Marrakech a city of contrasts.

Marrakech; one of the great Imperial Moroccan cities, the fabled red city, the destination of camel trains laden with wares from far afield for over 900 years, the place of inner discovery for the bohemian travellers of the 1960’s. This magical place with a location which is locked in on all sides by the desert once made the journey to enjoy this exotic paradise a dangerous and long trek. Now the airport of Marrakech is newly expanded and improved to allow easy arrivals for visitors from all around the world.

This beautiful city offers a true taste of Moroccan hospitality that the Amazigh people of the south share with grace and generosity.

Enjoy the contrasts with every step, the sights, the sounds, the tastes and aromas mingle to make a heady and glorious experience. Both in the exhilarating winding streets of the Medina and the tranquil oasis of our boutique riads you cannot fail to understand how in this place the ancient and the contemporary work hand in hand to offer an unforgettable trip.

We offer a wide selection of Marrakech breaks in our four wonderful riads, each has a style and personality of it’s own. Each is united by exquisite service and caring dedicated staff.

Choose the perfect Moroccan holiday for you and your loved ones let us help you to maximise the fun!

A truly vibrant place with such diversity that one visit is never enough!