If The Shoes Fit…

A shop selling and repairing second hand shoes in Marrakech, Morocco.

A credit is due to the Marrakchi (local Moroccan) people,  for their ability to restore and salvage materials and items which we might usually disregard or replace. There is really no disposable attitude towards possessions. If something is acquired, it is generally worked hard for and therefore treasured. Not only plastic bottles and bags, electrical equipment and appliances are mended – clothes and shoes will usually have a second or third life.

Hand-me-downs are valued highly within the family home in Morocco. If something can be passed down to a younger relative or a peer, then it will be without question.

Buying second hand clothes in the market (such as Bab el Khamis, the Thursday market) is also a popular choice amongst locals. It’s a great place to visit and pick up bargains, you might be very surprised by the obscure things you can find there.

If you happen to find a pair of shoes you like, but they do not fit you – it’s not a problem. You will find several shoe repair shops in Riad Laarous where for a few dirhams, the shoe maker will place your shoes on a special vice for some hours to resize (stretch) them! He will also have many piles of second hand shoes for sale, it can be so fun to see the eclectic mix of footwear he has acquired.

If you are someone who enjoys the thrill of finding a bargain in a charity shop, thrift store or a car boot sale, then you will find so much fun to be had at the second hand markets of Marrakech.

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