Perfect Venue for Marrakech Yoga Retreats

Riad’s—traditional Moroccan homes—are the perfect destination for yoga groups. The intimate layout, the rooftop terrace, and the relaxing dipping pool of our Riad Star offer a gorgeous backdrop to any yoga retreat. Our in-house chefs are happy to prepare fresh, nourishing food for the body and mind and our live-in staff is always on hand to reassure and guide you throughout your stay in the Medina. Our 13 Riad Star Suite’s can be made up as twins (and some rooms can sleep up to 6) so that every guest is comfortable. All rooms are en suite, and the exclusive use of the Riad ensures that the staff can adjust to your specific needs: that means meals can be served at any time of day to accommodate any dietary restrictions. Our in-house spa and hammam feature a talented masseuse who is always on hand to alleviate muscle strain and relax or energize you and your guests.
We at Marrakech Riad are also proud to offer a variety of essential yoga equipment to any guests. There is no need to ship over bulky equipment or adjust your practice to less equipment being available; we’ve got it all! Read below to find out more about our yoga cupboard…
The YOGA MAT is the single most important piece of equipment for any practicing yogi, and here at Marrakech Riad, we have tons of mats that are available for our guests to use free of charge. Whether you are a yoga teacher, an advanced yogi, or just a guest looking to try out something new, you are more than welcome to request a mat to use during your stay.
Our mats are of the highest quality to ensure the right amount grip and cushioning during your yoga practice.
Our BLANKETS come in handy for all sorts of poses. We love placing one under the hips when in a cross-legged seating position or using them to stay cozy during a Shavasana.
Our foam BLOCKS help with alignment in a variety of poses. Try using one during a pose that requires you to touch the floor. Propping your hand on a block can help improve overall comfort, form, and alignment by “raising the floor.”
We have YOGA STRAPS to help with poses where you need some extra help to get the right stretch. Straps are great because you can use them to get closer and closer to a full stretch without straining the body or resorting to poor form.
We have round BOLSTERS available for our guests as well, which make tons of poses more comfortable. We especially encourage pregnant women to use bolsters during their practice as they greatly increase overall comfort and ease during a yoga practice.
We at Marrakech Riad are pleased to offer our guests with these supplies, and enjoy hosting large yoga groups at our four magical Riads. Book your stay today!