The Marrakech Medina

At Marrakech Riad we pride ourselves on offering our guests as much support and information as they require to help them to plan their perfect stay in our beautiful Medina accommodation. The ancient walled city at the heart of Marrakech is a labyrinthine adventure, filled with the daily activities of the inhabitants of this marvellous place, some moments truly seem frozen in time! Here you will find details of some of the great places within those fabled walls of this celebrated red city.

Marrakech is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and bustling souks. It’s also home to a diverse and exciting culinary scene, with restaurants that offer a fusion of Moroccan and international flavors. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top restaurants in Marrakech. La Maison Arabe La Maison Arabe is a luxurious […]

Marrakech is a city that offers a unique and captivating experience all year round, but there’s something extra special about visiting in February. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions, with a variety of festivals and events taking place throughout the city. Here’s what you […]

Moroccan traditional shoes and sandal (6)

The Babouche is a traditional slipper found throughout the Arab-Muslim world. Usually made from leather and found in a variety of colours. The Babouche comes in various styles ranging from thick soled slippers. It is often worn by locals both in the Medina and in the new town. There are also more thin soled slippers […]

Moroccan lamps

Lamps have held a hugely high value in Moroccan architecture and design for hundreds of years and are used in all four corners of Morocco to decorate shops, restaurants and houses. Hand-crafted Moroccan lamps come in all shapes and sizes and often take a painstakingly long time to complete. Within 10 minute walk from our […]

Marrakech food stalls

Your Marrakech visit won’t be complete without eating out in the central square of Jemaa El Fnaa at least once.

Gnawa musician Jemma el Fnaa

Gnaws are a group of musicians that descend from the dark-skinned slaves brotherhood from Ghana, Guinea and Mali several centuries ago. The Gnawa can be seen in Marrakesh and Essouira. Every year especially in May the town of Essaouira hosts a festival of Gnawa and world music. Here is a video about Gnawa in the […]

Mustapha Blaoui bazaar Marrakech

Mustapha Blaoui owns and runs a famous Bazaar located in the fashionable dar el basha area just a few steps from the Henna Cafe. and Riad Papillon.  Here you can buy carpets, lamps, leather and art items, mostly manufactured within the local area. It is a great place especially if you are an inexperienced haggler […]

Khatt, moroccan caligraphy

Calligraphy, known as Khatt in Arabic, is very much part of the Arab identity. On your trip to Marrakech, you will see that it is all around you: on shop signs, newspapers, books and advertising. It has become a way of communicating through art. Come and experience this in Marrakech. Our riads are the perfect […]

gordon gino and fred marrakech road trip

  Three wise men followed the Star for an ITV festive special in Marrakech as Riad Star was honoured to host Gordon Ramsey, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix in, ‘Gordon, Gino & Fred: Christmas Road Trip: Three Unwise Men’. The traditional riad property is the final destination on a 6,000 culinary journey across Morocco in […]

Doris Day Marrakech

Hollywood Great Doris Day passed away in May 2019 at the age of 97. One of her best known movies, The Man Who Knew Too Much was filmed in 1956 with Marrakech as one of the main locations. Co Starring James Stewart and Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the film included the immortal song QUE SERA […]

Riad Star

Marrakech Riad Reservations + 44 (0) 207 570 0336 Diplomatic Representation   French Consulate +212 05 24 38 82 00 British Consulate +212 05 24 43 60 78 Medical Assistance   Poison Control Centre +212 05 37 68 64 64   Radiology Centre South +212 05 24 44 79 99   Clinic IBN Toufail 121 […]

Yoga Retreat Marrakech

Riad’s—traditional Moroccan homes—are the perfect destination for yoga groups. The intimate layout, the rooftop terrace, and the relaxing dipping pool of our Riad Star offer a gorgeous backdrop to any yoga retreat. Our in-house chefs are happy to prepare fresh, nourishing food for the body and mind and our live-in staff is always on hand […]

Marrakech Donkey

As you walk the streets of Marrakech, you won’t just find humans working, but donkeys, too. Donkeys are essential to the Marrakshi work force, especially in the Old Town. The streets of the Medina are so narrow, that oftentimes workers at building sites are unable to transport their materials with anything other than a donkey-drawn […]

Ibrahim, Metalworker

Ibrahim is 74 years old and works in the souks of Marrakech. He is a metal worker specializing in teapots and trays. He has been in the souks since 1975 doing many different jobs such as selling or wrapping up items for customers. He is a very hard worker because he wants to provide a good […]


If you like clay pots, tagines, lamps or anything else to do with handmade clay items from Morocco, you should visit Souk Rabeaa, not far from the famous Marrakech tannery and Souk Khamis. The displays throughout the shop are laden with every clay and ceramic ware imaginable.  The space used to be a vegetable market, […]


The tagine is by far the most popular cooking item in Morocco. No matter where you are in the country, you will find one in the kitchen. The word “tagine” specifically refers to a clay pot with a cone-shaped lid that slowly cooks meats and vegetables until they are moist and oh so tender. After […]


What’s incredible about Morocco (that perhaps people don’t realize) is that the stunning mosaics and expertly carved wall accents you find in many Riads aren’t just reserved for upper-class homes or tourist-y hotels. These incredibly detailed artworks cover the surfaces of everyday homes that people have lived in for millennia. Most homes, which look humble […]

Marrakech Cat

Cats are all over the place in Marrakech. You’ll find them relaxing in the streets, playing with one another by shop entrances, and even coming up to you for some cuddles! The whole city is their stomping ground. Cats are in cafes, restaurants, and, sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised to find a furry feline friend […]


Every home in Morocco always has two ingredients on hand: olive oil and olives. These products are essential to Moroccan cuisine and culture. At breakfast, traditional breads and pancakes are dipped in olive oil to start the day; at lunch, olives are presented as an appetizer; at supper, coffee and mint tea are served alongside […]

Max & Jan Concept

The Max & Jan concept store has once again undertaken a large expansion of their Marrakech outlet, to meet the popular demand for their designs. The concept first launched in 2012, in the form of “Maktoub by Max & Jan”. The vibrant boutique specialised in contemporary women’s wear made in Morocco, using typical ethnic textiles […]

Bab El Khemis Marrakech today

Located in the North Western corner of the medina, in the direction of Rue du Fez, stands Bab El Khemis. Bab El Khemis literally translates to “The door of the fifth day”, and in the Islamic calendar, the fifth day is Thursday. One of just 19 gates which puncture the 19km long ramparts of the […]

Histoire de Caftan Marrakech

For the fashion conscious among us, Marrakech is a hub for inspiration. From textile shops stacked floor to ceiling with every colour of velvet, muslin, cotton and sequin cloth; to the enticing amalgamation of African, Arabian and Oriental influences within the characters, architecture, flavours and music of Marrakech. As an artist, it is almost impossible […]

Faouzy the jewellery designer

Morocco is a country with a rich and diverse history spanning several millennia. In it’s lifetime, Morocco has been home to an extensive variety of demographics; beginning with the indigenous Berber people in the first millennium BC, and continuing with colonisation and invasions by the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantine Empire, Arabs, Moors(Spanish) & French. With each […]

Natural Dyes in Clay Pots

The dyers district covers two sides of the main path, through Souk Sebbaghine. If you choose to take the “needle and thread” walk, then you can use our Marrakech Travel Guide App to help you along your way. The app is free to download to your phone or tablet and functions without internet connection, so […]

National Human Development Incentive Morocco

As you pass through the ancient medina, with your senses being overwhelmed by sounds, smells and colour, you might miss a few small details. A detail which is particularly worthy of noting, are the small signs which are dotted around the walls of various attractions or industrial areas which read “Initiative Nationale pour le Developpement Humain”. […]

le trou au mure marrakech

Newly opened in 2017 and a welcome addition to the fashionable Kaat Benahid district of the Medina. Le  Trou au Mur (the hole in the wall) expresses the personality of talented young Englishman James Wix who is often in attendance front of house. The cosmopolitan menu includes Moroccan cuisine, old favorites like Macaroni Cheese and […]


There’s no denying that Morocco is a well known destination for unwanted European tyres. The Moroccan customs are taking control of this situation, and just last year at the border they seized a heavy good vehicle carrying in excess of 2,500 used tyres. It is essential that the European tyre management schemes and companies which […]