The Marrakech Medina

At Marrakech Riad we pride ourselves on offering our guests as much support and information as they require to help them to plan their perfect stay in our beautiful Medina accommodation. The ancient walled city at the heart of Marrakech is a labyrinthine adventure, filled with the daily activities of the inhabitants of this marvellous place, some moments truly seem frozen in time! Here you will find details of some of the great places within those fabled walls of this celebrated red city.


A credit is due to the Marrakchi (local Moroccan) people,  for their ability to restore and salvage materials and items which we might usually disregard or replace. There is really no disposable attitude towards possessions. If something is acquired, it is generally worked hard for and therefore treasured. Not only plastic bottles and bags, electrical equipment […]


Looking at the topic of recycling in Marrakech, there are several ways in which the locals maintain a “waste not, want not” mentality. It is wonderful to behold the reality of a community in which people salvage what they can use again & look for practical solutions to step away from a throw-away, disposable society. […]

recycle, re-use, repurpose

The end of 2017 brought us a sequel to the award winning Planet Earth; and along with this visually stunning nature series came a general mass-awakening to the human responsibility of preserving the planet we live upon. A hot political topic in January 2018 has been the damaging effects of plastic waste on the ecology […]

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The first time that Josephine heard a news report of her own death, she was lying on a chaise relaxing whilst enjoying the scent of the fragranced trees upon the rooftop gardens of Mohamed Menebhi’s palace. The very same complex of buildings are today Riad Star in Marrakech.  Josephine’s response, as reported by Ollie Stewart, […]

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Marrakech

We all have different motivations to travel, and we all have different styles of doing so.  To take a break from daily routine, to relax, to experience something new, to learn, to challenge our understandings of other places and other cultures, to step outside our daily norms and broaden our awareness of the world and […]


Autumn 2017 has not been kind to the Marrakech community in addition to the passing of the iconic Pierre Berge we also lost Mohamed Zkhiri who has a lower profile internationally but was no less widely appreciated in the Red City. Mike and Lucie have fond memories of Mohammed’s hospitality at Dar Yacout, a golden eopoque […]

Harira in Marrakech, Marrakech riad

The Lcrésé family are famous amongst the locals in Marrakech, for their positive presence in the community. In recent years, they established a successful restaurant, Atay; which is a popular hub amongst residents & tourists. They serve both traditional and continental dishes which are all prepared by their Moroccan chef, using fresh and locally sourced […]

What's on Marrakech

The museum of Mouassine is housed in a house from the 17-18th century. The space is used to show exhibitions of the arts of Morocco.From the 15th of May until the 15th of June 2017 there will be an exhibition titled “A spring in the High Atlas.” Showcasing Precious Berber textiles from the High Atlas. […]

Josephine Baker Hair product Bakerfix

In the early 1920’s A new chapter of freedom and style emerged for women, corsets were shunned and loose long line dresses were the height of style embracing colours and even bright, neon ensembles. The flapper image is synonymous with the 1920s for most people. A flapper, with  short skirts, short hair, dark make-up, and […]

Josephine Baker by Alexander calder

Alexander Calder was an artist who created dynamic sculptures using wire. He gained recognition and acclaim for his wire sculptures in Paris in the late 1920s. He once remarked that he ” Thought best in wire”. Dancing on stage wearing a banana skirt, Josephine Baker enthralled the Paris of the 1920s and ’30s.  Alexander Calder was enthralled with […]

marrakech flavours

Marrakech is a sensory delight, the city is well known for seducing it’s visitors with vivid colours, an exotic soundscape with calls to prayer, street musicians and the sounds of life within the medina and of course the tastes of exotic spices and local delicacies. One cannot fail to notice the daily rituals around food and […]

Marrakech; one of the great Imperial Moroccan cities, the fabled red city, the destination of camel trains laden with wares from far afield for over 900 years, the place of inner discovery for the bohemian travellers of the 1960’s. This magical place with a location which is locked in on all sides by the desert once made the […]

Henna Marrakech

Henna has been used since through time to dye skin, hair, and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. A cosmetic dye ids derived from the powdered leaves of the Henna (Lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, the henna tree, the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet) plant. The Earliest written evidence of the use of henna is from the […]

Olive market Marrakech

Cured olives are ever present at the moroccan dinner table. Locally grown and picked by hand, the food miles are minimal and the taste sensation is maximum! There are wide selections on offer in the Olive Market, located close to Djema el Fna Square. Our free smartphone App the Marrakech Riad Travel Guide will guide […]

Dyed wool in Marrakech

The age old tradition of natural dying continues to this day in the heart of the Marrakech Medina. In the vast and sprawling souks of the red city there are small courtyards, tucked away, where you can see these traditional arts. They are as much a part of daily life now as they have been […]

Water Vendors in Marrakech

Water sellers in Marrakech. In local dialect these men are called Gharrib. They carry a goat skin tar lined bag, this bag holds water. Historically these were important traders in the Desert environment, but now they cater mainly for entertainment. Moroccans consider it to be lucky ( Barakka) to drink the water they sell, so […]

Seven saints memorial , Marrakech

There are seven patron saints of Marrakech. These men were Sufi mystics and Islamic Scholars. It is believed that these seven saints are only sleeping and will awaken to continue their good deeds. Their tombs are visited each year by pilgrims during the Zaira pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to the tombs offers an alternative to undertaking […]


A Moroccan tagine is a centrepiece of a Marrakech dining table. With layers of flavour which are a delight. Achieving some of these special culinary taste sensations is a combination of a masterly and accomplished chef and some time honoured recipes using wonderful ingredients. Ingredients which may be unfamiliar to some of us. A key […]


Marrakech has everything: shopping, culture, entertainment and so many more. so what if, you can find all these in one place?! yes, it is possible, because it’s Marrakech… At the well known Cafe Arabe you will find a new generation of music, DJ Kaeche, beautiful creations and beautiful ideas in the heart of the Medina. If […]

marrakech biennale

The 6th Marrakech Biennale is taking a different turn with significant Moroccan input into the programme. The Executive   President is Amine Kabbaj. The honorary President is André Azoulay advisor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI. The Marrakech Biennale founded by Vanessa Branson to address cultural issues throught the medium of artistic expression is now an […]


The Moussine museum is located on the Derb el Hammam between the Mouassine mosque and the Moussine fountain. The museum is signposted and the narrow derb runs alongside the wall of the mosque   and just after the mosque’s massive side door you walk through a narrow archway leading to the Museum. A reception desk at […]


Marrakech is holding a major cultural event between 18 and 20 December 2015, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its declaration as a city World Heritage Site . The event is being held in partnership with the Marrakech- Safi region, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, the Wilaya of the […]


 The spice tea store, one of the master piece that decorate the square activities in the west side, these stores present one of the traditional kind of tea that is known but it’s chilly and it’s hot. They being busy much during the cold weather, because of the specific treatment that the element of that […]

market mosque

The mosques are usually a restrictive place to perform and learn the worship through the QUORAN (house rituals) that should be led in a good way by the Imam and the Moazine. It is rule seems providing the regular opportunities to acquire knowledge that organize the social affairs chiefly the thing concern about the financial […]

latitude 31

Without doubt one of our top tips! There are many doors in Marrakech and one cannot imagine what is behind them, however, in Bab doukkala, on el gza arset street at number 186, you will find a peaceful place, with friendly faces and a 21st century menu. Latitude 31 is not a Moroccan restaurant… at […]

Hand of Fatima Door Knocker

The Moroccan people are famous for their hospitality and always make an effort to ensure any guest or visitor is comfortable, fed and, most importantly, given a mint tea to drink. Indeed, this warm welcoming nature is perhaps the reason that many local Marrakchis opt for large, ornate door knockers to embellish their front door. […]

cute cats in Marrakech

Anyone who has visited Marrakech will probably tell stories of the cats and kittens that inhabit the streets of the ancient medina. Every derb (street) you walk down you see family of cats resting in the shade, a cute kitten lapping up some water or a lone cat sneaking around the corner. Even some of […]