As you walk the streets of Marrakech, you won’t just find humans working, but donkeys, too. Donkeys are essential to the Marrakshi work force, especially in the Old Town. The streets of the Medina are so narrow, that oftentimes workers at building sites are unable to transport their materials with anything other than a donkey-drawn carriage. Therefore, you will see these furry friends all over the place.

Many tourists see the working donkeys and are saddened to see that they have such heavy loads or are being pestered by flies. But donkey owners completely depend on their donkeys for their income. Donkeys provide jobs. In order to keep working in transport and other jobs, donkey owners take good care of their animals. In fact, a British charity called SPANA which supports the working animals of the world opened up a clinic in Marrakech where any donkey owner can take their animal to get necessary shots or procedures free of charge. Rest assured, the donkeys of Marrakech work hard, but they are looked after. Feel free to give the next one you see a little pat on the head or take a photo as most of their owners don’t mind one bit!