Where to watch televised football in Marrakech

Morocco is mad about football. Most local cafes and coffee shops show international games and top club matches from Spain and England.  Spanish club football, is followed more closely than English (Barca are most Moroccans favourite team) so Cafe’s will generally not be tuned to and English game if there is top Spanish game at the same time.

The coffee shops are packed with rows upon row of locals for the big games so it is advisable to grab a seat up to 30 minutes before kick off.

Top tips for bars if you would like a beer while you watch game are Cafe Arabe in the Old Town and Kechmara in the New Town.

Cafe Arabe located on the rue Moassine in the central medina have a big screen in their ground floor restaurant which they use for really big games during the world cup and the like.  Our Riad staff can help you book a table to dine on top class italian food during the game.

Kechmara located on the Rue de la Liberte  opposite the old central market which is now a huge construction site. There is a big screen in the bar at the rear, again food can be ordered if required. Lager is on tap at European prices and the atmosphere is usually excellent in there when big clubs are playing.