Tagine is the dish that most often comes in mind when traveling to Morocco, but all locals in Marrakech recommend foreigners try a Tangia. Tangia a dish that is specific to Marrakech. You can’t find it outside of the city. The Tangia itself is a clay pot that is loaded up with ingredients, taken to the local Farnatchi (wood fired oven to heat the hammam), and put in the embers of the fire to slowly cook for up to 6 hours.

You could find a chicken or lamb Tangia but the most recommended is the beef Tangia, which is cooked with saffron, cumin, garlic, olive oil, pickled lemon, and ghee. The meat and all the other ingredients are put in the clay tangia pot and covered with a paper, then given a good shake to mix everything together, and placed in the embers of the Farnatchi.

Most restaurants in the city offer Tangia, but we recommend you try one at one of our Riad’s. The girls in our kitchen cook Tangia the way that their mothers and grandmothers taught them, ensuring that you get to try an authentic recipe.