The Dyers souk of Marrakech

Make your way through the open arch portal beside the historic Mouassine fountain, and you will find yourself inside Sebbaghine, Marrakech’s vibrant Souk des teinturiers. (Dyers Souk)
If you have a passion for textiles, an eye for colour, or an interest in all things artisanal; then you will certainly enjoy a look at the dyers district.
As you walk along the narrow alley and out into the opening, you will be met by sheaves covered in an abundance of brightly coloured wool.

For more than a hundred years, the dyers have worked hard (with the exception of Friday) to produce wonderful pigments from natural vegetable and mineral dyes such as woad, indigo, saffron, cochineal and sandalwood.
From as early as sunrise, these wizards of tincture gather around large cauldron-like vats; they spend their days working with a multitude of textiles, from leather to silk.
If you ask, one of the artisans will be more than happy to demonstrate the basics of the dying process for you, which is wonderful to behold.
Perhaps one of the most beautiful things to note about the dying process, is how it hasn’t changed over the years. From start to finish, the process is largely manual and organic; which is to this day the most effective and gentle way to treat the textiles.

If you stand still and observe, you may realise the ways in which the souk and what it delivers is changing and modernising; but these historical techniques remain untouched. There’s no cheating and cutting corners when it comes to this trade. This is something that you will see reflected in much of the skilled trade within the souks, as to practice an art for a living is something which is very valued and respected.
There is an old saying in Morocco, relating to skilled trade … “A skilled trade pays you in three ways; It will make you rich, but if it doesn’t make you rich then it will pay your way, but if it doesn’t pay your way then it will give you a long and healthy life”. ”


The dyers souks are centrally located in the Medina and are very close to our riads.. a perfect place to visit when you stay with us at Marrakech riads.