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At Marrakech Riad we pride ourselves on offering our guests as much support and information as they require to help them to plan their perfect stay in our beautiful Medina accommodation.some basic information for tourists visiting Marrakech, Morocco is on offer here for our guests.

Recycled bags from inner tubes

Marrakech is a city that is full of interesting sights, there are a lot of fascinating things to do and unique places to explore; but very few places are as interesting, as fascinating or as unique as Chez Monsieur Michelin, a small boutique selling products made from recycled tires and inner-tubes. As we entered the […]

carre eden shopping center marrakech

Located on Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad in the heart of Gueliz, Marrakech’s New town, the Carré Eden Centre contains 80 shopping units selling a range of products and services from clothes to electrical appliances, from the American Coffee chain Starbucks to the French Supermarket Carrefour. The building, designed by Karim El Achak, provides a sleek, […]

Sequins marrakech

A breast cancer survivor and belly-dance teacher from Chiswick in London, Yvette Cowles is set to take her one woman show Sequins on my Balcony to   Riad Star – the Marrakech residence of Jazz superstar and banana dance originator, Josephine Baker – for a one-off charity performance on Friday 16 January 2015. A soloist with Johara Dance Company […]

Souk Cherifa Marrakech

Situated to the north of the world famous Marrakech Souks, under the Terraces des Epices restaurant and very close to Riad Star and Riad Cinnamon is Souk Cherifa, a small collection of high end boutiques selling stylish, modern and quirky interpretations of classic Marrakech items. From beautiful handmade tan sandals to traditional Moroccan inspired clothes […]

New easyjet route Glasgow Marrakech

Budget airline easyjet have added a new route from Glasgow (GLA), Scotland to the great city of Marrakech (RAK). This convenient new flight will begin on Wednesday 29th of October and will run twice weekly on Saturdays and Wednesdays. This is a great new way to get to the red city and start your luxury […]

Royal Theatre, Marrakech

  Inaugurated on 19th of September 2001 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Théâtre Royal de Marrakech has worked to secure the red city’s reputation as one of the major artistic and cultural focal points of the world. Inside it’s impressive 1200-seat open-air theatre and 800-seat opera house, the theatre hosts a variety of […]

queen of the dessert

Actress Nicole Kidman is currently in Morocco shooting the biopic ‘Queen of the Desert’ based on the extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell a writer archeologist and diplomat who played a key role in establishing the modern states of Jordan at the end of the nineteenth century.  


Keep It Secret! Not such a well kept secret these days is the KIS boutique on Mouassine not far from the main square.  Clothes, accessories, bags, toiletries and household items from contemporary Moroccan and international designers. There is a small Cafe on the roof terrace.


Some of the most amusing and remarkable characters in the Medina are the Taureg traders who offer tinkets and jewelry as well as art and antiquities. One of our favourites is the charming Abdou (to the right) who will always offer a mint tea and smile, whether or not you buy from the shop on […]

jamade marrakech

Close to habiba on the way to pepe nero restaurant jamade boutique  is a great place from where to buy nice jewelry, handbags and many other small items, most of which would fit your hand luggage. Although it has  an European look, this cute little shop still have that Moroccan feel to it…but you can’t […]

easyjet new route bristol marrakech

Budget airline Easyjet have added a convenient new flight from Bristol to Marrakech. From December 14th 2013 the service will operate on Saturdays and Tuesdays. When you arrive our Riads in Marrakech provide the perfect base from which to explore the Red City.  

Poste Maroc

On the south-western side of the central square of Jemaa al-Fnaa you will discover a large post office (Poste Maroc). Sending a postcard or letter is usually cheap, but in Morocco it is especially so. For less than 10 Dirham (around 70p) you can send a postcard to anywhere in Europe. The yellow post boxes […]

Marrakech Lamps in Souks

Lamp’s have held a hugely high value in Moroccan architecture and design for hundreds of years and are used in all four corners of Morocco to decorate shops, restaurants and houses. Hand-crafted Moroccan lamps come in all shapes and sizes and often take a painstakingly long time to complete. In Jemaa al-Fnaa many lamp salesmen […]

Milk of the camel

Camels have played a important role for North Africans for thousands of years. In ancient times they were crucial as a mode of transport and this tradition continues today in more rural areas of Morocco. The guardian of the Riad Dar Habiba tells me that throughout Morocco these majestic beasts are universally respected. A camels […]

Eid celebrations

As the holy fasting month of Ramadan draws to a close in the world of Islam, the red city of Marrakech comes alive as vibrant religious festivities for Eid go underway. Eid celebrations are split into two parts, ‘Eid al-Fitr’ (festival of the breaking of the fast) which is followed by ‘Eid as-Adha’ (festival of […]


Nestled alongside Boulevard Al Yarmouk is the Marrakech Medina’s cyber park. If you are looking to seek some shade from the Moroccan sun or need to send a quick e-mail while you are on the move in the city, then the cyber park is the ideal location to spend an hour and recharge your batteries. […]


Anyone who has experienced Marrakech will know that unlike most Europeans, the Marrakshi are on the move 24/7. Be it by donkey, horse, motorbike or car you will see the local inhabitants speeding through the ancient city all through the day and night. This does indeed give Marrakech a unique atmosphere. At times it feels […]

street art

Above is an example of the kind of street art that can be seen on a walk through Marrakech. This piece of art is the work of French street artist Christian Guémy who goes under the pseudonym of ‘C215’. Guémy has been described as being akin in style and popularity to British street artist ‘Banksy’ and his stencil […]

50 dirhams

The official currency in Morocco is the Dirham (DH), divided into 100 centimes, and the word derives from the Greek Drachmae, meaning ‘handful’. In 2009, a new 50-dirham note appeared, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Central Bank and this was the first commemorative banknote issued in Morocco. Front shows portraits of kings Mohammed VI, […]

Group of singers, Folk Art Festival, Marrakech

For a period of five days, between 17th and 21st of June, Marrakech will be hosting a cultural event of music diversity. At the Folk Art Festival of Marrakech, one of the oldest events of such amplitude, you will see important Moroccan bands like Reggada, Ahwach, Ahidous, Dekka Elmarrakchia, Houara, Elguedra, Rakba, S’kel. The purpose […]

place de ferblantiers marrakech

Located in the heart of Mellah district, the old Jewish quarter, Place Ozadria also called Place des Ferblantiers is one of the main tourist attractions of Marrakech given the numerous shops and workshops where local craftsmen use to make lamps, candle holders or other glass or metal items from where the name of “tinsmiths square”. […]

Setti Fatima_edited-1

The road from Marrakech to Orika Valley’s Setti Fatma is long, straight and stunning. What starts as a long snowcapped penciled horizon above the steering wheel slowly begins to engulf the whole front and side windscreens as you approach the colossal High Atlas Mountains. A small village that is not too far from your Marrakech […]

Riad Cinnamon, Riad Papillon and Dar Habiba will be featured with HipMarrakech on stand AF7 in the Africa section at the Destinations travel show in Earls Court, London  31 January and 1 2 3 February 2013. To secure FREE tickets to the show follow the link below and use the code MSC68 www.destinationsshowtickets.com There is […]


From March 2013 budget airline Ryanair will have two aircraft based in Marrakech, their first operating base in Africa Seven new routes will commence to Baden, Bergerac, Cuneo (Italy), Dole (France), Munich, Paris (Vatry) & Tours bringing the number of ryanair routes to Marrakech to a total twenty two and the projected number of Ryanair […]

Lalla Takerkoust

Just an hour and half by 50cc scooter with two people, or 45 minutes by car you can visit a manmade lake of tranquility and beauty steeped on one side by sloping banks intertwined with a small forest and on the other a plateau of barren but charming land. This is lake Lalla Takerkoust, which is […]

1900s Dar El Basha

A harem of your beautiful women relaxing and natural, greets the Pacha of Marrakech at his grossly decorated palace in the heart of the Marrakshi medina. As the Pacha of Marrakech, most powerful man in Morocco and one of the richest in the world, Themi El Glaoui was able to command great respect and a […]

chez josephine

We don’t often write about restaurants outside of Marrakech but are making this exception for quite possibly the most welcoming restaurant in the world! In the words of Jason Sheftell of the New York Daily News “Certain New York scenes are not dead yet. There are still low-lit corners where the Madagascar ambassador can sit […]