Marrakech’s Secret Wholesale Clay Market

If you like clay pots, tagines, lamps or anything else to do with handmade clay items from Morocco, you should visit Souk Rabeaa, not far from the famous Marrakech tannery and Souk Khamis. The displays throughout the shop are laden with every clay and ceramic ware imaginable. 

The space used to be a vegetable market, before being renovated in 2003. The council built a market with shops opposite Souk Rabeaa for the vegetable and meat sellers, leaving the open space available for clay masters.

Abed Malik has been running his shop in Souk Rabeaa for 30 years. In 2003, the vegetable market area was renovated under the council’s supervision, and Abed Malik and his coworkers got a big shop allotted to them. Abed Malik and his son run the shop with help from family members. Everything they have there comes from Tamslouht (a mountain region) or the Ourika valley and most of it is sold at wholesale prices to locals or other shop owners.

It’s the place to go for wholesale prices on items of many different colors and sizes.