Marrakech internships


Magical Marrakech is a multicultural city at the crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Arab world.  We are looking for motivated and professional candidates for writing and video-blogging internships in Marrakech during July and August 2016. Internships are normally between four and six weeks. You will be provided with food and lodging in Marrakech as well as basic expenses. Prospective interns should have completed at least one full year of University level education and demonstrated an ability to write persuasively.   Responsibilities include contributing to our websites, App, blogs and social media.

Writing internships

Our App for iphone Marrakech Riad Travel Guide and android Marrakech Riad Travel Guide Plus is currently in ten languages, each has been written by a native speaker containing advice and support relevant. We are looking for interns who can achieve a similarly excellent result in other languages, priorities are Portugese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Thai, but we are open to any proposal. For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a translation job. The objective is to re-imagine our guide to Marrakech, within the framework of the App in a way that makes it genuinely relevant and helpful from the cultural perspective of native speakers of your mother tongue.

Video blogging internships

Video bloggers need to demonstrate a mastery of the medium preferably through a body of work with a large existing following on social media. They and they need to bring their own equipment.  Priority languages are English, German and French.

To apply for an internship please email a letter of introduction or cv to: