Artisans give old tyres new life.

There’s no denying that Morocco is a well known destination for unwanted European tyres.

The Moroccan customs are taking control of this situation, and just last year at the border they seized a heavy good vehicle carrying in excess of 2,500 used tyres. It is essential that the European tyre management schemes and companies which are involved in the export of large quantities of tyres; are held responsible for ensuring these tyres are being ethically exported to legal destinations.

Unwanted tyres can be melted down to make hot melt asphalt for surfacing roads; otherwise they are sent to landfill where they take up a vast amount of space which should be used for other waste.

Artisanal tankards made from used tyres. Recycled souvenirs!

In Marrakech, artisans are coming up with a new solution to the numbers of excess tyres within the city. Old tyres from bicycles, mopeds and cars are being reworked into useful and decorative items for adornment or for your home.

Nestled into Riad Zitoun, you can find two shops selling a selection of plant pots, tankards, mirrors and even toilet seats! Wander further towards the Jewish Market, and on your right you will find a small opening into a larger workshop. In the workshop you can find “work-in-progress” projects and order bespoke items made from the used tyres. A modern & eco way to furnish your home, there are some surprisingly comfortable tyre poofes available too!

Bel Khali Med with a toilet seat fashioned from old tyres.

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Moroccan poofes made from recycled tyres.