Carré Eden Centre: shopping, supermarkets and Starbucks in the heart of Gueliz

Located on Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad in the heart of Gueliz, Marrakech’s New town, the Carré Eden Centre contains 80 shopping units selling a range of products and services from clothes to electrical appliances, from the American Coffee chain Starbucks to the French Supermarket Carrefour.

The building, designed by Karim El Achak, provides a sleek, imposing addition to the streets of Gueliz, blending the ultra-modern architecture with hints of traditional Marrakechi design. Many social commentators around Morocco are hailing the Carré Eden Centre as a sign that Marrakech has entered the world stage as a truly modern city. Indeed although the centre hosts a certain international feel, rather than providing a sense of local authenticity, the Carré Eden shopping centre will perhaps prove a useful destination for tourists who are looking for home comforts: the clothes shops – including H&M and a range of sports shops alongside other fashion stores – are perhaps the perfect place to replace a forgotten swimsuit or purchase a few items that would not fit in the luggage; the Carrefour supermarket hosts a large range of cosmetics that may not have made it into your hand luggage and the Carré Eden Centre hosts a large range of restaurants and cafes – including Starbucks, Dominos Pizza, Sushi Club, and Wok to Walk – which could provide the perfect place to rest whilst exploring Gueliz.