amezmiz

Casa Lalla, Rue Riad Zaitoune Lakdime – 16 Derb Jamaa, Marrakech Medina

Moroccan House Hotel, 3, Rue Loubnane, Guéliz

Riad Zarka, 143 Derb Aarjane, Rahba Lakdima

L Mansion Marrakech, km 9 route de Ourzazate

Hivernage Hotel & Spa, Angle Ave Echouhada et Rue des Temples, Quartier Hivernage

Dar Tuscia, 91 Dior Jdad Zaouia Elabbessia Bad Doukala

Riad Daria, 186, derb Chtouka

Le Pavillon Du Golf, Les Jardins de La Palmeraie, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Boite Postale 1488

Riad Christina, 136, derb Jdid, Derb Dabachi – Médina

Riad Little Paradise, La Palmeraie

Riad Zen House, 230, Arset Ben Brahim, Arset Ihiri, Bab Doukkala

Kasbah Agounsane, Route d’Ourika KM35, Piste Douar Agounsane, Ourika

Infinity Sea, Sidi Ben Slimane Derb Ihihane 25

Kasbah Tiwaline, Bab Atlas, Palmeraie

Diwane Hotel, 24 rue Yougoslavie, Guéliz

Club les Almoravides, Arset Djenan Lakdar

Riad Lotus Ambre, 22 Fhal Zefriti, Quartier Ksour-Medina

Ksar Catalina, 120 Jawhar

Le Riad Monceau, 7 / 8 derb Chaabane, Riad Zitoun Lakdim

Kasbah Caracalla, Km 27 Route de l’Ourika, Dara AL Jaouad – Douar Chaaba

Palmeraie Golf Palace & Resort, Les Jardins de la Palmeraie, Circuit de la Palmeraie

Kenzi Club Medina, Residences Hivernage. Bloc B, Avenue Mohamed VI (ex Avenue France)

Hotel Amani Appart, 11, Rue Aboubakr Sediq

Terre Resort & Spa, West Palmaraie, La Palmeraie

Le Gallia, 30 Rue de la Recette

Riad Dar Shana, 80 Bis Derb Mejjat Bab Ailane

Riad Le Spahi, 6 derb el hammann bab ailen

La Villa Nomade, 7 Derb el Marstane Zaouia El Abbasia Bab Taghzout, Médina

Riad Dar Zaouia, Derb Zaouia No 1

Lodge K, Route de Fez km. 5, Dar Tounsi

Kenzi Semiramis Hotel, Route de Casablanca, Quartier Semlalia

Kasbah Le Mirage, Ouahat Sidi Brahim

Club Med la Palmeraie, Sidi Yahya la Palmeraie

Riad Amssaffah, 1, Foundouk El Melha

Riads des Princesses, 37, Riad Zitoune El Kedim, Derb Jemaa

Riad Dama, 1 Derb El Boumba, Arset El Houte, Medina

Riad Fabiola, Derb El Makina 14, Bab Ghmat, Quartier Arset El Misfioui, Medina

Riad Attouyour, Derb Lala Azouna 51

Auberge de Tameslohte, Douar Laaouina, Bp 80 Tameslohte

Riad Mauresque, 134, derb kach kach, Derb Dabachi – Médina

Riad Ksiba, Derb Kbala No 147, Marrakech Medina

Ryad Mogador Menzah, Avenue Mohammed VI

Riad BB Marrakech, 34 Fhal Zefriti

Hotel Sherazade, Derb Djama 3 t Riad Zitoun L’Kedim

Riad Moucharabieh, 27 Derb l’Hotel, Bab Doukkala

Hotel Kenzi Farah, Avenue du President Kennedy

Club Med Marrakech le Riad, Sidi Yahya

Dar Seven, Kaa Sour 7, Medina

Riad Dar Rassam, 103 Derb El Qadi Azbezt

Les jardins d’Ines, Les Jardins de La Palmeraie, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Boite Postale 1488

Jnane Mogador, 116 Riad Zitoune Kedim, Derb Sidi Bouloukat

Riad L’Orchidee, 42-43 Sidi Bouamar Riad Larousse, Médina

Riad Barroko, derb zaouia 26 bab doukkala

Demeures d’Orient, 10, Arset Ben Nasser, Riad Laarous

Angsana Riad Lydines, 45 derb Abda, Kasbah

Dar Pangal, 132 Derb Chtouka, Kasbah, Medina

Riad Khamssa, Bab El Khemis Sidi Ghanem Derb Ben Khalti, 2

Dar Saria, derb Ouiahah no46 – quartier Sidi Abdel Aziz

Es Saadi Hotel, Ave Qadissia

Atlas Medina & Spa, Ave Hassan 1 er

Golden Tulip Farah Marrakech, Avenue du President Kennedy

Riad Shama, 22 Taht sour Ikbir, Zaouia Abbassia

Ryad Mogador Menara, Avenue Mohammed VI

Riad des Eaux, 24 Derb Lakhadar Riad Zitoun Lakdim Medina

Dar Abiad, 95, bis Sidi Ghanem – Zaouia, Bab Lakhmis – Médina

Riad Hugo, 33 Derb Demnale, The Kabalah

Dar Liqama, Douar Abiad

BlueBay Marrakesh, Douar Ouled Berrahmoun, El Bour, Route de Casablanca

Club Marmara Madina, BAB Atlas – Route de Fes

Riad Hamza, 108, Rue Sidi Bouloukat

Palais Riad Batoul, Angle Arset Lamaach et Dr. Linares

Riad Al Andaluz, 71, Diour Jdad Zaouia El Abassia, Medina

Hotel ZAHIA Marrakech, av Abdelkrim El Khattabi

Hotel Chems, Old town

Hotel le Caspien, 12 Rue Loubnane Gueliz

Hotel ZAHIA Marrakech, av Abdelkrim El Khattabi

Les Jardins de Touhina, Route de Ouarzazate

Hotel Imouzzer

Riad Quenza, 24, Derb N’Kahl Rabba Lakdima

Dar Naima, 1 derb Ouartani, Mouassine Medina

Ibis Moussafir Marrakech Centre Gare, Avenue Hassan II, Place De La Gare

Residence Al Qantara, Zone Touristique de l’Agdal

Riad Calista, 195 der el tchouka

Sangho Club Privilege Marrakech, PO Box 1567, Daoudiate

Riad Darkoum, 24, Derb Bounouar, Elmoukef

Ibis Moussafir Marrakech Centre Gare, Avenue Hassan II, Place De La Gare

Le Domaine de L’Ourika, km 9 route de l’Ourika

Murano Resort Marrakech, Douar Abiad La Palmeraie

Riad Idra, Derb Tizougarine 105, Dar El Bacha

Dar El Assafir, 24 bis, Arset el Hamed, Bab Doukkala

Riad Dar Nabila, 71 Derb el Boumba, Medina

Riad Chorfa, 6, Derb Chorfa El kebir – Mouassine

Dar Loula, 102, derb Sabaa, Quartier Berrima

Ibis Marrakech Palmeraie, Ave Abdelkrim Khattabi, Route de Casablanca

Tropicana Hotel Club Paladien, rte de casa

Hotel club Eldorador Palmeraie, zone agdal, avenue mohammed VI

Palais Soltan Riad & Spa, Boulevard Mohamed VI, Zone, Touristique Agdal

Riad Tammou, Km 15 Route de Ouarazazate, Chwiter

Corail Hotel, 18 Avenue Hassan II, Gueliz

Marrakech Ryads Parc and Spa, Douer Ouled Benrrahmoun, El Bour

Hotel Sindi Sud, Riad Zitoun Lakdim Derb Sidi Bouloukate 109

Mandarin Oriental Jnan Rahma, Bab Atlas, Palmeraie

Hotel Atlas Asni, Avenue de France

Riad Zagouda, 58, Derb Djid, Royaume du Maroc

Riad Opale Design, 7 derb Ihihane Sidi ben Slimane

Riad Terra Bahia, No9 Derb Jdid, Quartier Assalam, Marrakech médina

Palais des Congres, Avenue Mahomed VI

Riad Fatinat Marrakech, Arset Aouzel 61

Palais Lorhzal, 15 Rue albissate Dar Tounsi, Route De Fes

Riad SADAKA, Sidi Almed Soussi, 34

Vatel Hotel Golf & Spa, Km 13, route d’Amizmiz

Villa d’hotes, Km 12 rue de tahennaout

Royal Mirage Deluxe Marrakech, Rue Paris, Hivernage

Atlas Targa & Resort, Douar Bouchareb Targa

Kenzi Club Oasis, Commune Rurale Ouahat

Ryad Mogador Hotel, Angle Blud 11 Janvier Blud Prince Moulay Abdellah, Bab Doukkala

Kenzi Club Agdal Medina, Avenue Mohamed VI, Zone Touristique Agdal

Riad Bahja, 24 Derb J’did Bab Doukkala

Riad Douzi, 123 Dreb el Aarjan, Medina el Qedima

Hotel Douar Al Hana Resort & Spa, Melk Dahman Rehamena Sud Lieu, dit Zaouiat Ben sassi cercle el bour

Dar R’Mane, 27 Derb Snane, Mouassine – Médina

Auberge Le Maquis, Vallee de l’Ourika – km45, Aghbalou

Marhbabikoum, 43 Derb l’habib el magni

Club Med Marrakech, Place Djemaa-el-Fna

Coralia Club Marrakech Palmariva, Route de Fes – Km6

Ryad Mogador Opera Hotel, Av Mohammed VI

Riad Dar Zinnia, Souika Laarifa, 76, Kasbah

Riad Hotel Assia, 32, calle de la Recette, Riad El Mokha, Jamaa El Fna

Hotel Central Palace, 59 Sidi Bouloukate Marrakech Maroc

Imperial Holiday, 30 avenue Moulay R’chid, Gueliz

Ryad Mogador Agdal, Avenue Mohamed VI, Zone Touristique Agdal

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The choice of accommodation in the Medina of Marrakech can appear confusing. Our Marrakech Riads offer a warm moroccan welcome, and great value for money, make your reservation today!

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Riad Le Clos des Arts, Riad Zitoun J’Did 50 Derb, la Prefecture Medina near le Palais Bahia

Riad El Mansour, 227 Derb Jdid | Bab Doukkala, Medina

Dar Silsila, 11 Derb Jdid Laksour

Riad Al Massarah, 26 Derb Djedid, Bab Doukkala

Riyad Al Moussika, 62 Derb Boutouil, Kennaria

Riad Les Trois Palmiers, 36 Derb Tizougarine, Dar El Bacha

Riad Kheirredine, 44, derb chourafa ex derb draoua, sidi ben slimane

Dar Ayniwen Villa Hotel, Tafrata – Palmeraie de Marrakech

Riad Elizabeth, Derb el Baroud 33, Hart Essoura

Riad Aguerzame, 66 derb jdid

Riad Dar Dialkoum, 317 derb Jdid, derb Nakhla, Bab Doukkala

Riad Reves D’orient, 44 derd abib allah, Medina – quartier mouassine

Riad Dar Najat, Derb Lalla Chacha 18, Douar Graoua

Riad Mur Akush, Derb Zaouia 2, Bab Doukkala

Riad Jonan, 35 Derb Bzou, Kasbah Medina

Riad les Orangers d’Alilia Marrakech, 216, rue Tadla, Derb Chtouka Marrakech-medina

Les Borjs de la Kasbah, Rue du Mechouar, Kasbah

Riad Amirat Al Jamal, 33 Rue Fhal Zefritti

Riad Menzeh, 34 derb El Arsa, SIDI AYOUB

Riad Slawi, 92 Derb Ahmed el Borj, Sidi Ben Slimane, Kaa Sour

Riad Tizwa, 26 Derb Gueraba, Dar El Bacha

Riad Lorsya, 61, Derb El Hammam, Mouassine

Derb Eliane, Derb El Maada, No 39 Azbezt

Dar Selwan & Spa, 12, Res Al Bassatine, La Palmeraie

Riad Dar Anika, Riad Zitoun Kedim No 112

Riad Hayati, 27 Derb Bouderba, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Zamzam Riad, 107, Rue Kaa El Machraa

Al Fassia Aguedal,   MH 9 bis route de l’Ourika

Riad Tzarra, 22 Derb Lalla Azzouna, Medina

Riad Maipa, 5, derb Jdid- Derb Dabbachi, Marrakech Medina

Es Saadi Palace, Avenue El Quadissia, Hivernage

Le Rihani, 52 derb el Arsa Kenaria

Les Jardins de la Medina, Derb Chtouka, 21, Kasbah de Marrakech

Riad Alamir, My Abdellah Ben Hsein, Ksour

Riad Monika, 29 Hart Soura

MonRiad, 4 Derb Lahbasse, Riad Zitoun

Riad Dar Zahia, 60 derb El Hammam, Mouassine

Maison Arabo Andalouse, Derb Touareg 66-67, Kasbah

Riad Dar Attajmil, 23, Rue Laksour, Quartier Laksour

Riad Jomana, 62 Arset Aouzal, Bab Doukkala, Medina

Riad Ariha, 90, Derb Ahmed Elborj – Sidi Ben, Slimane, Kaa Sour

Riad Karmela, 10 Derb El Feranne Azbetz, Place Ben Salah

Riad Les Trois Mages, 11 derb Jamaa, Marrakech

La Maison Arabe, 1, Derb Assehbe – Bab Doukkala

Riad Farnatchi, 2 Derb el Farnatchi, Rue Souk el Fassis, Qua’at Ben Ahid

Dar Crystal, Derb El Fath no5, Es Salam

Riyad El Cadi, 87 Derb Moulay Abdelkader, Dabachi

Villa Dar Zina, 4, Lot Jnane Brika, Rte de Targa

Riad Massiba, 38, Route Douar Graoua

Dar Tasnime, 131 Derb Hammam, Kasbah

Riad Noor Charana, Houmat Ben Sahl, Derb el kebir n°31

Riad Bakara, 21, derb Ennour, Arset El Houta

Dar Rocmarra, Derb el Halfaoui, 29, Bab Doukkala

Riad Yasmine, 209 Diour Saboune , Bab Taghzout

Riad Amazighen, 4 bis, Arset Guessous. Bab Lakhmis

Riad La Rose D’Orient, 17-18 derb draoua-sidi soussan-medina, Bab Lalla Aouda Saadia

Dar el Souk, 56 Derb Jdid, Riad Zitoun Ked

Riad Hizad, 80 Derb el Cadi

Riad La Porte Rouge, 48 Derb Jamaa

Riad l’Oiseau du Paradis, 27, Derb Cherrata, Arset El Houta

Riad Porte Royale, Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Diana,   85 Derb Jdid, Quartier Riad Zitoune Lakdim

Riad Nesma, 128 Riad Zitoune Lakdim, Medina

Riad Ajebel, derb chotuka 91, kasbah

Riad Les Bougainvilliers, 5, derb Ben Amrane, Riad Zitoun Lakdim, Médina

Dar Soukaina, 19 Derb El Ferranne, Riad Laarouss

Riad Carllian, 24,25 Derb Dabachi – Derb Jamaa

Riad Baba Ali, 74 Derb Baba Ali, Moukef

Dar Les Cigognes, 108 rue de Berima

Riad Djemanna, 69 derb el Halfahoui, Bab Doukkala

Riad 5 Sens, 10 et 11, derb El Baroud, Hart Es Soura

Riad Alma, Derb Kbala 77, Kasbah

Riad de la Belle Epoque,  29 Derb Sidi Bouamar

Riad Dollar Des Sables, 13 Derb Deffa Ourbaa, Laksour Smarinne

Ryad Dyor, 1 Derb Driba Jdida Sidi Ben Slimane

La Villa des Orangers,   6 rue Sidi Minoun

Riad Meriem, 97 Derb El Cadi, Azbest, Medina

Dar Zemora, Rue el Aandalib

Dar El Kanoun, Route de Targa, Lotissement Farida, Villa 64

Riad O2, 97-98 Derb Semi Ben Slimanemaria – Sid, Sidi Ahmed soussi, Zaouia

Palais Sebban, 43 Derb Moulay Abdellah Ben Hsseine, Quartier Laksour

La Sultana Marrakech, 403 rue de la kasbah, Kasbah

Hotel La Renaissance, 89 Angle Bld Zerktouni et Mohamed V Gueliz, Gueliz

Riad Chouia Chouia, 40 rue Fahl Zefriti Ksour, Djemmaa el fna

ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie,   Route Fes, km 6

L’Heure d’Ete, 96, sidi Bouloukat

Riad Samsara, 6, Derb El Aarsa, Tarzout -Médina

Les Deux Tours, Douar Abiad BP 513, Circuit de la Palmeraie

Riad Asna, 20, Derb Ezzamouri, Bab Doukkala

Riad Les Jardins Mandaline, 55, derb Ferrane Riad Laarouss

Riad Noir d’Ivoire, 31, Derb jdid Bab Doukkala

Riad Charlott’, 10 Sidi Ahmed Benacer, Kaat Bennahid

Maison MK, 14 Derb Lafkih Sbaai, Quartier Ksour, Medina

Riad Dar One, 19 derb Jemaa el Kabir, Hay Salam

Riad Kniza, 34 Derb l’Hotel, Bab Doukkala

Riad Assakina, Derb Alaati Allah, 14, Hay Salam

Hotel Kasbah Dar Ilham,  Km 13, Road to Fes

Riad Zolah, 114-116 Derb El Hammam, Mouassine, El Haouz

Dar Charkia, 50 Derb El Halfaoui, Bab Doukkala

Riad 58 Blu, Derb Jdid 58, Douar Graoua

It is not easy choosing from the bewildering array of accommodation on offer in Marrakech.  Our Marrakech Riads offer secluded retreats in the heart of the old town Medina, perfect for your City Break or holiday. Reserve accommodation today.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Riad Nakhil, 11 Derb Asbanne, Riad Laarouss

Riad Dar Chems, Bab Taghzout

Dar Kamar, 11 Derb Zaouia

Riad Sidi Omar, mouassine N 85

Riad Dar Aicha, 38 Derb jemaa -Rue el Gza -Riad laarous

Angsana Riad Tiwaline, No 10 Derb El Arsa Riad Zitoune Jdid, Medina

Riad Laora, 1 Derb Mqqdem,  Arset Loughzail

Riad Dar Bab Marrakech, 56 Derb Lalla Chacha, Douar Graoua

Riad Tajpa, Derb Baroudi 39, Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Aladdin, 6-7,8 et 9 Derb Touareg Berrima

Riad Dar Nael, 38 Derb albaroud hart asora kechich, Medina

Riad Philmauge, Sidi Mimoune Derb El Fondak 39

Las Palmeras, Route de Ouarzazate

Riad Merdoudi, Derb Jdid 81

Palais Mehdi, Palmeraie de Marrakech, Circuit de la palmeraie

Riad Celia, 1 Dourar Graoua

Riad Charai, 54 Diour Jdad, Zaouia Abassia

Nasreen Riad, 44- 45 Derb Zemrane

Tamkast, 10 Derb Sidi Bou Amar, Zaouiat Lahdar

Dar el arbaa, 3 Derb haj kaddour ben saleh

Riad Ghallia, 21 Derb El Khemis, Medina

Le Riad Berbere, 23 Derb Sidi Ahmed Ben Nasser, quartier Kaat Ben Nahid

Le jardin d’Abdou, 2 et 3 Derb Makina Arset Bel Baraka, Medina

Jamaa House, 34 rue Fhal Zefriti

Hotel / Riad Belleville, 194  Riad Zaitoune Lakdime

Riad Al Faras, 35 Derb Boutouil, Kennaria

Dar Pamella, 212 Derb Jdid Derb Dabbachi, Jemaa El Fna – Medina

Dar Ouladna, 69 Jawhar, Quartier Résidentiel Targa

Villa Sekkaya, Domaine El Majal, Palmeraie – Nakhil

Riad Lawrence d’Arabie, Derb Dabachi, Médina

Riad Warda, Derb sahrij No 4 Lamedina

La ferme Berbere, Km 9 – Route de l’Ourika

Villa Jenaima Marrakech, Domaine Jenna, Route de Ouarzazate

Riad Nakhla, 72 Derb Jdid, Riad Zitoun kedim,  Médina

Riad Zahir, Derb Sidi Bou Ameur No 36, Riad Laarouss

Riad Alida, 7 , Rue Dar El Bacha, Sidi Ali Tair

Kasbah de Talamanzou, Douar Talamanzou km55, Guemassa

Dar el Calame, Quartier Ben

Al Riadinou, Km 25, Route de l’Ourika Douar Ait Rais

Riad Zakaria, 9 Jbel Lakhder R’mila, Medina

Riad Mille et une Nuits, 53 derb toudgha, Riad Laarouss

Dar Chadia, Derb Boutouil, 79, Hay Kenaria, Médina

Domaine Tarik, km10, route d’Ourika Tasseltant

Les Palmiers de Zohour, Zohour II No 332 Ain Itti

Riad Bleu Du Sud, DB Tbib, No 46, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad Dar Al Jawhara, 83 Derb Djdid Eysseptyine

Riad Dar Amane, 33 Derb Moulayabdel Kader Derb Dabachi

Ryad Les Cigognes, 26 Rue Touareg, Ksibt N’has Kasbah

Villa Chems Hamra, BP 6199 – Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, Lotissement El Hamra

Riad Kabouli a Marrakech, Centre de la Medina

Riad Al Warda, Derb Al Aarsa, 3,  Riad Zitoun Jdid, Medina

Dar Zahara, 54 Derb N’khel Rahba kdima, Médina

Riad Sacr, 120 Derb Essnane Mouassine

Riad Dar Nejma, Douar Graoua Arset el Houta No18, Tikhzrite

Dar Bennani, 56 Derb Abid Allah, Mouassin, Medina

Dar Eden Marrakech medina, Quartier Derb Dabachi

Riad Alhambra, 33 Zaguiart Kedhar Medina

Riad Cherrata,  Arset Elhouta Derb Cherrata 25, Medina

Riad Oualidia, 21 Derb El Arsa Kennaria, Medina

Villa Coeur de Palmier, Jnane Sidi Abdelaziz 2, Douar Abiad

Villa Dar Sophia, 15 Sofia,  Targa

Riad Asma, 15 derb J’did, Dabachi

Dar Souihla, BP 7149 Sidi Abbad – Route de Souihla, Ouled Yaich

Riad Limouna, 3 Derb Cherkaoui, Douar Graoua

Riad Dar El Aila, 160 Derb El Ferane

Riad Dar El Kheir, 4 Derb El Ferrane Bab Doukkala

Riad Schanez, Derb Chtouka 218 Derb Tadla

Riad L’Arabesque, Rue Kennaria

Riad Moulay, 4 Derb Jdid, Riad Zitoune Kedim

Ryad Najda, 80 Derb Lamnabah, Kasbah

Maison Boughdira, Route d_Amizmiz – km9

Villa Malekis, Golf Amelkis, 19 Quartier de l’Oliveraie

Club Dar Atlas, Route de Fes, Bab Atlas

Dar Atta, 28 Rue Rmila, Derb Raouia

Riad Arahanta

Dar Ihssane, 14 Derb Chorfa Lakbir Mouassine, Medina

Bordj Dar Lamane, Ben Sala Berb Koudia Nr. 11

Riad Soleil de Marrakech,13 Derb Boutouil Kaneria

Riad Arocha, 28 derb R’hamna

Riad Souika, Medina Marrakech, Bereema

Riad Vert, 48 Derb Jdid Lakbir, Zaouia -Médina

Riad Dar Daya, Derb Dabachi 51

Riad Lotus Savinio, Route de Fez, dar Tounssi, Palmeraie

Le Bled de Grenadine, Km 5, route de l’Aeroport

Riad Bell, Medina

Riad  Dar Kaotar Guest House, 30 Derb Ferrane Bab Aylen, Boutouil Medina

Chambres d’amis, Derb Dabachi Derb Moulay Abdelkader 46/47

Riad Dar Malo, Bab Taghzout’s District

Riad Jardin Secret, 43 – 46 Arset Aouzal Bab Doukkala

Dar Lila, Derb el Karma No. 49 – Derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Medina

Riad Madani, 64 Derb Moulay Abdelkader – Derb Dabachi

Riad Sania, Derb Lalla Chacha, 11 – Douar Graoua

Riad Abbassia, Derb El Khettara 2, Zaouia El Abbassia

Alriadinou, km 25 route de l’Ourika, douar Ait Rais, Commune Ait Gmat

Riad dar Zenbouaa, 117 Derb Jamaa – Derb Dabachi, Medina

Dar El Farah, rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid

La Villa Argane, route de Ouarzazate

Riad Anis, Derb Jdid Dabachi No.188 bis

Riad Eldar, 52, Derb Hlfaoui, Quartier el bacha, Médina

Ryad Elmaarouf, 2 Derb El Manzeh

Tigmi Talbourht, Douar Oumnass, Tamsloht BP 21

Riad Dar Alsaad, Quartier Riad Laarouss, Derb el bakkal 11

Atlas Farm, Zemran cherkia 1

Riad Amra, 211 Arset Aouzat, Bab Doukala

Dar Toubib, Derb Toubib, 4  Rahba Kedima

Palais du Voyageur – Riad Tinmel, 1-4 Derb Khettara, Kâa El Mechrâa

Riad Bledna, Douar Arbi Ben Bouzi, C.R. Oulad Hassoun, El Ouidane

Riad Dar Sohane, 28 derb jamaa, Riad Zitoune Lakdime

Riad Rose des Sables, 195 Derb Chtouka Kabah, Medina

Hotel Islane, 279 Ave Mohammed V,  Across from Koutoubia Mosque

Riad el Ouarda, 5 Derb Taht Sour Lakbir, Quartier Zaouia El Abassia

Du Pacha, 33 Rue De La Liberte

Riad el Dar, 52 Derb Halfaoui, Bab Doukala

Dar El Douar, Route de l’Ourika

Riad Harryson, 6 Rue Loubnane, Gueliz

Riad Agathe, 254 Sidi Bouamar, Riad Laarouss

Riad Alwane, 39  Derb Chbouk Zaouia

Dar Karmous, Martine, Philippe Lesage, Route de Fès km 9 M’HAMDIA

Riad Bab Chems, 6 Derb el hajra, quartier dabachi Marrakech

Riad el Filali, 50 Tath Sour el Kebir, Zouaia El Abbassia

Kasbah Igoudar, 30 min de lalla takerkouste, Route Amizmiz

Riad Badra, 203 Arset Aouzal, Bab Doukkala – Médina

Riad Ghemza, Derb Laatabi no 2 Kaat Bennahid

Riad Anais, 18 derb El Hammam, Riad Laarouss, Medina

Riad Celestia, 56 Derb Sidi Lahcen, Bab Doukala Medina

Dar Darma, 11/12, Trik Sidi Bohuarba

Gite Rural Le Paradis Berbere, Route de l’Ourika, BP 36 Sidi Ghiate

Riad Pedronoor, 8 Db Atia Allah, hay Salam, Marrakech

Terres d’Amanar, 245 Avenue Mohammed V 4eme etage, Gueliz

Riad Dar Tababt, Hay Sidi Ben Slimane, Derb Bounhar, n°36

Villa Dar Ifilkou, Douar Abiad, Palmeraie

Riad Majorelle, 63 Derb El Kadi, Azbezt

Dar Moulay Ali, 6 Derb El Ouartani, Mouassine -Médina

Riad Habib Allah, Medina, 26 Derb Deboulfdai

Riad Dar Baya, riad zitoune el jadid, 53 derb Reguragui kaa el houma

Riad Dar El Hanaa, 16 Derb Ouaihah – Sidi Abdel Aziz, Medina

Riad Omar, 22 rue Bab Agnaou – Medina

Dar Sara Srira, 108 Derb Arset Awzel, Bab Doukkala

Dar Souilha, Km 10 Route Essaouira

Riad Verdeau, 14 Derb El Arsa Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad Jardin Grenadine, 145 Derb Jdid Bab Doukkala, Tensift elhaouz

Riad Lila, Derb Dabachi Derb My Abdelkader No 21

Dar Jani, 18 Derb el Koudia, Kasbah

Hotel Tizgui, 19 Derb Jedid Riad Zitoune EL Kadim

La Maison du Noyau, Jemma El Fna, Medina

Dar Salam, 162 Derb Ben Fayda Arset Hiheri, rue Legza Bab Doukkala

Palais Noor el Jena, km 17 route de Fes, Ouled Hassoune

Riad Essaoussan, 25 Derb El Ganayez, El Mouassine

Riad M’hidou, Route Fes Km 10 Lamhamdia Palmeraie

Riad Moulay Tayeb, 19 Derb El Jdid El Kbir, Lakssour Medina

Riad Zouigna, No9 Derb Jdid, Quartier Assalam

Riad Souvenir de Marrakech, 1 Derb El Marstane, Zaouia El Abassia – Medina

Dar Naciria Marrakech, 116 Place du petit Marche Guel

Ryad Yacout, 254 rue sidi bouamar riad laarousse

Dar Shama, Douar Abiad, Circuit de la Palmeraie

Riad Dar Iaazane, 57 Derb El Hammam Mouassine

Riad Esmeralda, 44 Derb Draoua, Quartier Sidi Ben Slimane

Dar Hania, Derb Dalia 6, Quartier Dabachi Ben Saleh

Riad Simbad, 45 driba Jdida, sidi Ben Sliman

Villa Casa Rossa, Palmeraie

Villa Siklema, Golf Amelkis

Riad Al Ghaliya, 90 Zaouia, Sidi Ghanem

Marrakech Guesthouse Tizalia Riad, Drb Djakaa No 66 Riad, Zitoune el Kadim

Dar Assoura, Derb Lalla Azzouna 6

Riad Maranna, 10 Derb Ahmer, Quartier Laksour

Riad Zitoune Jdid, Derb Zaouia No 1, Médina

Dar Mai, 85 Derb Djamaa, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Dar Jirane, 3 derb Ouartani, Mouassine

Riad El Farah, el Kasbah, Derb El Oualidine 35

Riad Mandar Jamil, 43 rue El Ksour, Médina

Riad Amskal, Sidi mimoun, 129 drb sidi mbarek

Riad Caid Rassou, Quartier Bab Ailen, 4 Derb Caïd Rassou

Riad Tanine, 77  Derb El Kadi, Medina

Dar Kawa Riad

Dar Nadir, 93 Derb Tizzougarine, Medina

Riad Al Tainam, Derb saada, Arset Houta

Riad les Orientales, Bab Doukala, Medina, near the Mosque of Bab Doukala

Riad Diaffe, 58/4 Derb Jdid, Douar Graoua, Medina

Riad Noces de Roses, 195 derb el Harsa

Riad Doha, 10 Riad Zitoun Lakdim Derb Lakhbar

Villa Maha, Douar Abiad, Palmeraie

Riad Dar Tinmel, 4 Derb Chorfa Seghir

Riad Isis, Derb Dabachi, Derb DJdid, No12

Riad Maoulay

Riad Eclectica, Derb Jamaa 37, Riad Zitoun Lakdem

Riad Royal, Wahat Sidi Brahim, Palmeraie

Ryad Puchka, 24, Derb Haddada- Quartier Ben Saleh- M_dina, quartier Ben Saleh

Riad Zenithya, Derb Sidi Messaoud No89, Bab Doukala

Domaine D’Abraj, BP 1696 Poste de Daoudiate Hay Mohammadi

You are guaranteed one of the warmest welcomes in Marrakech at our luxury riads. Browse our website and consider the accommodation on offer which we hope you will agree offers fantastic value for money.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Riad Bab Janna, 17 Derb El Kouri Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Les Lauriers Blancs, 156 derb Sidi Messaoud, Bab Doukkala

Riad Koubba, 27 derb Belbekar, Zaouhet Lahdar

Riad El Bacha, 35, Derb Tizougarine, Dar El Bacha

Dar Coram, 91 Derb Skaya, Quartier Isserbtinne

Riad Zara, 294 Derb Ben Salek, Boutouil, Bab Aylen

Riad Dar Massai, 31 Derb Sbaia Kasbah Medina

Riad Argan, 33, derb Zenka Dika, Médina

Riad Aguaviva, Sidi Ghanem, Derb Derraz 3

Riad Miski, 6, derb Abdelouassaa, Ben Saleh

Kasbah Al Mendili, Douar Laamrine, BP 27 Sidi Ghiat

Riad de L’Orangeraie, 61 rue Sidi Yamani, Medina

Riad Andalla, 15 Derb Zaari, Medina

Riad Tibibt, Alla Azzaouna no39, Moukef Medina

Riad Adore, 97 Derb Tizougarine, Dar El Bacha

Riad Azoulay, 3, Derb Jemaa El Kebir

Riad Magellan, 62 derb el Hammam, Mouassine

Riad Chergui, 53-54 Derb El Halfaoui,  Médina

Casa Taos, Route de Souihla, Km 8

Terra Mia Marrakech, Km 12 Route de Fes

Riad Safa, 64 Derb Lalla Azzouna, Kaat Benahid

Dar Habiba, Rue Riad Zituon LkDim, Derb Jdid No. 18

Riad les Inseparables, 2, Derb bounouala, zaouia abassia

Riad Jona, Riad zitoune el kedim, 34, Derb jdid

Riad Ain Dabachi, 151 Derb Jdid Dabachi, Medina

Riad El Zohar, 56 Derb El Hammam

Dar Lalla F’dila, 17 Derb allilich, Kaat ben nahid

Riad Bamaga, 86  Derb Sidi Bouamar, Riad Lâarouss

Riad Clementine, Derb Sidi Messaoud 38, Bab Doukkala

Riad Dar Zaman, 29 Derb Boualilou, Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Djebel, 190 Derb Skaya, Issebtiynne

Dar Vedra, 3, Derb Sidi Ahmed Ou Moussa, Bab Doukkala

Riad Zahr, Derb El Baroudi, Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Boussa, 192 Derb Jdid, Dabachi, Medina

Riad Malika, 29 Arsat Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Khabia, Houmate Berrima, Derb Chtoka

Riad Dixneuf La Ksour, Derb Sania No. 16 | Bab Ksour

Dar Taliwint, 26, rue de La Bahia, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad Dar-K, Derb Boucetta lekbir No23

Villas Fawakay, 8km Route de Fez

Riad Samarkand, 41, Derb Sidi Lahcen, Bab Doukkala

Dar Hanane, 9 Derb Lalla Azzouna

Riad 72, 72 Arset Awzel, Bab Doukkala, Medina

Maison Mnabha, 32 – 33 Derb Mnabha, Kasbah

Riad Alaka, 35 Derb Alaka

Riad Honey Sarl, Derb el Khalifa Boutouil 88, Bab Ayelal

Riad Dar Alfarah, 58, derb Touareg, Ksibat N’Hass, Kasbah – Médina

Riad Akka, 65, derb Lahbib Magni, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad Princesse Jamila, 19 Derb Zenka Dayka

Riad Saba, 2 derb Cherkaoui,Douar Graoua

Riad Jaglia, Kaat Benahid, 33 rue Tachanbacht

Riad Sable Chaud, 135 Derb Ejdid, Bab Doukkala

Dar Ma Ward, 5, Derb El Khettara, Kaa Al Machra

Riad Alegria, 62 Derb Touareg

Riad Aubrac, 29 Derb Ben Allal, Ben Salah

Riad Libitibito, 6 Derb Ouaihah Sidi Abdelaziz

Riad Zayane, 36, derb Ennakhla, Bab Doukkala

Riad Shemsi, 194 Derb Chtouka, Medina-Kasbah

Riyad El Mezouar, 28, derb el Hammam, Issebtinne

Riad Almoulouk, Dabachi, derb My Abdelkader 51

Riad Anabel, 8 Derb Jdid

Dar Malak, 20 derb Assabane, Riad Laarouss

Riad Les Ammonites, Derb el Cadi 51, Azbezt

Riad Alboraq, 49, Derb Taht Sour Lakbir, Zaouia Al Abbassia

Riad Davia, Derb Aarab No 43 Boutouil

Riad Ker Saada, 28 derb el Arsa, Quartier Kennaria

Riad Dar Dallah,107, Derb El Cadi, Azbest, Médina

Riad Dar Saad, Rue Dar el Bacha 3 derb Ben Chekroune

Riad Dar Lea, Place Riad Laarouss Sidi Bouamar, Derb El Mezgour 41

Ryad Dar Ganou, 3, derb Fahl Ezzafriti,Laksour – Médina

Riad Abracadabra, Derb Jamaa, 125, Medina

Riad Dar More, 44 derb Jdid, Riad Zitoun Lakdim

Riad Baboune, Bab Aylen 271, Derd Lamrabet

Riad Carina, 76 Rue Berrima, Derb Touareg

Riad Bel Haj, 60 Derb Moulay Abdellah Ben Hssaine, Ksour

Dar Kantzaro, Route de Fes

Riad et Dar Maison Do, 1 et 21 derb Hajjama, Ben Salah Médina

Riad Marrabahia, 6 rue Bahia

Riad Eden, 25, Derb Jdid, Riad Zitoune Lakdim

Peacock Pavilions, Kilometer 13, Route de Ourzazate

Riad Itrane, 105, Derb Jamaa Derb Dabachi

Ryad Noura, 142, Derb El Faran, Sidi Ahmed Soussi

Riad Balkisse, 4 Derb Charij, Médina

Riad Misria, 17 derb Anboub, Quartier Baroudyine Medina

Riad El Faris, 14, derb Charki, Zaouia Abbassia

Riad Albizzia, Derb Sbaiya 7

Riad Dar Thania, 64 derb Jdid, Quartier Douar Graoua

Riad Amiris, 47 Derb Sidi Boulfdail, Angle Rue Kennaria

Dar Tchaikana, 25 Derb El Ferane, Azbest, Medina

Riad Darna, 2 Derb Boucetta Sirgh Kaat Benahid

Riad Altair, 21 derb Zaouia

Dar Mo’da, 182 rue el Moussine

Riad de l’Orientale, 8 Derb Ahmar, Quartier Laksour Medina

Riad Olema & Spa, 31-32, Derb Sidi Ahmed ou Moussa, Bab Doukkala

Riad Kechmara, 31 Derb Jdid Laksour, Medina

Jnane Allia,  Ain Neffad Oulad Hassoun Rouer de Fes

Riad Chi-Chi, Derb el Anboub 12, El Baroudiyines

Boutanga, Km 11.5 route d’Asni – Moulay Brahim

Riad Dalla Santa, 2 derb Maaden, Sidi Abdelaziz, Médina

La Villa Bleue, 97 Bd Moulay Abdellah

Dar Justo, 35 Derb Chorfa, Lakbir Mouassine, La Medina

Riad 107, 107 derb Jdid Douar Graoua, Medina

Riad La Maison Nomade, Sidi Benslimane, Kaa Sour, Derb Sidi Ahmed, El Barje No. 94

Riad Tarabel, 8, Derb Sraghna, Dar El Bacha

Riad Shalimar, Derb El Hammam – Bab Aylan

Dar Jaguar, 7-8 Derb El Mesfioui, Rahba Kedima

Riad El Wiam, 24 – 25 Derb Gnaoua Ben Saleh, Medina

Riad tm nights, 35 Derb ihihane, bab taghzout

Riad les Hibiscus, Derb Sidi Ben Aissa No17, Dabachi

Riad Lapis-Lazuli, 90, Zaouia Al Abbassia, Sidi Ghanem Toualt – Médina

Riad Les 5 Soeurs, 250, Derb Kadi, Bab Aïlen

Riad Jawad, Route de l’Ourika, Oasis Hassan ll, Douar Zemrane

Riad Ajmal, 75 Arset Aouzal

Riad Kerdouss, 81, Arzet Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Lena, 8, Derb El Hammam, Riad Laarouss

Riad Ayadina, 35 Zaouia El Abassia, Kaa El Machraa

Riad Awa, 6 Derb el hajra kasbah

Tajmakane, 19, lotissement El Menara, Inara, Targa

Al Ksar Riad & Spa, 11 derb Al Aati Allah, Hay Salam – Medina

Dar Nouba, 9 Derb Slima, Hart Soura, Medina

Riad Dar Tyor, 334 derb jdid

Dar Touyir, 132 bis Derb Dekkak Bab Doukkala, Medina

Riad Oumaima, 30 derb Ouayhah, Sidi Abdelaziz

Riad Al Karama, 119, derb Jdid, Quartier Dabachi

Darhani, 32 Derb Ouaihah, Qtr Sidi Abdel Aziz

Riad W, Derb Boutouil – no41, Kennraria Médina

Villa d’Akhdar

Riad Zehar, 79 Derb Habib Allah Mouassine

Riad Alwachma, 21 derb Sebh, Bab Doukkala

Riad Atman, 12 Derb Alaka

Dar Asam, 53 bis derb el cadi azbetz, Quartier Azbezt

Riad Nafis, 53-54 Ouled Ben Sebaa – Sidi Mimoun

Riad Ailen, 170 deb el mejjat

Dar Doukkala, 83 Arset Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Maizie, 95 Derb el Cadi, Azbezt

Riad Alamanda, 15, derb Jdid Dabachi, Medina

Riad Mariana, Derb El Boumba,

Riad Bayti Marrakech,35 Derb Saka, Bab Mellah

Riad Dar Nimbus, 40 Diour Jdad Zaouia, Sidi Bel Abbes

Riad Turquoise, 82 rue Touareg

Riad Dar Sbihi, 25, Derb Taht El-Khochba, Zaouia El-Abbassia

Riad Siwan, Zanka Adika No. 28, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad des Droles, Derb dabachi, Derb Jdid 23, Medina

Riad Cannelle, 10, Derd Sidi Ben Said N10

Riad Azzar, 94, Derb Moulay Abdelkader – Medina

Riad Opera, 1, Derb Bouceta Sghir, Kaât Ben Nahïd – Médina

Riad Zouina, 43, Rue Sidi Yamani – El Mouassine

Riad Sophia, 23 derb el Farrane, Riad Laarouss

Les Cinq Djellabas, Douar al Gribate, Annakhil, BP 12 517

Riad Dar Othmane, 198, Derb Essakaya – Issebtyine- Medina

The Red House, Avenue El Yarmouk, Hivernage

Riad Palmier, 22 Derb Berrima Touareg, Quartier du Mellah

Riad Chamali, 49, Derb Zemrane – Quartier Berrima, Médina

Riad Mandalay, 59 Derb Harbil, Kasbah

Dar Titrit, 7 derb Assabane Riad Laarouss, Medina

El Miria Palais Riad, Ouahat Sidi Brahim, Bellaguide-Palmeraie

Dar Housnia, 2 Derb Lalla Azzouna, Kaat Benahid

Riad Elias, 6 Derb Noursial, Ben Salah

Dar Sholmes, 82 Derb Sidi M’Barek, Quartier Sidi Mimoun

Riad Flam, Riad Zitoune Jdid, 114, Derb Sidi Moussa

Riad Bahia Salam, 61 Avenue Hommane El Fatouaki, Arest Lamaach

Riad Merstane, 13 Derb El Merstane

Riad Sirocco, Km 15. Route de Targa

Riad de Vinci, 155 Ahmed Soussi Derb el Farran

Villa Amira et SPA, 78, rue Sakia El Hamra, Semlalia

Riad Isabel, 98 Derb Jedid, Bab Doukkala

Zaouia 44, 44 Taht Sour Sghir

Riad Cocoon, 10 bis Derb Cherif

Riad Due, Riad Laarousse

Riad Fawakay, 74 Derb El Cadi, Azbezt, Medina

Riad Armelle, 23 Derb l’Hotel, Bab Doukkala

Riad Adriana, 99, Derb Jdid, Bab Doukkala

Riad Kenzo, Riad Laarouss Derb Cinco no 4

Riad Mehdia, 70 Douar Graoua, Medina

Riad Basim, Derb Kbala 92, Kasbah

Dar Baraka Karam, 11 Derb Halfaoui, Bab Doukkala

Riad Al Mamoune, 140 Derb Aarjane

Riad Dar Selen, 8 Derb El Hammam, Bab Ailen

Riad Ma’ab, 23 Derb Chentouf, Riad Laarousse Medina

Riad L’Aziza, Derb Gnaoua, 9,  Quartier Ben Saleh

Riad HadikaMaria, Derb zemrane 37,  Soura

Riad Soumia,38 derb Lhabib el Magni, Riad zitoun jdid

Riad Mesc el Lil, 88 Derb Snane, Mouassine

Villa Dinari, Alpha 41, Lots Bouazaoui, Commune al Ouidane

Riad Anya, Hay Sidi Mimoun, Derb Sidi Mbarek 149

Riad Nadir Home, 8, Derb Bel Bekkar Zaouiat Lahdar

Villa Abalya, Domaine Jnan Zeitoun, Rte de Ouarzazate

Riad Dar Maia, 31 Derb Zouina

Riad Dar Vima, Kaa Sour, 29,  Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Puchka, 24 Derb Haddada, quartier Ben Saleh

Dar Alhambra, 33 Zaquiart Lahdar, Medina

Riad Dar Karma, 51, Derb El Mennabha, Kasbah

Riad Ta’achchaqa, 19 Derb Ouayhah, Sidi Abdelaziz

Riad Sheba, 35 derb Raouia Rmila (5m from BMCI Bank)

Riad Tawargit, 68, Derb Jdid Douar Graoua Bab Ghmat

Riad Couleurs du Sud, 229 Arset Ihiri, Arset Ben Brahim, Bab Doukala

Riad Douceur Mandarine, 10 derb blal riad zitoune jdid

Riad Miliana, 95 Derb Arrab Bab Aylen

Riad d’Airain Marrakech, 8 Derb el Hammam Bab Doukkala

There are a thousand and one choices of accommodation in the City of a thousand and one nights! We believe our Marrakech Riads offer fantastic value, but also understand that our guests have  a bewildering range of choice. Browse our website, look at the rooms and suites on offer, consider the location of our Riads and the service and support we provide.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Angsana Riad Si Said,  N 1-2-4 Derb Abbes El Fassi,  Medina of Marrakech

Dar al Sultan, 26 Derb El Arsa, Riad Zitoun Jdid, Médina

Riad Kasbah, 101 Derb Harbil-Kasbah

Adama by Residhotel, Route d’Amizmiz, KM 7,5

Riad Nomades, 56 Derb Chentouf, Quartier Riad Laarous

Riad Khadija, Quartier Azbest – Medina

Villa Arfa, Route de Sidi Abdlah Ghiyad, Domaine des Oliviers

Villa Flore, 4 Derb Azzouz, Quartier Mouassine – Médina

Dar Zarraba, Douar Akarra, Tassoultant

Riad 12, Derb Sraghnas 12,  Dar el bacha

Dar al Assad, 29 Derb Hajra, Dabbachi

Riad Dar Maticha, 68 Derb Jdid, Rue Riad Zitoun Kdim

Riad Amira, 52 Derb Benzina – La Kasbah, Medina

Riad Mazal, Gueliz lot 28 Albelk Quartier Semlalia

Riad Assouel, 51 Derb Lalla Bent Lamri, Medina

Dar Balthazar, 32 Derb El Halfaoui, Bab Doukkala

Riad Al Rimal, 43 Derb Fahl Ezzafriti, Quartier Laksour

Riad Irene, 36, rue kaa akhlige Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Amina, Sidi ben Slimane Derb Si Mouh No 1

Riad Dar Khmissa, 166 Derb Jemaa Lakbira, Arset Moussa Lakbira

Riad Les Oiseaux, 54 Derb abid ellah, Mouassine, Médina

Riad Karmanda, Sidi Youb, Medina

Dar marhaba marrakech, 22 derb sidi bouamer, riad laarouss

Riad Jenai – Demeures du Maroc, Derb Belbakkar, Zaouite Lahder

Riad Aliya, 10, Derb Akerkour, Quartier Kasbah

Riad Nerja, 152, Bab Aylane, Derb Caid Rassou, Medina

Dar Mouassine, 148 Derb Snane, Mouassine, Medina

Riad Dar El Masa, no 35 Derb jdid

Dar Nour El Houda, 3 Derb Lahdhiri, Kaat Bennahid

Royal Mansour Marrakech, Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti

Kasbah Omar, Anrar, Ourika Valley

Riad Le Coq Fou, 44, Derb Assabanne, Medina

Riad Al Assala Medina, Rue du dispensaire et rue Sequaia, No19, Arsat Moulay Moussa, Medina

Riad Ineslisa, 3 Derb Boualilou – Sidi Ben Slimane

Riad Chacha Lalla, 42 Derb Lalla Chacha Douar Graoua

Riad Villa Wenge, Derb Messfioui n4 Rabha, Médina

Riad Yima, 52 Derb Aarjane – Rahba – Lkdima, Medina

La Pause, Douar Lmih Laroussiene, Commune Agafay

Dar Donab, 53 Dar El Basha Bab Doukkala

Ryad El Borj, 63 Derb Moulay Abdelkader, Derb Dabachi

Riad Ambre et Epices, 89 Arset Aouzal,  Bab Doukkala Medina

Riad Catalina, 21 Derb Allal Ben Hssaine

Angsana Riad Bab Firdaus, N. 57 -58 Rue de la Bahia , Riad Zitoun Jdid Medina

Dar Andamaure, 138 Derb Gach gach Quartier Dabachi

Riad Marrakiss, 103 Derb Moulay Abdelkader

Riad Chraibi, 9 Derb Azouz, Mouassine-Medina

Riad Al Kadar, 132 , Derb Jamaa – Arset – Belbaraka

Dar Bounouar, 9 Derb Bounouar, Kaat Benahid Medina

Riad Losra, Diour Jdad 103

Riad Al Idrisi, Derb Sidi Lhassen ou Ali 66, Bab Doukkala

Riad Ennafoura, 5, Derd Ben Nacer, Kaat Ben Nahid, Médina

Riad Slitine, Riad Zitoun Jdid, no42 Derb Zenka Deika

Dar Zouar, 14 Derb Marhouk, Bab Taghzout

Riad Dar Mimouna Hotel, Sidi Mimoun Derb Sidi M’Barek 151

Riad Dar Tayib, Kaat Bennahid Derb Lalla Azzouna No 19

Riad Aya, 41, Derb Toudgha, Dar el Aakib

Riad El Nour, 7 Derb El Ferrane Azbetz

Villa 24, Domaine Jnan Zeitoun, Rte de Ouarzazate

Ksar Anika, Rue Makbara des Juifs, Mellah

Riad Jardin des Reves, 70 Derb Sidi Lahcen ou Ali Bab Doukkala

Villa Amane, Route de d’Ouarzazate

Jnane Tamsna, Douar Abiad, La Palmeraie

Riad Talaa 12, 12 Talaa Ben Youssef, Medina

Riad Moullaoud, 33 derb Guessaba El kebir, EL Moukkef

Villa President, Rte de Ouarzazate

Riad El Sagaya, 150, Arset Ihiri – Bab Doukkala, Medina

Riad Dar Tamlil, Rue riad Zitoun el Kedim, Derb Lakhdar no 7

Riad Sukkham, Porte Bab Ailen et Bab Ghemat

Dar Ouaatta, 90, Derb Hammam, La Kasbah

Riad Dar EL Grably, 8 Derb El Arsa Riad Zitoun Jdid, Medina

Shems Moon, Rte Amizmiz, Oumnass

Dar Limoun, 25 Derb Ben Amrane, Riad Zitoun El Qdim, Medina

Dar Tougga, 564 Touggana

Angsana Riad Aida, 59 Derb Lamouagni, Medina

Riad Sharmance, Derb Ben Allal

L’Hotel By Beldi, Km6 Route du Barrage “Cherifia” ,  BP 210

Riad Dar Badra, 178 Arset Aouzal, Bab Doukkala

Riad Farah, 9  Derb Laadam, Rue Kennaria

Riad Safran, 18 Derb Jamaa, Kennaria

Riad Elytis, 41 Derb Tizougarine

Dar Fangui, 10 Derb Rahala, quartier Kasbah

Chezlarbi, km 46 route de l’ourika,  Aghbalou

Riad Caesar, 19 Derb Jamaa

Riad Le Coq Berbere, 37 Derb Assabanne

Riad Andalouse, Quartier Bouskri, Derb El Farran Lakdim n°1

Riad Marana, 10, Derb Ahmer, Laqsour – Medina

Riad Zineb, 145, Derb El Kadi, Azbest

Villa Alouna, Domaine el Majal Palmeraie de Marrakech

Riad Agdid, 4 Derb El Farane Arset Misfioui, Médina

Riad Bibtia Italia, Mouassine Derb El Hammame No58, Médina

Les jardins de Riad Laarouss, 56, Derb Sidi Bouamar, Medina

Riad Azyade, Derb Sidi Messoud Kasbah

Riad Noga, 78 Derb Jdid, Douar Graoua

Dar Choumissa, 14 Derb Labzioui

Dar Kaly, Rte du Consul, El Ouidane

Mumtaz Dar, Douar Chaouf, Commune Wahat, Sidi Brahim

Riad Magi, 79 Derb Moulay Abdul Kader, Derb Dabachi, Medina

Riad Minorisa, 25, Derb Assebane

Dar Sabra, Douar Abbiad, La Palmeraie

Jnane Leila, 353 Boulevard Med VI

Riad 34, Riad Zitoun Jdid Derb Lahbib No. 34

Tigmi, Douar Tagadert el Kaldi, Marrakech BP 78

Douarskoll, Derb el Hammam, 66

Dar Tasmayoun, Km 30, Route de Fes

Angsana Riad Blanc, 25, Derb Si Said, Medina of Marrakech

Riad Zina, 38 Derb Assabane, Riad Laârouss

Riad Sidi Mimoune, Sidi mimoune db sidi mbarek no 45,  Medina

Riad Des Epices, Sidi Ishaq, Place des Epices

Les Jardins d’Henia, 34 Derb M’nabha – Kasbah

Riad Nora, 112 Derb Sidi Moussa, Quartier Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad Azukar, Derb Moulay Idriss, Douard Graoua – Medina

Royal Decameron Issil, Circuit De La Palmeraie, Marrakech 1572

Riad Al Jazira, 8, Derb Mayara, Sidi Ben Sliman, Medina

Riad Diarna, No 163, Derb Djdid

Riad Dar Bamileke, 17, Derb Dabachi Derb Jemaa

Riad Elixir, Rue Bounouala, Touala Sidi Ghanem – Medina

Riad L’Emir, 10 bis, Derb Arsa, Kennaria

Riad Zenith, Jnane Ben Chagra, No. 32

Riad Perle d’Orient, Dar el bacha, 96 Derb Tizougarine

Riad Numero 10, 8 Derb Jemaa – Riad zitoune Lakdim, Medina

Dar Latifa, 17 Derb Lalla Azzouna, Kâat ben Nahid

Riad Heritage, Derb Sici Mbarek  139, Side Mimoun Medina

Riad Opale, 56, Derb lahri berrima

Riad Alisma, 50 rue de la Bahia, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad O, Derb Sidi Ahmed ou Moussa, Bab Doukkal

La Villa des Golfs, Route Ait Ourir, 200m avant Amelkis et Golf Royal

Villa Vanille, N 60 – Douar Bellaaguid Commune Sidi Brahim, Palmeraie

Riad Dar ATTIKA, de la Bahia Derb Tlitli no 15, Riad Zitoune Jdid

Riad Radia, 60, Derb Moulay Abdelkader, Dabachi

Riad Kaiss, 65 Derb Jdid, Riad Zitoun Kedim

Villa Chamade, Golf Amelkis, Marrakech

Dar Benanni, 69 Derb Abib allah

Riad Habiba, 82, derb Jemmaa, Riad Zitoun Jdid – Médina

Villa la petite Marquise, Km 2, Route de L’Ourika

Riad Sofia, 179, Derb arset aouzal, Bab Doukkala, Dar el bacha Mèdina

Riad Bouganvilliers, 5 Derb Ben Amrane Riad Zitoun Qdim

Riad Cherkaoui, Derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi, Ben Slimane

Dar Zelda, 7 Derb Laakar, Kaât Bennahid

Riad Herougui, 3 Derb Herougui, Azbtez

Riad Aderbaz, 40 Derb Al Foundouk,  Qt Sidi Mimoune-Médina

Riad Shaden, 222 Derb El Kadi, Bab Ailen

Dar Lalla Anne, 41 Derb Sidi Messaoud, Sidi Ben Slimane, Médina

Riad Africa, 287 Derb Sidi Bouamer, Quartier Riad Laarouss

Ourika Garden, Agbalou, Ourika Valley

Villa des Palmiers, Douar Ouleg Rguig – Matrane, Palmeraie

Riad Dar Elghali, 128 Derb Zamouri, Bab doukkala

Riad lyla Marrakech, 4 et 5 rue ouartani, mouassine

Riad Mazagao, Medina, 4 Derb El Hajra Assuel

Riad Sesame, Bab doukkala derb zaouia No 5

Riad Sindibad with Spa, 413 Arset Ben Brahim, Medina

Riad Golfame, 32, Derb Lalla Bent Lamri, Assouel, Médina

Dar Marhaba, 110 Derb Moulay Abdelkader derb Dabachi

Dar Al Kounouz, 54 Derb Snane, Mouassine

Riad Sidi Ayoub, 113/114 Derb Al Arsa, Medina

Riad Laurence Olivier, Bab Ghemat, Arset Mesfioui Derb Tbib N°82

Riad Camilia, Derb El Ouali no 9 , Kaat Bennahid

Riad Dar Palmyra, 67 Derb Kadi Haja Quartier Sidi, Mimoun

Riad Tchina, Bab Aylen, 21 Derb Ferrane

Les Jardins de Mouassine, 20 Derb Chofra El Kebir

Dar Limoun Amara, 71 Derb Jemaa, Riad Zitoun Jdid

Riad Enija, 9 Derb Mesfioui, Rahba, Lakdima

Riad El Az, 152, Derb Sidi M’Barek, Sidi Mimoun

Villa Tata Marie, Route de l’Ourika Km 16.5

Riad Amira Victoria, 12, Derb El Baroud, Hart Essoura, Bab Kechich, Médina

Riad Les Yeux Bleus, 7 Derb El Ferrane, Bab Doukkala, Medina

Angel’s Riad, 6 Derb Houara, Berrima

Riad Safar, 29, Derb Ouihah Quartier Sidi Abdelaziz, Medina

Dar Rbaa Laroub, 61, Derb Abib Allah, Quartier Mouassine

Dar Elma, 81 Derb Sidi Bouamar, Riad Larousse

Riad Tiziri, 1, Derb Msimir, Kaat Bennahid

Dar Cherif, Km 11, Route de Ouarzazate

Riad Linda, 93 Derb Jamaa, Derb Dabachi, Medina

Riad El Faran, 156 Derb El Faran, Sidi Hamed Soussi

Riad Laila, 104 Diour Jdad – Kbour Chou

Riad Al Nour, 7, Derb haj housseine, Bab Doukkala

Maison Orange, Medina

Riad Tawanza, 23 Derb El Ferrane

Riad Habibi, G29, Qaria Siyahia

Les Couleurs de l’Orient, 22 Derb Lakhdar

Riad l’Etoile du Sud, 64 rue Touareg, Ksibt N’Hass

Riad Des Orangers, 43 Derb El Hammam, Quartier Assouel

Riad Johenna, Center of Medina

Riad La Maison Rouge, No 54 Bis Derb Zemrane, Quartier Berrima

Zalagh Kasbah Hotel and Spa, Zone Touristiqur Agdal Lots 18, Avenue Mohamed VI

Riad Kalila, Derb Snane no 65 et 66, Mouassine

Dar Tifawine, km 16,5 route d’Amizmiz, Tameslouht

Riad Assala, 8 Derb Ouaihah, Sidi Abdel Aziz – Médina

Les jardins de kesali, Route d’Ourika 7km

Palais Riad Calipau Marrakech, 14 Derb Ben Zina, Marrakech Kasbah

Riad Magie D’Orient, 16 Derb Jdid, Bab Laksour

Dar Maada, 6 Derb El Maada

Dar Zemrane, 28 Derb Zemrane, Bab Doukkala – Medina

Djemaa El Fna Hotel Cecil, Derb Sidi Bouloukate

Riad El Arsat, 10 Derb Chemaa, Arset Loughzail, Medina

Hotel Salsabil, 30 Derb Lamtougui, Koutoubia

Riad Dar Tah Tah, 8 Derb Tah Tah, Rahba Kedima, Medina

Riad Bianca, 91 Derb sidi messaoud, arset ihiri

Riad Julia, 14, Derb El Halfaoui, Bab Doukkala, Médina

Aquarelle Riad, 35 Derb Roda, Riad Laarousse

Riad Dar Sara, N 120 Derb Arst Awzel

The annual  festival of Moroccan Popular Arts will be in its 46th year in 2011.  The music and culture of every region of Morocco is represented with performances all over the Red City.  The El Badi Palace is a particular focus and its intimate courtyards will be filled with performers and spectators.

Our superbly restored Riads in the heart of the old town are the perfect base from which to explore the Medina of Marrakech. Reserve your luxury accommodation today and be sure of a truly warm moroccan welcome!

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The Fondouk Restaurant is a Marrakech landmark, located just to the East of the Ben Yussef Mosque and the Marrakech Museum.

The menu at Le Fondouk spans both traditional Moroccan and Modern European Cuisine.  In the summer months dining on the atmospheric roof terrace is particularly recommended.  Our Riads in Marrakech provide the perfect base from which to explore. The Riad staff will be pleased to help you make reservations at top restaurants as well as advising and supporting you with other aspects of your luxury Marrakech break.  

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Chez Ali is a long established attraction in the Palmeraie district of Marrakech.  Visitors are treated to dinner in a moroccan tent while being entertained by minstrels and dancers representing the regions of Morocco, this is followed by a circus style show in a large central arena including displays of horsemanship, gunfire and sometimes fireworks.

The show, also known as Fantasia, frequently figures on the itineries of the large tour operators. It is not so often visited by independent travelers who are less attracted to its ‘Disney’ style and feel.  Guests at our Marrakech Riads have enjoyed the show and found it good family entertainment.

Our staff will be pleased to help with reservations at Chez Ali as at other Marrakech restaurants and attractions. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our boutique Riad hotels. Make contact today!

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