The Unique Door Knockers of Marrakech

The Moroccan people are famous for their hospitality and always make an effort to ensure any guest or visitor is comfortable, fed and, most importantly, given a mint tea to drink. Indeed, this warm welcoming nature is perhaps the reason that many local Marrakchis opt for large, ornate door knockers to embellish their front door. That is, the large door knocker acts as a symbol suggesting guests are welcome, whilst functioning in a way that ensure the potential guest is heard.

The door knockers of Marrakech prove very popular with visitors to Marrakech; that is, both with the amateur photographer, who often enjoy photographing these unique and photogenic artefacts, and the amateur interior designer, who search through the world famous souks for a door knocker to bring back home as a souvenir.

Although you will find many different styles of door knockers in the ancient medina of Marrakech, the most popular and most common is the Hand of Fatima. The Hand Of Fatima – or the Khomsa or Hamsa as it is also known – is the universal sign of protection and  acts as a form of protection from evil. The symbol itself finds it’s origins in the form of a salutation – that is, when someone raises their hand to say hello to a friend – making it the perfect door knocker!

Hand of Fatima Door Knocker

The Hand of Fatima is not the only symbol used as a door knocker. It is possible to see Lions, stars and more basic rings in a variety of materials from polished brash to rustic, rusty metal. Our very own luxury riads also exhibit this variety with Riad Star sporting the more traditional Hand of Fatima. As is common with the interior design fittings, both have been handmade by a local skilled artisan.

To help visitors explore these artisanal crafts, trade associations and local authorities have signposted four walking routes through the medina themes to reflect the districts they take you though. You can follow these Medina Walks on our free MarrakechRiad app. If you have any questions about the Medina Walks our Riad staff would be more than happy to assist you.