Cats are Everywhere in Marrakech

Cats are all over the place in Marrakech. You’ll find them relaxing in the streets, playing with one another by shop entrances, and even coming up to you for some cuddles! The whole city is their stomping ground. Cats are in cafes, restaurants, and, sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised to find a furry feline friend in one of our Riad’s!

These furry friends aren’t just cute. They help keep Marrakech rat-free! We love walking around the Medina and saying hello to these little kitties, they are just too cute! Dogs, however, are few and far between. We’ve seen a couple roaming the streets but cats have definitely established their dominance over the Medina.

If you’re lucky, you’ll run into this romantic little guy in the Medina. I mean, look at that perfect little heart!

Book your next stay in Marrakech with us and stay in the middle of the Old Medina, where cats are around every corner!