The New Town of Guiliez

At Marrakech Riad we pride ourselves on offering our guests as much support and information as they require to help them to plan their perfect stay in our beautiful Medina accommodation. During the French protectorate of Morocco areas were developed outside the original city walls. These areas echo Paris, with wide boulevards and cafe culture, splendid water fountains and gardens. Here are some of the highlights of the new town of Guiliez in Marrakech

Majorelle Gardens 2

Most people who have an interest in visiting Marrakech have heard of the Majorelle Gardens. The sprawling expanse of plants from all over the world, the Majorelle blue accent walls, and the Yves Saint Laurent museum garner hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. A lesser known (and much cheaper) element of the space is […]


Located near to to the el Harti stadium and the Marrakech tennis club in the new town. Great views from the roof-top bar which is perfect for an aperitif. Spanish owned restaurant with fine dining menu (mainly seafood) at European prices.   The signature dish of paella with lobster is absolutely outstanding,  could this be the […]

Marrakech Railway Station 2008

Morocco is a vast & complex country, and yet it is highly unlikely that you will ever find yourself unable to negotiate travelling between one city and another. Despite expansive areas of empty desert plains, scarcely populated farming districts and technology-free mountainous ridges; from every main city there are an abundance of transport options which […]


There’s a new gallery in town. It promises to be a non-profit, independent museum dedicated to showcasing contemporary African art through a variety of mediums, which all touch upon topics that are prominent to the political dialogue within the continent of Africa. “To familiarize, to transmit, to make discover, to make love art, to the […]

Menara Mall Marrakech

Exploring the souks of Marrakech is a wonderful shopping experience, however there are many more shopping options for the visitor to Marrakech. Just a short taxi ride from our centrally located riads you will find Menara Mall the largest commercial shopping complex in Marrakech. The centre has 50000 square metres of floor space and offers 90 […]


Le petit chinois, “the little chinese” a new asian restaurant located in the Gueliz, offers a mix of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes, in a warm and intimate ambiance. Open 7 days a week from 10am till midnight, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and their great value menu includes salads, curries, noodles, soups, dim […]


The Agdal Gardens comprise around 700 acres of land close to the Royal Palace, and the medina in Marrakech, Morocco. The Agdal Gardens were established directly adjacent to the southern edge of the Médina, and they functioned both as productive orchards and private pleasure gardens for the Caliph. Their name derives from the Berber language […]

David Bloch gallery, Marrakech 2-2

Marrakech’s new town, Gueliz, is home to some of Morocco’s best fine art schools and cutting-edge galleries. Hidden down a leafy road, facing Marrakech’s new Carre Eden Shopping Plaza, the David Bloch Gallery is perhaps one of the best examples of Marrakech’s rising contemporary art scene. In the style of a New York loft, the […]

cafe du live Marrakech gueliz

The Café du Livre is the perfect venue for a quick coffee, a refreshing alcoholic beverage, a light bite or a hearty dinner. By day, Café du Livre is a wonderful place to hang out and relax. To the rear of the café there is an especially comfortable seating area opposite shelves loaded with some […]

carre eden shopping center marrakech

Located on Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad in the heart of Gueliz, Marrakech’s New town, the Carré Eden Centre contains 80 shopping units selling a range of products and services from clothes to electrical appliances, from the American Coffee chain Starbucks to the French Supermarket Carrefour. The building, designed by Karim El Achak, provides a sleek, […]

Marrakech Church

Nestled in the heart of Gueliz you can find the first Church to be built in Marrakech, The Saint Martyrs Church (L’Eglise des Saints Martyrs). As seen in the photo above, The Saint Martyrs Church is located opposite an equally stunning Mosque on Rue el Iman Ali . The face to face, almost symmetrical configuration […]

El-harti Gardens, Marrakech

  Situated in the heart of Gueliz, the El-Harti Gardens have everything to offer.  As one of Marrakech’s larger new gardens, it is possible to find playgrounds for children and sports areas for everyones enjoyment. However, what is perhaps most about El-Harti is the diverse range of plants and flowers it houses; alongside the the […]

Royal Theatre, Marrakech

  Inaugurated on 19th of September 2001 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Théâtre Royal de Marrakech has worked to secure the red city’s reputation as one of the major artistic and cultural focal points of the world. Inside it’s impressive 1200-seat open-air theatre and 800-seat opera house, the theatre hosts a variety of […]


The Birkemeyer gallery is the leading designer store for both international fashion and Moroccan leather goods. Located in the new town of Guiliez.  

Lavenue restaurant marrakech

Destination restaurant in the new town of Guiliez.  Serves both Moroccan and European food.  Distinctive decor, a favourite among expats in the know. Magical atmosphere on busy evenings often featuring a pianist and Jazz singer.

Telecoms museum marrakech

The museum of the phone is an amusing little place, not much publicised to international visitors. It houses an interesting collection of phones demonstrating the progression of telecoms over the 20th century. There are certainly one or two surprises there for youngsters who will enjoy seeing what was considered modern ‘ back in the day’. […]

la taverne

The Taverne is a great value modest restaurant set around a pretty little garden. It is located opposite the well known Rennaisance hotel in the centre of the Marrakech New Town of Guiliez. Simple fare including a variety of salads and grills, wine and beer is also on the menu.

l'ultimo baccio marrakech

L’ultimo Bacio is a newly opened Italian restaurant in the Marrakech new town of Guiliez. It has a good claim to be the best Italian in Marrakech (we also like Amaia which has similarly excellent food in simpler surroundings). A decent and varied Italian menu with good sevice. The fresh pasta is a particular treat. […]

mama afrika marrakech

Mama Afrika is a cool place to hang out in the new town of Marrakech, located just off of the Boulevard Mohamed V in the Rue Oum Errabbi. There is a tempting menu of fruit juices and cocktails as well as hot drinks.  The food offering is limited to sandwiches and ice creams. Lively music, […]

Berber museum

The newly refurbished Berber museum is a fantastic resource cataloguing the essentials of domestic life, clothing and jewellery with all regions of Morocco represented. The exhibits are beautifully displayed and lit and have rightly received rave reviews. Many thanks to Sarah Corbett for the image above. Sarah is a renowned specialist in Berber Silver and […]

Top football moments

Morocco is mad about football. Most local cafes and coffee shops show international games and top club matches from Spain and England.  Spanish club football, is followed more closely than English (Barca are most Moroccans favourite team) so Cafe’s will generally not be tuned to and English game if there is top Spanish game at […]

Elite Cafe and Restaurant, Gueliz Marrakech

The Elite is a landmark Cafe on the Avenue Mohamed V in the new town of Guiliez not far from Marrakech Plaza. A pleasant and dependable Cafe serving a basic breakfast and lunchtime standards like sandwiches and ice creams, the service is particularly good. You will enjoy the air conditioned interior in summer and the […]


Club and restaurant Level Five operated for a while from the premises previously occupied by fashion bar Dsens. Off the tourists trail and as yet undiscovered by the expat community, this is a stylish modern venue conceived by Moroccans for Moroccans, and there was no better place in Marrakech to find confident young North Africa […]

Brasserie de Flore, Marrakech

This restaurant is currently closed. (November 2016) The under appreciated Brasserie de Flore was situated in the Place du 16 Novembre, Boulevard Mohammed V, right in the heart of the Marrakech New town of Guiliez. The terrace in front of the Cafe was hugely popular with coffee drinking locals as a place to see, and […]


The most fashionable bar in Marrakech from Spring 2012 to its closure in 2016 was the aptly named Djellabar  (a pun on the traditional moroccan djellaba robes worn to keep the locals warm in winter and cool in summer). Located in the Hivernage district on the Rue Abou Hanifa the premises were cleverly converted from […]

Café 16 Marrakech

Just off the centre of the Place du 16 novembre one can find the delightful 16 café, thus named after its location, there they serve up a menagerie of treats to cater to many tastes. If you are just thirsty you can try one of their many drinks which range from the particularly enjoyable café frappé to […]

Majorelle Gardens

The Majorelle Gardens situated in the heart of Marrakech’s fashionable Gueliz district is a botanical and artistic sight to behold, originally designed and constructed by Jacques Majorelle a French expat in 1924 during the colonial period of Marrakech when the area was a French protectorate. It is therefore one of the rare number of European […]