Histoire de Caftan by Diamantine

For the fashion conscious among us, Marrakech is a hub for inspiration. From textile shops stacked floor to ceiling with every colour of velvet, muslin, cotton and sequin cloth; to the enticing amalgamation of African, Arabian and Oriental influences within the characters, architecture, flavours and music of Marrakech. As an artist, it is almost impossible to avoid a creative boom.

If you’re visiting Marrakech with an interest in all things fashion, it is advisable that you take the needle & thread walk through the ancient souks. This well mapped-out trail will take you to several vibrant areas of the ancient medina, all relating to artisanal work in the field of textile design; from tailoring to dyers souks.

The Kaftan museum ‘Histoire de Caftan by Diamantine’, is really a must see for those who are intrigued by the beauty of modest Moroccan fashion.
Diamantine are an established atelier company, first stepping onto the scene 15 years ago. They now take the lead in terms of traditional and elegant Moroccan garments, with outlets cropping up in Morocco, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 2015 they were awarded ” Best Brand of Moroccan Franchise” by the Ambassador of Moroccan Culture.

The company specialises in creating and selling unique pieces, in the form of modest, full-covering fashion. They work with garments including kaftans, tunics, gandouras, djellabas, wetsuits and accessories for women, men, girls and boys, all with the aim of modernising traditional Moroccan and Arabian dress for the whole family.

The incredible venue in Marrakech, is set inside an expansive turn of the century Riad. The building has been restored, but remains true to it’s traditional features including high ceilings and an open central roof section. The traditional painting and mosaic is stylish and a great backdrop for the luxurious garments on display.
Here you can find the opportunity to shop for unique pieces in an abundance of dazzling textiles, all of which have been crafted to perfection. The pieces on display are traditional and regal, whilst the concept-store supplies more everyday, wearable and lightweight pieces.

You wont pay for entry to this Riad, and the museum exhibitions are also free to view. The exhibit delves in detail into the history of the Kaftan, and Moroccan haute couture. A testament to the rich history and culture of Morocco and adornment within the Maghreb.

Customers who find the Histoire de Caftan by Diamantine, using our FREE Marrakech Riad Travel Guide App; will be awarded a 10% off all purchases made within the concept-store. An irresistible offer!