Fresh vegetables are a staple food in Marrakech.  It is common to see farmers selling produce in the narrow streets of the medina, there are also specialist greengrocers like this one on the Rue Mouassine on the way to the Jemma al Fnaa Square from our Marrakech Riads.

There is nothing to compare to a Riad boutique hotel to experience the charm of old Marrakech and the genuine warmth of a Moroccan welcome. Reserve accommodation today and you can order a delicious meal to be waiting for you on arrival.

The Moroccan National Flag is proudly flown in the medina of Marrakech on secular and religious holidays.

Stay in a traditional Marrakech Riad and experience the historic medina.

Our staff folding bicycle is a familiar site in central medina.
Stay in a historic Riad to experience the old town of Marraekch at first hand.

Craftsmen from the Imperial City of Fez, Morocco are known for their intricate tile work.

This magnificent example is behind a fountain in the old town of Marrakech. Stay in one of our Riad boutique hotels and experience the Red City at First hand. Make contact today to reserve accommodation.

Dusk at the end of a long hot day, just around the corner from Riad Papillon in the fashionable Dar El Bashah district of Marrakech, Morocco.

Both our Marrakech Riads are located in the heart of the old town medina, come and experience this ancient culture and the warmth of our Marrakech welcome.

We are very proud of new table and chairs at Marrakech Riad Cinnamon. Made to measure by craftsmen in the Sidi Boukshish district of the Souks they feature distinctive local ‘Maichault’ metalwork as well as leather from the Marrakech tanneries.

Perfect for your arrival meal or just to chill out and enjoy the ambiance of the courtyard at this distinctive Marrakech Riad. There is no better place to stay when you visit exotic Marrakech, make your reservation today!

There are an amazing variety of goods for sale in the Marrakech Souks, take your time to browse and you will find glazed pottery to fit any colour scheme!

Our Riads in the Medina provide the perfect base for your holiday or short break in Magical Marrakech. Make contact today.

Salam Eileikum and welcome to Marrakech Riad, Boutique hotel accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech is an exciting & relatively safe city, common sense is the new visitors biggest asset. Above all we would suggest that you do not over plan your stay, allow plenty of time for exploring at your own pace. The central location of our Riads means you can retreat to the calm of the Riad from time to time and enjoy a complimentary mint tea on the patio or roof terrace.

  • Remember sun screen, sun hat, sun glasses, comfortable shoes, Riad Papillon or Riad Cinnamon Dar Habiba, or Riad Star address (your Riad Guardian can supply a location map).
  • In the summer it is an excellent idea to take water out with you but it is polite to be discrete about drinking during the holy month of Ramadan when the locals are fasting
  • Confidence is the key! If your body language is positive you are much less likely to attract unwanted attention.
  • The Old town of Marrakech, particularly the area South of the Riad through the Souks to the square is regularly patrolled by plain clothes tourist police known as the ‘brigade touristique’
  • The  narrow streets of the Medina may seem chaotic but there is some ‘method to the madness’.  Pedestrians generally keep to the right (unless they are seeking shade) leaving  wheeled vehicles to whiz down the middle. Walking slowly down the middle of the road while reading a map is therefore generally a bad idea!
  • Make sure you have some cash with you-including small change for taxi fares, drinks, guides & tips.
  • ‘Hard Currency’ (Euros, Sterling or US$) can be a positive bargaining point if you are buying larger items. Credit cards are not widely used.
  • A local pay as you go mobile phone is usually available for you to use during your stay. You can buy calling cards from kiosks throughout the medina. Please remember to return it ready for the next guests at the end of your stay!
  • Marrakech is a City where your choice of accommodation can make the difference between an outstanding stay and a disappointing one. At Marrakech Riad our English speaking staff provide a Warm Moroccan Welcome and will do their very best to make you fell at home in the Medina. Contact us to make your reservation!

Marrakech Riad deals make it even more attractive to stay in our two fantastic Riad hotels in the central medina.

Marrakech Riad deals and Offers are regularly updated. Pick up a choice bargain with our best prices available through our website.

“Brazil, Morocco,  London to Ibiza,  Straight to LA, New York,  Vegas to Africa” from the lyrics of Jennifer Lopez worldwide hit “on the floor” which is currently topping the charts across Europe and North Africa.

Marrakech is one of hottest destinations in Morocco and in Africa. Get involved, check out our boutique Riad hotels in the fashionable old town Medina.

Now is the time to make your Xmas or New Year reservation in one of our stunning Marrakech Riads. Check out our outstanding seasonal banquet menu!Why not enjoy a whole Riad rental with friends or family.  Take advantage of our offers, don’t delay making your holiday season reservation.

Our friends at klik2travel today launched their new website with a new Marrakech City Guide alongside their establish London City Guide.

Video articles include:

Jemma al Fnaa

Jemma al Fnaa at night

Marrakech Riad Papillon

Marrakech Riad Cinnamon

A day trip to Essaouira, featuring images by Bjorn Loeden

And most recently added, Rabha Kedima:

After you browse the fantastic City Guide, don’t forget to reserve your Marrakech accommodation with us in our Magical Riads situated in the heart of the old town Medina

In the heart of the Marrakech Mediana, master craftsmen, known as ‘mellem’ are working using many ancient skills. The Mellem below was photographed in the Marrakech Souks not far from Riad Cinnamon shaping an Oud in lemon wood.

The enchanting sound of classical Oud is familiar throughout the arab world

Stay in our Riads in Magical Marrakech and experience this fascinating and ancient culture at first hand.

We enjoy serving seasonal organic fruit and vegetables at our marrakech riads. In March and April this includes broad beans which are abundant in the street markets.

Reserve dinner for your arrival evening when you book accommodation. The perfect base from which to explore the ancient medina of Marrakech, Morocco.

Rare live footage of The Clash performing a song that was only played live a few times.

This song has come to be associated with Marrakech! If you are inspired to visit the Red City what better place to stay than one of our Riad hotels in the old town.

The mention of Marrakech conjures exotic images of Adventure

Don’t delay, make your reservation at one of our Riad hotels!

One of the top addresses for Vegan Food in Marrakech is the outstanding Earth Cafe located two minutes south of the main square. Vegan dishes are always on the menu and Earth Cafe is famous for its freshly squeezed juices.

The traditional Berber diet includes many pulses and beans. Staple dishes are cereal based with a variety of local breads and crepes as well as cous cous.

Stay in one of our Marrakech Riads and our dedicated staff will be pleased to prepare Vegan breakfasts for you and other meals as you require them.

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Brussels airlines are the latest carrier to fly to Marrakech. There will now be three airlines operating scheduled flights on the Brussels to Marrakech route with Brussels Airlines joining Royal Air Maroc and Thompson.  Flying time is a convenient three and a half hours.

When you arrive in sunny Marrakech let us pick you up at the airport and whisk you away to check in to one of our luxury Riad hotels.

This is novel, the debut single form MARRAKESH an alternative Rock band from Kiev Ukraine, actually they are quite good!

Search our Guide to Marrakech for tourist information.  Check out the excellent accommodation at our Marrakech Riads.

This classic song really captures the Magic of the Red City.

Make an Express reservation at one of our Riad hotels! There is no better way to enjoy the old town Medina.

Our Riads are perfect for your romantic break in Marrakech, Morocco.

Browse the romantic and intimate rooms, then reserve your favourite.

Individual suites at Riad Cinnamon:
Fez EssaouiraChefchaouen | CasablancaMeknes

Luxurious en suite rooms at Riad Papillion:

Small or ‘petit’ taxis in Marrakech can take up to three passengers. Painted a distinctive yellow they are a common sight on the streets of the Red City. We are happy to help visitors to Marrakech with travel advice whether or not they  are guests in our luxury Marrakech Riads. For five or ten minute journeys aound the old town or to nearby Guiliez the drivers often do not put on the meter, there is no need to worry about this. It is polite to give 15 or 20 dirhams (the meter would probably go to less than 10) if the driver demands more walk away with confidence you have been fair with him. For longer journeys ask them to put the meter on and round up to the nearest 10 dirhams.

The ancient City of Marrakech has been constructed and reconstructed over many centuries, with successive generation often recycling the same building material. We love this (mainly) granite wall in the historic district of Le Ksour tucked away just two minutes from the Jemma al Fnaa square.  Stay in one of our Riad boutique hotels and explore the historic old town medina at your leisure.

The Hibiscus is on flower on the roof terrace at Marrakech Riad Cinnamon. What better way to start the day than breakfast among the spring blossoms.

Reserve Riad accommodation today!

Bouganvillea loves a sunny position. We have a stunning red Bouganvillea on the roof terrace at Riad Cinnamon which is in full bloom in the Marrakech spring.

Riad Cinnamon’s roof terrace is the perfect place to relax. Come and stay with us soon!